Criminal partner! The mother and daughter duo behind the popular sportswear brand revealed their warm reasons to start the brand in the backyard shed

Entrepreneurship is not easy, but when your mother is by your side, this is a less difficult task.

Gerrycan is a swimwear and sportswear brand founded in 23 by Stephanie Harmat and her 50-year-old mother, Olga Harmat.

When they started the business for the first time, they only sold five items per month.

Now three years later, they sell nearly 500 per month and have online wholesalers who continue to like the brand.

When it comes to FEMAIL, they reveal the secret behind their success.
They said that we still made a lot of work in our original studio, but we have expanded to the second studio and hired another manufacturer.

“At the end of the fiscal year, we expect to reach approximately 1,000 per month.”

The business began with Stephanie’s grandfather Gerry, who had not been affected for many years after his death.

They transformed the sculptor into a mature design studio with cutting tables, nail boards, tools, reels and iconic Gerrycan palette material rolls, and the walls were filled with magazine clippings from the 80s.
While Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in professional design in space and graphic design, Olga is running a family-run lifestyle store.

They said that once our all in one swimsuit womens and sportswear took off, we would build a booth at the notorious Sunday Bondi.

“By selling this brand in Bondi, our Instagram is growing and word of mouth. We have some celebrity stylists who go to the market to meet us and see the products in person.

Their goal is to have a variety of styles and sizes so that everyone can find the brand that suits them.
The mother and the daughter grew up in completely different eras, which helped shape the brand and make it the brand of today.

Olga spent her youth time watching her father and brother surf, and often participated in the event.

Throughout the 1980s, Olga was making his own super-high-end swimsuits and sportswear, from aerobics to Bondi’s drinks.
Stephanie grew up among a group of beach lovers and was a sinister and enjoying summer traditions during her youth.

With their design background and passion for swimwear, they noticed the gap in the market, emulating the summer of Australia and paying tribute to the 80s and 90s.

They said that in June 2015 we launched several quick-drying compression sportswear, including some very unique cuts and designs.
They went on to say that a few months later, we made people who love Australians have real quality and asked to wear crops from the gym to the beach.

“This is a natural progression, and then we started designing swimwear because we naturally know what to do and what to do.”

Their best-selling product is a single item, with more than 400 women buying almost all colors in this style.

Women think this is because it is very flattering and easy to wear. Although they are very different, they are all wearing swimsuits.
This summer, they have some incredible ribs that are a tribute to the 70s and 80s.

“Comfort and fit, like our other products, will continue to be the focus, but we like, like, like to play with different fabrics, add shoulder straps and extra details to make each piece unique,” ​​the duo Say.

“We want to continue to create works that last a lifetime and get some real love from celebrities.

“We want to work with the right models and women to inspire us to create shapes for everyone.”

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