What Kind of Plants Are Suitable for Placing in The Home?

Plants are a great way to ramp up your room. They not only give out a calming touch to the place but also increase the oxygen content of the room. Some plants are also known for reducing airborne pollutants in your sweet space. Here are a few plants that you can opt for:

1.       Snake plant

Also known as Sansevieria, this plant is a great choice to have inside your living room.  It not only reduces the carbon dioxide levels in the room but also absorbs cancer-inducing toxins such as benzene, toluene, etc. It is a very beautiful, elegant plant which will make the room look very appealing and warm.

2.       Pothos creeper

This broad-leaved creeper is a sure-fire way to add a touch of green to your house. It can be attached to doors, window sills, or even hung in small baskets from the ceiling. Its benefits are immense, including their ease of growing, reducing the irritants in the air, and even helping the eyes relax after a long day of looking at the screens

3.       Dracaena plant

These plants are amazing house plants as they can survive on minimal amounts of water. It is usually referred to as a corn plant or mass corn plant. The long leaves and its height help in adding a soothing feel to the room

4.       The spider plant

This plant might be named after a creepy-crawly insect but it is immensely beneficial to your house, unlike the insect. These plants absorb all the harmful components in the air, making your room clean and fresh. The leaves of this plant are also edible, which means you can let your pets or your children play with it

5.       Aloe vera

Houseplants are incomplete without this super plant! Aloe Vera is the most versatile plant of the succulent variety. Its benefits range from skin care, hair care, to being an amazing filter for purifying your room. The gel inside the leaves can be made into creams too

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