Hip dips can ruin any possible outfit. So, it is vital to cure the same by wearing an appropriate body shaper. Not only it will help in controlling your body waist, but it will also boost up your confidence numerous times. Wearing a waist trainer is the most suitable alternative for curing the hip dip problem. It helps in the reduction of your abdominal area and helps in the upliftment of your butt.

The best shapewear performs numerous functions at the same time. Apart from being highly comfortable, it can also support your body and make it look exquisite. 

Below is some compelling and intriguing body shapewear that will solve your problem of hip dips within no time. 

CoreSculpt™ butt hip enhancer padded shaper.

The CoreSculpt butt hip enhancer padded shaper comes with sponge pads on both sides of your hip area. It makes your hip area look sexy and beautiful. This high waist, high lifter panties are a perfect body controlling compression garment. It enables firm control over your body and will never roll down or slide down. Apart from reducing your waistline, it also reduces the tummy area, hips, and thighs. Several other vital features of this butt hip enhancer at the following:

  • It comes with an eye and hooks closure in the front. 
  • It ensures appropriate lifting of your butt and provides contouring effects to your body. 
  • It comes with removable hip pads. Therefore, you can use them whenever you need to enhance the shape of your hip and attain an hourglass-shaped body. 
  • They also prevent sultriness by allowing you to breathe through the perforated hip pads.

CoreSculpt™ butt lifter hip enhancer pads shapewear

The CoreSculpt™ butt lifter hip enhancer pads shapewear is available in beige and black colours. You can add extra spice and sugar by wearing this hip lifter body shaper which naturally rounds the buttocks. It has removable foam pads which will make your booty pop whenever you feel like it. Apart from being a shaper , it also smoothens your love handles. Some other intriguing results of this enhancer pads hip shapewear are the following:

  • It enables an instant juicy peach emoji effect to your buttocks.
  • You do not have to fear hip dips anymore, as the foam pads will do wonders. 
  • It provides a perfect peachy shape along with a flattering body posturer.
  • It gives a very natural look along with some strategic placements. 
  • You do not need to do any challenging sweating exercises or any other invasive surgeries to correct your hip dips. 
  • It provides an exquisite look by elaborating wedding dresses or evening gowns. 

The most considerable interruption while achieving an hourglass body shape is the hip dips. Getting a high-quality waist trainer helps in toning the waist and the thighs. Therefore, minimizing the appearance of such hip dips. The Shapellx offers a wide range of advanced waist trainers and helps decrease the quotient in your body, you can also find some waist and thigh trainers at Shapellx to help you get rid of hip dip! 

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