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How swimwear becomes more inclusive

Feeling good at the beach or poolside is a good first step. Vogue talks to female swimwear designers who put their enthusiasm in front and center. Image source: provided
With the US Miss Beauty pageant announced that the swimming suits for ladies competition will be retired in June and will be banned in France this month, what impact does this have on swimwear as Europe moves to the coast in August each year? Will we see a more cover-up style that reflects the changing world?

Yes, no, Russian designer Olga Vilshenko, she just launched her vacation series Morie. “Miss America has always had a huge impact on young people around the world,” said Vershenko, who welcomes the recognition that “the beauty of every woman comes mainly from the heart”.

However, she quickly pointed out that since the inception, swimsuits have been the subject of intense discussion and debate, and ultimately, women have the right to choose the way they want to vacation. She said: “When the body is covered, some people feel comfortable. Some people feel comfortable wearing a bikini, but we must remember that both have the right to choose, and both must receive the same respect.”
American designer Mara Hoffman agrees. “You can go to the beach naked or completely covered; it’s more about verifying women in their choices and body, no matter what they are,” she said. “Body enthusiasm doesn’t mean more or less clothes, it means being aware of your relationship with your body and feeling that you choose to do it with it and that you choose to wear something that is comfortable,” she added. “Gendered women, clothes really don’t. We must admit and teach women that the body is not an object, no matter what she wears or how she behaves.”

Here, Vogue looks at five women-designed brands and rethinks that swimwear may symbolize and talk about women today.
Morye’s Olga Vilshenko said, “I think women are more afraid of the beach season than women we think, so this is one of the reasons for creating a fascinating, moderately stretched swimwear style for the brand’s iconic floral patterns,” meaning “Sea” is in Russian. “We put a lot of effort into producing accurate, scaled prints that look great in different sizes. My key is to combine minimalist design with lines that compliment the female body.”

Vilshenko began to create solutions for women of all shapes and generations. “I want vacation apparel to bring our customers from the city to the beach, so it’s unlikely to transition to their holiday wardrobes,” she said of the suit collection and the relaxed, easy-to-wear dress that has accumulated some Instagram stars. These include Lucy Williams, BlancaMiró and Maja Wyh.
“It’s an exciting moment to be a woman,” said Carly Brown, who created the Australian-sized Une Piece brand in a well-designed one-piece product designed for the store, without making women too tension. “The impact of social media on body image has not been positive for the past decade, but I believe that in the past 18 months, women have returned and reconsidered their feelings about their bodies and adopted a more positive attitude.” Brown tested her suit before testing – from zippered, long-sleeved “Sexie Rashie” to twisted center halter outfits – before the release of hundreds of women of all shapes. “There are some amazing examples where champions and brands challenge the narrowness of beauty and size,” says Brown, whose single piece is made of UPF50 + Italian Lycra, blocks 98% of UV rays and has 28 separate Parts, compared to the industry average of 8, support and clean up all the right places.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Win 1 of 3 pieces of WonderFit swimwear basket worth R2000

This is the first few days of the summer. The girls invite you to enjoy a drink by the pool, but you don’t think the swimsuit is ready. What is your job? We asked ourselves the same question and presented the most fashionable and most pleasing solution: the WonderFit swimsuit (designed and developed exclusively by Miladys).

At Miladys, we are all women, so we got it. Feeling confident poolsides is not always easy (especially after all the delicious winter comfort foods). Usually, when we find a swimsuit we like, it is not suitable for the support we need.

Therefore, we have developed a swimsuit series that is not only fashionable but also suitable for self-cultivation. This is because at the end of the day, our mission is to make women everywhere feel good.

Want to know how it works?
You may want to know how this all works. How can swimwear be trimmed and trimmed where we need it most? Our first stop was to try to understand the most common problem areas for women while wearing swimwear – belly, bust, buttocks and hips. Once we have categorized them, we need to innovate a technology that works in these areas, and that’s what we do.
Our clothing styles are equipped with a slim electric mesh panel that smoothes the stomach and instantly loses weight. Also, keep an eye out for our wrinkle style – wrinkles help to smooth out your torso.

We need support, as is our WonderFit swimsuit. The wider shoulder strap helps distribute pressure evenly, and the internal support and padding are designed to be similar to a bra, so you can sit back and enjoy the summer fun.

Bottom and buttocks
The bottom of our WonderFit is designed to decorate curves instead of hiding them. The design is wider – the bottom and hips are more beautiful, giving you complete coverage.
Our favorite way to wear
We like weight loss technology, but we also like how they wear it. To see the elegant look, try combining our printed WonderFit full outfit with a gown for extra coverage and a sun hat. Or, choose a dress, put on our summer sandals (with comfort technology) and a pair of statement sunglasses. We have just launched a new lightweight denim WonderFit crop, which was made on a sunny day by the pool.
You can choose from our variety of interesting nautical and tropical prints, or choose any of our wonderful solid colors. With complete clothing, dresses, bikinis and tankini style, you will definitely find the one that suits you best.

Visit www.miladys.co.za to see everything, then head to the nearest Miradys store and ask our friendly staff where they found them.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Kes-Vir says incontinence swimwear may become a new way for mobile retailers

Kes-Vir says incontinence swimming suits for ladies may become a new way for mobile retailers
What are you looking for in the dealership?

“We are looking for distributors across the UK who are interested in adding energy-efficient products to their product range. We are also very interested in developing our international distribution because there are many opportunities overseas. Our products are currently sold all over the world, so I Desire to grow.”

Do you feel that many liquidity retailers ignore the incontinence?

“Products definitely exist in the market, but many retailers are not aware of the end of this market and the value of offering products to customers. It can be an important complement to their products.”

What are the benefits of storing Kes-Vir incontinence?

“Our product range is unique and perhaps the only product of its kind in Europe, because its versatility allows the product to cover a wide range of customers. We focus on three areas – durability, adjustability and style – this It is the key to our design and creation of products.”

How do mobile retailers find sales incontinence products?

“For some of our dealers, selling these products is a bit of learning, but once you understand the product line, they will see success, especially because the style of the product is vibrant.

“Recently, we have a lot of companies that have stores close to our holdings, which is great.”

What is the departure from Kes-Vir?

“This may explain the problem, but we definitely have some things in the preparatory stage. For now, I will say this space.”

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On the island, the swimwear brand by Marios Schwab

From fashion shows to beaches, Greece – Austrian designer Marios Schwab launches his Femme fatale inspired swimming suits for ladies brand On The Island.
With a stylish background, Schwab launched his eponymous ready-to-wear brand in 2005, known for his attention to body design, attention to detail, craftsmanship and innovation. This earned him awards, and A-list followers including Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Marianne Cotillard and Amanda Seyfried embraced bold, evening dresses.
Fast forward, it is clear that Schwab has perfected his tailoring and tailoring over the years. The glamorous, close-fitting beachwear, including the hotter climate you want, from single pieces, bikinis, beach skirts, silky trousers and gowns, in block colors and patterns, hints of gorgeous classic leopard prints. Sunshine, happy and sexy, destination… on the island.
Talk to us through the concept of the brand… Celebrate adventure and discovery on the island. It is about the sense of freedom that is discovered when we leave our daily lives. Swimwear and vacation apparel are inspired by a group of friends who love island-style life.

What is the key cornerstone of your aesthetic? OTI style is defined by comparison. The original edge has a smooth outline. The natural texture of the fabric for technical performance. Our aesthetic definition is close to nature, designed to celebrate and enhance the body’s sensuality and form. The collection is dominated by swimwear, as well as shirts and dresses that can be twisted, wrapped and layered, and each adventure becomes more beautiful and personal. Provide a personal signature for your journey.
Why choose a swimsuit? On the island, as a feeling of difference and true thoughts, enter a market that contains all the elements of my personality, as a ready designer and my signature is defined by the body form. I grew up on the beach and have been surrounded by swimwear, and my father is the director of a leading swimwear brand. I always think this idea is very close.
What lessons do you have from RTW to swimwear? OTI is designed to provide 360-degree wardrobes for travel destination customers, each designed with an overall look from beach to dinner. From the iconic shirt collection to the choice of split and key dresses. Our customers are buying all year round.
Tell us about this collection… In this collection, natural textures are designed with technical performance fabrics designed to celebrate and enhance the body’s sensuality and form. Each product is produced in Italy and maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship. The collection is dominated by swimwear, as well as shirts and dresses that can be twisted, wrapped and layered, and each adventure becomes more beautiful and personal.

The iconic paintings and engravings of hand-carved hardware coils are unique to the Sea Snake.

What is your career focus so far? on the island.

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Chanel buys Men’s Swimwear brand Orlebar Brown

In this week’s more fashion acquisition news, French luxury brand Chanel acquired the British men’s swimming brand Orlebar Brown, the amount of the acquisition was not disclosed. Although the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Chanel bought all the shares from company founder Adam Brown and private equity firm Piper. Brown will continue to serve as creative director of the company, which has grown into a mature lifestyle and vacation brand known for swimming trunks, polo shirts and T-shirts.

The move marks another effort by Chanel to acquire small fashion companies specializing in certain product categories. Chanel is also the owner of the high-end women’s beach and lingerie brand Eres, which looks to leverage synergies and distribution with Orlebar Brown. The notorious private Wertheimer family, the owner of Chanel, also invested in several other companies in the fashion and beauty sector through its family office Mousse Partners, including Ulta and Bonobos.

Although the acquisition of Orlebar Brown is another complement to the Chanel portfolio, there is no guess that Chanel is seeking to establish a group model that can compete with French counterparts LVMH and Kering, even the newly formed Capri Holdings, former Michael Kors Holdings. The difference is the size of the brands owned by these holding companies. Versace, which Michael Coles bought this week, earns about $800 million a year. Many of the other brands in the Kering and LVMH portfolios have significantly exceeded or contrasted with Orlebar Brown, which is estimated to produce approximately $32.6 million. Chanel graduates revealed this summer that it is a $10 billion business.
Therefore, the acquisition is very interesting because Chanel does not intend to buy a super brand or build a luxury fashion store. Orlebar Brown earns a lot of money through its e-commerce channel, and Chanel is largely away from this in terms of ready-to-wear and handbags, but instead chooses to sell in stores. This also marks Chanel’s first involvement in men’s wear, because the company mainly sells women’s products and cosmetics. A few weeks ago. Perhaps the acquisition of Brown into the male market will enable Chanel to consider more male products in the future. There is no doubt that Orlebar Brown will benefit from Chanel’s large infrastructure and will use its network to seek growth opportunities on a global scale.

As mentioned earlier, Chanel unveiled its financial data for the first time in its 108-year history this summer, in part to avoid rumors that it is an acquisition target or is looking for a sale. It also announced that its holding company, Chanel Limited, will be based in London to bring all of its operations together. Chanel’s chairman, Alan Wertheimer, and his brother Gerard, respectively, own half of Chanel.

I am passionate about the intersection of fashion, retail and business. From traditional large brands to independent luxury designers, I cover all aspects of how brands work and adapt in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing climate. I keep up with the news…More

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Alton Towers Smiler amputee Leah Washington bravely sunbathe in a swimsuit

The victims of the Alpine Towers’ Smiler roller coaster crash were portrayed as wearing a navy ladies swimming costume while
bathing in the sun.
In June 2015, Leah lost a leg in a terrible accident in the Staffordshire theme park.
But the 20-year-old girl has now shared provocative bikini photos on her vacation on Instagram.
Lea said last year that she used to be afraid to wear a bikini to take off her clothes during the holidays.
According to the Mirror, she uploaded her photo in the Navy Blue Bikini and posted this post at the Riu Touareg
The happy young man added a title to the three photos: “BEACH BUM is here to live my best life and it feels great.
“To spend the best vacation with your best friends and boyfriend.”
Leah from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, rode with her boyfriend Joe Pug in June 2015, when Smeller drove a terrorist
After smashing, she must amput her left leg above her knee.
This month’s report said Leah’s lawyers are about to enter into a compensation agreement with Merlin Entertainment,
which owns Alton Towers.
Lia said last year: “After my accident, physical confidence is one of my biggest problems. My body and life have
changed forever. This is something I am still used to.
“Going on vacation, wearing a bikini is one of my biggest fears in front of many others, but now I am confident in
my skin (and bikini smiles) and realize that everyone looks great in their own way.
“Don’t worry about other people’s ideas, it doesn’t matter.”
Fans praised Lia on Instagram and called her “inspiration.”
One user said, “You look great and you should be proud of yourself.”
Another wrote: “You are so inspiring and absolutely beautiful.”
A user named Kai said: “You don’t need to worry about your appearance, but you look great anyway, you should be
proud of yourself.”
In the crash two years ago, another driver, Vicky Balch, lost his leg in the Staffordshire theme park and injured
four others.

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It’s time to promise to dock open-air swimwear.

Everything is in the final sale. We are at a point where there is no return.
From the iconic whale tail Degrassi episode to Cisco’s classic national anthem, thongs have always occupied a supreme position in fashion and pop culture. So what is the best way to end the summer than to pass a complete thong? On this long weekend, ELLE celebrates the best, worst and most memorable thongs on the red carpet, beach and beyond.
How do we remember the summer of 2018? The straw was cancelled. Donald Trump separates the children from their parents, and his inner circle is Watergated. Aretha Franklin left the better side. Showing your ass on the beaches of the United States has become mainstream.

Maybe you noticed that the swimsuit pants are fading. The sporty American Speedo and the candle-named Brazilian thong seem to be in the process of collision, driven by all the nostalgic sentiments of the 80s and 90s. Two years after Teyana Taylor danced to the “Fade” of Kanye West in a thong, Kardashians was in the full beach town postcard belt mode.
The rest of us are more likely to encounter a thong shorts that are designed to cover the cracks generously, but insist on revealing where the buttocks meet the thighs. The emerging term for this reduction is “cheeky” and the name is appropriate. In the e-commerce model and Instagram influence influencers, the thin bottom makes the wearer look like a cheeky Coppertone baby, and his dog eats her ladies swimming costume.
Is it effective in real life? I do not know. Swimsuits are objectively analyzed than any other garment. In theory, the cheeky bottom may be a likable way. However, according to my experience, they can also dig the flesh, which is not traditionally desirable. Revolve’s influencers solved this problem with posture. They lifted their swimsuits from their hips with their thumbs, as if cleverly picking a wedge they might actually have. Except for the most suitable thick-skinned bottom, all other components are subject to the slightest interference.
More importantly: it was 2018, and these concerns suddenly became obsolete. Worrying whether something is pleasing means acknowledging that looking good looks equal to looking thin – or, in this case, religion about deadlift – we all agree that this should no longer be the goal. When this is the atmosphere, we should all feel comfortable showing our ass. There is nothing wrong with our ass!
Still, you still can’t choose your hang-up, and recently we encourage you to try to reduce your butt, which can be confusing. More than once, I found myself entering the locker room, spinning like a dog trying to bite its tail, wondering where the rest of the swimsuit was. Not long ago, a piece of ass exposed clothing had to be purchased at a fancy imported lingerie store or accidentally purchased while traveling in a less-Puritan country. Now, H&M and J.Crew feel like Ibiza, and the cheeky bikini once shamelessly reveals the cheeky bottom. People can filter Aerie swimwear through “cheeky” and “brutal”. (How shameful is the cheeky? You will find out when it will come; the model looks like it is sitting.)

If there is a change in docking, it is difficult to determine. My colleague told me that showing your ass on the beach is a culture. (This is not the first time a white lady like me emulates.) Maybe in 2015 jeans shorts, your ass hangs on the bottom of the gateway. Perhaps, in an evolving socialist movement, Generation Z recognized Europe on the beach. Maybe we are tired of self-loathing.

What I know is that the antidote to the pressure on your beach body is actually going to the beach. When I was in my (possibly unpleasant) $18 Amazon cheeky jumpsuit, it was hard for me to remember worrying about me. I am busy reading thrillers, or playing on the front line, or wondering if I should reapply for SPF or go swimming and reapply. Looking at my phone, I can’t even figure out what I look like in Instagram photos.

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Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn

Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn
Finding the perfect swimsuit sometimes feels like an impossible feat. Some people are too embarrassed, some people are too boring – there are some people, um, they just don’t fit.

A new Vancouver swimwear brand, OCIN, hopes to eliminate the pressure to buy swimwear by offering chic, minimalist styles for men and women, which also provides an environmentally friendly element.

We interviewed brand founder Courtney Chew, talking about swimming suits for ladies, respecting the ocean, and the uniqueness of her brand in other swimwear options.
Q: What are OCINs for those who are not familiar?

A. OCIN is a lifestyle brand and a swimming series for men and women. But at our core, our existence is for our common future, linking humanity to our most open, free, and conscious self. We believe that if people live in global openness, there will be more sympathy, awareness and universal respect, which will enable us to work together to make some amazing benefits for our community, the planet and the ocean.
Q: What are OCINs for those who are not familiar?
Q: Is there a story behind this name?

A: This name actually has personal contact with me – this is the name of my sister and me, going backwards. NICO. She has received such tremendous support from the beginning, and after brainstorming so many different ideas, combinations and potential names for a month in a row, when I finally wrote this, it just clicked and felt perfect.

But this name also represents our purpose as a brand. OCIN is pronounced “ocean” and we have a strong connection with it. For us, the ocean is the symbol of freedom and infinity we mentioned above, and it needs our protection. Therefore, we want to create a brand that helps to raise the awareness of this magnificent body and provide us with the needs of life and survival. If we care about things that affect us all together, then the ability to care and act can extend to other aspects of our lives.

Q: What makes it different from other brands?

A: One of the things I have achieved in the industry for 12 years is that when brands truly commit to and understand their goals while maintaining flexible learning and innovation, they see success. So what I hope to help us stand out is what makes people realize that it’s not just another clothing brand that we really work hard.

We have made some commitments to make our community “work with us” easily, including ensuring that our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable. Our products are all made from recycled polyester and nylon yarns. We choose an organization to donate some of the proceeds each year – this year is our friend at the Surfrider Foundation.

Another thing that sets us apart is our size naming. On a global scale, there is no consistency in the size standards. For men and women, swimwear has become a hard-to-buy product, and I want to put this size association aside. We want to pay more attention to how you feel about wearing yourself, rather than determining the experience based on the size of the label. An OCIN, we offer five sizes, from Teslin to Alta – each named and inspired by the beautiful waters of B.C.

If we interact with our brand, we can inspire the transformation of our community with the way brands, products, experiences, each other, and the way we interact with the planet, which is very cool.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

The online-only swimwear retailer recently raised $2.3 million, and since its inception in April 201, sales have increased by 500% year-on-year.

Online-only women’s swimwear retailer Andie Swim wants to buy the right swimsuits more easily – even a pleasant process.
“The swimming suits for ladies shopping experience is broken,” said Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie Swim. She said she set out to solve the problem and save shoppers a store trip, which is often a frustrating experience when looking for a price and age-appropriate swimsuit.

Swimwear retailers sell products directly to consumers on AndieSwim.com. It offers 26 swimwear styles and 135 SKUS, which will increase to 225 SKU when the new vacation collection is launched in November this year. Travis said that Andy Swimming was launched in April 2017, sales increased by 500% year-on-year, and refused to provide specific figures.

“Swimming is a very fragile purchase,” Travis said, which is why AndieSwim.com has a Fit Finder feature that helps shoppers find the Andy style that best suits her body and personal style.
The Fit Finder test asks the shopper a series of five questions: if she has an hourglass, pear, long and thin, or apple shape; if she likes to wear a one-piece swimsuit, a two-piece swimsuit or both; if she She has a long or short torso; she likes to show off her body parts; she plans to wear swimsuits, such as hanging around the pool and playing beach volleyball with the children on the beach; what is her personal style, such as classic, modern or minimalist. After the results are tabulated in the algorithm, Fit Finder provides some style for the shopper.
Retailers offer free shipping, returns and exchanges, and there is no price threshold to satisfy, so if she is not sure which swimsuit is the best fit, shoppers can order any number of swimsuits. She can then return within 30 days and return the returned swimsuit items. All orders are shipped from the New Jersey distribution center via USPS. “Women usually don’t buy swimwear, they buy when they need it, such as an upcoming vacation or party. So fast transportation is very important,” Travis said.

In March 2018, Andie Swim received $2.3 million in the first round of financing from investors such as Demi Moore and contact e-retailer Hubble Contacts co-founder Jesse Horwitz. The fund round is led by venture capital firms Two River Capital and Sonostar Venture.

To promote further growth and invest in new funding, Andie Swim redesigned and relaunched its website in May 2018, which is based on BigCommerce’s e-commerce platform. Travis said that the new website does not focus all design work and resources on the over-designed home page, but provides more details on the product page.

“We used to have a photo click to see the details of the swimsuit. Now we have an image carousel for each product,” Travis said.


The product details page also includes a size guide, a detailed description of the product, a horizontal view of the customer’s favorite products, a visual list, and customer reviews and questions – supported by the commercial company YotPo, integrated with BigCommerce. “If there are no comments, many people will not waver. It becomes very complete,” Travis said.

The redesign also includes the addition of the Fit Finder quiz, which is located in the front and middle of the navigation bar and adds links throughout the site. Andie Swim also launched a recommendation program for the recommended marketing platform Extole, which is also integrated with the BigCommerce platform. If a shopper shares her purchase with a friend or family member, they will receive a $25 shopping discount and the shopper will receive $25 for the next purchase.
As network traffic and conversions increase, the restart pays off. According to data from network measurement company Similar Web Ltd., within six months of the restart, AndieSwim.com had less than 5,000 visitors per month (except for 14,700 visits in January 2018), and Andie Swim has seen it. Its traffic increased from 12,000 to more than 45,000 per month in July. In addition, the site’s conversion rate increased by 250%, and return users increased by 300%. Travis said that much of this growth was attributed to its redesign and large-scale marketing promotion.

“We have defeated our goals with the greatest expectations,” Travis said. “Now, we are at the end of this huge season we just had. So, now we start the process again to find out what works and what doesn’t.”

Travis said part of the process is to update the collection with new styles and colors, including the holiday collection released in November and the new spring of 2019.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

The woman proudly shows off her loose skin in her swimsuit, even if she was attacked… twice

Last year, blogger Jacqueline Adan shared with her fans that she was pointed out and laughed at her while wearing a bathing suit cover ups while on vacation in Mexico. With a loss of about 350 pounds in four and a half years, Jacqueline’s skin is slack, and she often opens up her own journey of self-love. The event last year was a “great moment” for her because she decided not to let other people’s opinions affect her. So, this year, she is sharing what happened when she put on her swimsuit again.
“This happened when I was on vacation this year,” she wrote. “Yes, I am walking on the beach, I am pointed and laughed and made fun of it.”
However, this time Jacquline feels a lot different from the previous year.
“When I was laughed at and pointed to something coming to me,” she shared. “I don’t mean, I don’t think I have to defend myself. I don’t freeze or want to cry. I actually feel free! This time… I just don’t care!”
She is too busy to live the best life, worried about the evaluation of her enemies.
She wrote on Instagram: “In order to why I don’t care about this year, I tried to go back and solve every change.” “Then it finally hit me. I don’t rely on others’ approval, I don’t care what others have for my body.” The idea may not have been thought of. I am very focused on living the best life, I have been working hard to love me, it is my way… loose skin and all – I don’t have time to worry about other people’s thoughts or arguments.”

She continued to explain that although she sometimes struggled because she felt unsafe, she was still in a place in her life, and although others might think or say it, she still felt true confidence and happy.
“That’s what I finally accept what my body looks like. That’s me. And I didn’t find any excuses, why do I look like me… it’s just me. Loose skin, cellulite , stretch marks and all.”