What are your expectations for the 2019 men’s swimwear?

Beach boys will wear 2019 swimming shorts. So it is goodbye big, ol’ loose board shorts and sayon ​​ara super long surfers.

Of course, next year you can find those looks in the store, but the new shorts for swimming suits for ladies designers and manufacturers for men can reach midthigh and have a more fit style.

This summer, this is the headline news of SwimShow, the world’s largest swimwear trade show, organized by the Florida Swimwear Association at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The show is part of the Miami Swimming Week, a week of July when the swimwear industry gathered at South Beach to host a series of fashion shows, nightclub parties, product launches, showroom tours and designer dinners.

This is a new thing for Playboy to swim.

• Boxing suitcase belt, drawstring closure

• Bright pastels

• Popular prints include Op Art, Geometric Digest, Retro Vintage/Photo Kitsch and Animal Stripes (Neon Tone)

• Coordinated cover (especially white tulle harness pants, guayabera shirts and academic polos)

• Fast drying performance microfiber


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