The Most Comfortable Shapewear at Cosmolle

When it is about choosing the right dress for the right event, every woman has got a story of her own. Most of the stories revolve around how the right shapewear would have saved the day. This is exactly where the perfect shapewears come in. Whether you are a plus-sized woman or you want to get rid of the embarrassing beer belly, the right body shapers undergarments can do the trick for you. The reason is, not only the right shapewear will make you look visually appealing, but at the same time, it will make you feel comfortable in all sorts of dresses. In this article today, we are going to share some of the best and most preferred body shapers undergarments that will help you “get in shape” in no time at all.


Let us have a look at the luxury seamless 1021 exclusive shaper panty. This one comes with a level 5 compression and it has got removable and adjustable straps. There are anti-roll down silicone strip design. It also has a seamless and breathable fabric that makes it very much comfortable. It will smooth up your body in all the perfect places.

body shapers undergarments

The second on our list is the luxury Lycra mid-thigh power slim shorts shaper panty. Not only would you want to look beautiful but at the same time, you would want to feel beautiful in the dress. That’s exactly what this shapewear can offer you. It comes with a level 4 compression along with high-raised shaping shorts. It will flatten your tummy and reduce the waistline. There are booty enhancing pockets.

body shaper

The third Cosmolle shapewear on the list is the seamless 1028 high-waisted shaper panty. This one comes with a level 3 medium compression and it is a 360 compression shapewear. This one will offer you an instant slimming effect. It will fit smoothly into any outfit. You will be able to keep your tummy waist and back under complete control.

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The final Cosmolle shapewear on the list is the Powernet 5027 firm sculptwear shorts. There is a level 3 medium compression along with the 3D cutting technology. There is a lace edge at the leg. It comes with 4 steel bones and a high waist design. It will flatten your abdomen and also accelerate metabolism.

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