Dare to be naked! The top ten contestants of this bachelor are hot, because they have nothing but a swimsuit for magazines.

They have been competing for the core of Nick’The Honey Badger’Cummins, on this realistic dating show, The Bachelor.
But on Monday, when NW magazine showed off their impressive characters, the top ten contestants chose the car race.
Show Nick he had a very tough choice before him, and the remaining ten girls in the swimsuit swept their enviable numbers for enviable numbers.
The first time to participate in the group shoot was Cassandra Wood, 24, Sophie Tieman, 25, Dasha Gaivoronski, 27, Shannon Baff, 25 years old.
Showing off her light frame, Manly-based Cassandra puts on a light blue piece with a V-neck chest.
The blond beauty waved her endless stitches in this sexy bathing suit cover ups, which was held with a string.
She also showed her intimacy with other blonde Sophie, wearing a more conservative brown piece.
Sophie recently admitted to using a lip filler that looks gorgeous in the swimsuit wearing this figure, which also shows her slender stitches.
Joining two Channel Ten stars, the Russian blockbuster Dasha Gaivoronski and the eccentric blonde Shannon Baff, who recently appeared in Wolf Creek 2.
In the game, the big dumb, known as the dark horse, chose a rough, high-cut nude bikini.
When she was unhappy with the camera lens, the sports fans’ body-building belly was fully displayed in a lively two-piece suit.
At the same time, Shannon wore a cream-colored bikini and a cute shirt, showing her short stature, body-building arms and long legs.
23-year-old Brooke Blurton, 25-year-old Tenille Favios and 27-year-old Jamie Lee Dayz also starred in the photo.
The friendly flight attendant was wearing a high-waisted red bikini standing on her two contestants, Brooke and Jamie Lee on either side of her side.
Brooke, a young worker who got Nick’s emotions in his early years, used a small nude bikini to show off her athlete’s body.

At the same time, Jamie Lee presented her series of tattoos in black and two-piece.

In the last photo, the 30-year-old Brittney also came from Nick’s hometown of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, and mimicked a leopard print bikini to showcase her character.

Emily Dibden, 24, and Deanna Salvemini, 28, also appeared in swimsuit photos.


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