Miss America is missing without a swimwear category.

With the 2019 Miss America finals this weekend and the leadership controversy surrounding the beauty pageant, it’s easy to forget the beginning of all this – the swimwear competition 97 years ago.

But this year’s beauty pageant did not have swimwear parts for the first time.
The organization announced the cancellation of the swimwear competition in June to reduce the emphasis on appearance.

The beauty insider continues to question the decision, saying that the swimwear competition gives participants a sense of power.
Allyn Rose participated in the Miss America competition in 2013 and the Miss America competition in 2011. He believed in the future of Miss America, but felt that the removal of the swimsuit was disappointing.

“By taking away the swimming suits for ladies, you tell the woman that you can’t be smart, beautiful, talented, healthy – I think this is the idea of ??Miss America – she is an all-powerful woman who can do it all,” Rose said.

The former Miss Maryland, who had undergone a double mastectomy, recalled walking this summer on the Sports Illustrated swim search runway, which is one of the most meaningful things she has ever had.

“I am able to take back my body. My shape or size doesn’t matter – or I have these scars – I am also very beautiful,” Rose said.

“Every girl dreams of having a Victorian secret moment, and the swimsuit section of the beauty swimwear gives ordinary women the opportunity,” she said.
She believes that swimming competition is an opportunity for women to truly embrace their bodies and a hard work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“If you want to have a full-fledged woman who can accept Miss America’s work, then you need a woman who is physically and physically strong. A healthy, healthy woman,” Rose said.

Fitness instructor John Anthony Morris has coached four Miss America preliminary swimwear winners. He believes that Miss America has missed a golden opportunity to “educate thousands of young ladies” in order to be right. Ways to train and be healthy.

As a trainer, Morris’ main goal is to enable participants to develop a healthy lifestyle and feel the most confident on the stage.

“It’s not about using them in swimsuits. The young lady knows the various stages of competition… they like and understand what the organization represents,” Morris said.

Beauty pageant Chris Saltalamacchio believes that for any beauty contest – especially Miss America – you are looking for a “physical, emotional and academic role model.”
“The need to emphasize a health-based focus in one way,” says Saltalamacchio. “Back to the beauty of the beauty page, it started like this…and not honored for this nostalgia.”

As the beauty of the swimsuit is removed, the talent is now 50% of the initial score.

The remaining initial scores came from 20% of the judges’ interviews, 15% of evening dresses and 15% of stage problems.

Saltalamacchio believes that all stages of a beauty contest should have the same weight.

Before becoming a coach, she served as a local volunteer, board member and director of the Delaware Department, and Saltalamacchio recalled his and other participants in the organization’s pride in the participants.

“For thousands of people who care about the organization, their beliefs, plans, and the way we organize people to gather together, we have lifelong friendships and relationships, and there are some things. To say,” he said.

When talking about the current leadership controversy, Saltara Makio believes that unfortunately some of these relationships are being torn apart.
The current US Miss Caramond made a speech on NBC’s “Today” on Friday without the permission of Miss America.

In an interview, Mund admitted that she “wanted to ensure that no matter who the next lady accepts my job, she knows what she is accepting, she feels supported, and we will be able to do this is the best one. year.”

As to whether the elimination of the swimsuit competition will lead to a decrease in the number of viewers, Saltalamacchio believes that this will not make a difference.

“Actually, I think we have created a catastrophic storm in the past eight months, and people are just waiting to see if it will explode,” he said.

Saltalamacchio believes that the biggest problem is the alienation of beauty page fans.

Ross said: “The organization needs to take a step back and determine who it is and what it is… instead of sacrificing diehard fans and their own history to attract new audiences.”


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