It is difficult to resist the 2022 long haircuts, designed for all women who love long and voluptuous hair and are able to adapt to different needs.

There are many ideas and proposals among which you can juggle. It ranges from long smooth and fluid haircuts, which follow the Liquid Hair trend so much in vogue among the stars, to long curly, and wavy hair cuts. Furthermore, the scenes will be dominated by long scaled and parade haircuts, especially in front or scaled with a pointed back for those who prefer sharper and more decisive scales.

Are you curious to discover with us all the new 2022 long hair cuts trends? So, let’s get started: off with the post!


Among the many 2022 haircuts suggested by insiders, long women’s haircuts are the ones that everyone agrees on. On the other hand, it is really difficult to resist the charm of extra-long, voluptuous, and soft hair.

Let’s start by taking a look at the main trends. There are two macro trends to follow: the first is that of Liquid Hair, very popular even among Hollywood stars. Long hair is styled – thanks to the use of ad hoc techniques and products – so as to be very smooth and fluid, as if they were liquids.

This type of hairstyle is perfect for those who want to show off neat and disciplined long straight haircuts.

On the other hand, long natural and slightly messy haircuts will also be very popular, to be worn with a parting in the center or moved to the side depending on your preferences, and very easy to manage.

In this case, the styling is moved but soft, expertly structured so as to be as natural as possible, almost casual.


But how will we wear long haircuts this year? Preferably with bangs, to be chosen in one of its thousand variations, all of great impact and charm. The full and slightly rounded fringe remains one of the most popular.

The so-called wispy bang will also be popular, that is a new type of long fringe that is never full and rather parade to be worn disheveled on the forehead. This fringe is ideal for wavy and natural hair.

Curtain bangs will also be very fashionable, as well as the fringe to be worn slightly open in the center.

For those who consider the fringe too demanding, go ahead instead for long haircuts with a tuft. Choose it long and sideways, to slightly veil the look and make your hairstyle more sensual and intriguing.

Or, again, opt for the very famous fringe tuft, long and to be worn with a line in the middle for a very soft and elegant look.


The scaled hair 2022 is a must and the scales will be great protagonists also with regard to long women’s haircuts. Those who particularly appreciate long scaled and parade haircuts, cannot help but find the long shag irresistible. Very layered and often accompanied by bangs, it is of great impact if made on wavy hair.

Alternatively, you can opt for long haircuts scaled only in front, with shorter locks to frame the face.

Long haircuts scaled with pointed back will also return to the fore, in vogue in the early ’00s and once again at the center of the scenes for those who prefer very scaled hairstyles.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to scale the hair more or less. Obviously, it is also important to take into account your hair type: a very showy scaling, in fact, will hardly be able to give to long fine, and thin hair.

In this case, opt for light scaling, able to make the cut more dynamic without penalizing the volume.

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