Mother of Xi’an, Newcastle, Monroe created happieco cheap swimming suits children, after struggling to find cossies, can endure Australia’s summer

SIAN Munroe and her kids have a common cheap swimming suits idea at the beach, novocastrians – the seeds of leisure time.

Four of children under six years old, Mrs. Munroe recalled two months before the end of the month and depressed, her child swimming has worn out and needs to be replaced.

In addition to clothing, without lasting wear, she also finds it difficult to find her favorite dress – sunshirts or rashies in front of the zipper, or all suits in one suit with a zipper at the back, which makes it easier to take off wet clothing from the grizzly bear’s child.

“I can’t find them in Australia and buy swimming suits online from abroad,” says Mrs. Munroe, 35, certified public accountant.

Fast forward to September of this year, and Munroe launched her commercial happieco, producing quality “UPF50+” Swimwear for children aged six months to eight years.

It’s a long way to launch happieco. After 12 months of discussion, whether or not it was possible to take a risky career, Mrs. Munroe was faced with the challenge of finding a manufacturer in Australia and wanted to make her product home.

Before she signed a contract with a manufacturer in Brisbane, the company said they were ending production. She said the trend was not surprising to the industry.

She paid back some of the money she paid to the company, and she pushed her to find that the Newcastle manufacturer contacted the company to manufacture the sewing machine that needed to make the commercial swimming suits ask them who served their hunter machines.

Mrs. Munroe bought recycled fabrics, carpets, fishing nets, chlorine resistance, “UPF50+” + in Italy, and said, “the decomposition of the fabric is five times longer than the standard chlorine resistant lyrcra.”

She then commissioned a friend of the textile designer to design hand painted drawings and shipped them to Newcastle before printing in Sydney.

Mrs. Munroe said that the fabric was intended for men and women because she liked to dress up her four daughters, “not pink.”

I used to see pink or blue and the options, the boy’s mother said cheap swimming suits is navy blue, blue or white. What I want is something that is neutral, bright, and happy.”

This is a steep learning curve, but Mrs. Munroe has designed her own Shopify website and is happy to expand her sales range from her hunter’s clients and plans.

Her children are still her greatest fans: “they are proud of me, they love their things on the swimming lessons and on the beach.”

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