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Swimwear come out in small size

Swimwear, all growth scale available.


Swimwear brands, which cater to plump women from 2005, will be collected within the Ashley Graham capsule, with production sizes of 4 and 6, available online, starting today. The 11 line includes Bikinis nightclub, a piece of and cover up, the price range between $70 and $100, from 4 to 22 sizes.

“Over the last two years, we’ve started to feel disappointed from smaller women, and we don’t sell for the size range to get the response,” says Sara Mitzner, vice president of all swimwear creative and brand. “This is our first chance to scale up from a business point of view and we are now happy to meet more women’s needs.”

Mitzna believes that in a short period of time, the company has just started, in all target people swimsuit, a variety of sizes of women and children, but began to pay attention to enterprises, the number of women, 8, due to customer response. It is believed that all existing Mitzner swimwear will welcome this change.

“We’re lucky to live in a culture that supports women.” In the social media community, it’s an amazing woman. There’s a steady stream of background and size for women of all ages, “says Mitzna. “Our core customers appreciate diversity and inclusion of messages, and we’ve been standing so much, the more, the better.”

Brand development is a continuing trend in the classification of target curves for women, but all moves – plus size lines introducing small size swimsuits – are a new paradigm shift. Mitzna believes that more brands will begin to consider expanding their products in an attempt to create a more inclusive shopping experience.

“Ultimately, if the brand can start to cater to all women, it’s also great,” says Mitzna. “We would like to see a world in which women of a certain scale will not be relegated to shopping at specific stores.” We should all be able to shop in the same place, and expanding our scope is a big step towards that goal.

The curvesinbikinis features Graham in sports illustrated the problems in all swimming get attention swimsuit 2015, which marks the Graham as the first plus size models were published in the magazine. A year later, she appeared on the cover.

The company was acquired by fullbeauty in 2014 brands, Gregg and Gabi also released capsule collection, who is a bending effect, also known as GabiFresh, and from the bank is currently at the Nord department store sales parts. Mitzna said the brand will continue to explore more wholesale options, taking into account the production of small size Ashley Graham capsules for collection.

The next swimwear store

Staff report


When Rosanna Bermudez and ZO e de boehmler when they don’t know they will design the swimsuit will make runway swim a week in Miami.

But indieswim founders did, and grew up with friends and business partners in the same social circle.

Women have created two labels, indieswim and separate + wild.

“We’re looking for something we can’t find,” Bermudez said. “I bought a swimsuit and cut it, change it.”

It was 2012 of the time, before the women joined hands. De Boehmler said, “she’s the change I’m looking for.” She said she wanted to get into a career and that her two daughters might be involved someday.

Somehow, the swimsuit appeared, and there was no swimsuit design experience. These two things gave the swimsuit business a chance.

“We planted it,” Bermudez said. “We don’t know the design of swimsuits.”

Over the next few months, the two countries began a label, indieswim.

Their swimsuits are made locally, and all the clothes are made in the United States and local, except for the cloth from Italy.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, in Miami, two people said, the important thing is that they have a local, practical business.

2014, their creations begin wholesale swimwear sale. They can be in the local boutiques and big stores like the sun. They can also be in other countries like De, Boehmler’s home town of Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States Virgin Islands, Tahiti, Haiti, Bahamas, and so on.

“The best part about talking about yourself is that the color and fabric are mixed and matched,” says de Boehmler.

She said: “You can buy a swimsuit or wholesale swimwear in 2015, and 2018 of our fabrics will match it.”

All the products are sold separately, so you can mix and match the top and bottom.

Two people swim in Miami Zhou Liang their 2018 “naturalist”. It focuses on incorporating natural elements into printmaking.

50 thousand sold swimwear brand to star

A posh British celebrity wearing swimwear brand is likely to get involved in a holiday sales by 50 million.

Orlebar Brown, a company that wholesale swimwear at premium prices, has won public recognition since James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, wearing a pair of blue shorts in the sky company.

Since then, the brand has attracted All-Star fans of the beach, including rapper Jay-Z, former Prime Minister D, Jimmy dragon and actor Damien Lewis, Michael Fassbinder and Hugh Jackman.

The high-end brand has hired Cavendish in a series of financial future financing proposal, including the proposed sale to private equity funds by 50 million.

Orlebar Brown was founded 10 years ago by former photographer Adam Brown, who said he wanted to create custom shorts to swim without the lack of awareness of the images.

It is said that Brown noticed more fashionable choices for women’s swimsuit than men after their holiday.

The company’s retail products range from 95 to 395 pounds, but has recently expanded to include ready to wear clothing, footwear and accessories. Its turnover is expected to reach 23 million this year, about half of which comes from outside the uk.

Although the Orlebar Brown in Mayfair, Notting Hill, Wimbledon, with core retail stores, Chelsea and the Canary Wharf and Bicester village – Pop exports in the global market position, including the United States, France, Turkey, Australia and Kuwait.

The company also wholesale swimwear through wholesale partners and its own website.

The outfit of the full model can not include a large chest slip

The brunette led the line along the runway of the girl.

Wearing a low cut dress, her clothes show off her impressive split.

But she wholesale swimwear supported her on the road, and the clothes could not cope with her chest.

It exposed her nipples to a watched crowd.

She tried to move the dress to cover up her property, but the material slipped away again.

Have a kiss, she continued to the catwalk and she can make her clothes, the chest back.

The wardrobe malfunction occurred during the last month of the Clara swimwear show at the swimming week in Miami.

This is a video, viral Ashley Sky model with exciting properties along the runway.

Another model wore a transparent dress during the fashion show.

Why follow Kardashian home, CB?

“You must always be aware of your customers, who they are, who they were listening,” asserted CB founder Conna Walker’s house, in the women’s clothing brand design studio and the head office of the company, in the shopping center of East London Westfield Stratford City’s flagship store on the face of dazzling.

“Kardashian is a huge me.”. Once they begin to wear CB’s house, they put us on the map, and we have other celebrities to contact, saying, ‘this product is a stimulant.

No foreign investment, seven years after the old house has grown into a brand, will profit 2017 e 9m (although Walker did not disclose the departure). The company has no debt – all profits are reinvested – it has opened six stores in the past four years, despite a retail expansion.

Much of its success is due to its celebrity following. And Kardashian, in the form of bodycon fitting dress and tights high-profile fans, including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce E and model Hailey Baldwin, Gigi, Bella, Hadid. Social media and celebrity gifts – often knocking at 78 doors to the right person – are central to their growth strategy.

“We chose to work with us girl, said:” a Walker in printed in smart clothes, jacket and patent leather boots boots sister brand Valentine rock, which is composed of CB to sell the house. “They’re all more than 20 year old girls, and our [[customer] types are interested.”

Sales of CB’s house is very interesting, because the brand use different ethnic backgrounds, “said Anusha Couttigane, senior analyst at Kantar retail. “Historically, the fashion movement is very homogeneous, but today’s customers are demanding that the CB house really attracts customers, and it attracts the core customers of retailers.”

“Price positioning suits thousands of customers who are looking for quality, and some people are willing to pay more, more affordable product moves.”. In fact, everything was designed inside London, which meant they could defend the price.”

Walker explained: “I like the brand to be quite organic, not to be pushed down by people’s throats.”.”. “Although prices are not too high [clothes are usually retail between 100 and 150 pounds], it still considers labels to be luxuries. You won’t see us in the tube. Everything must be in the brand’s voice, so shoppers know that this is our product, wherever they see it.

Mark Ashton, women’s business’s little hostess Group CEO, mu CB marketing style: “they are sleek, I respect how they protect their brand, and they rarely discount.”. They have good exposure, but they are not as aggressive as other brands, and how impressive they are to maintain the air they crave and to be able to afford it.”

Sofie Willmott, senior retail analyst in the research, said the difference from CB has better quality house prices, fast fashion competitors a little higher: “it has a strong product and it is easy to identify handwriting. Compared with other brands, their offer is very low, but they are loyal to target customers.

Walker said she would eventually like to add more lifestyle to soft furnishings and accessories and plan to wholesale non clothing products.

“We don’t wholesale. At the moment I don’t want to dilute the brand, but I want to wholesale swimwear, shoes, accessories and household items.”. I would like to expand our offer and promote the brand without affecting the core apparel sector.

Compared with the same period last year, sales have increased by 35% this year. Self confessed control freak Walker says businesses grow at a comfortable pace in their own way.
At first, many people do not take me seriously, it is difficult to respect. But the entire brand is self financing, I have no debt, no investors. I grew up in a way that made me comfortable, and I was able to deal with it. We did not explode overnight.”

Walker’s biggest challenge comes from the leading company’s brand 2014. “We are more revealing – – not our very modest present,” she said with a smile. These clothes look brighter than our current neutral palette. I lost confidence in customer demand and sales began to decline. For me, it was an important moment, because I learned never to stop listening.

The young fashion market is becoming more crowded, but the house CB seems to carve its niche in a style that adheres to style and focuses on quality products at a higher price point rather than a throwaway fashion”.

If the enterprise can translate this winning strategy into a new product category, then the CB consumer won’t buy it. Retail stores need to be careful when opening new stores, because rents are too high and prices hurt many other retailers. However, Walker may be young, but she is certainly not reckless.

So far, the founder’s approach is to use online sales data to extend the target to areas where customer needs are available and to allow the site to complete the rest of the work. Compared to some of its peers, the company has been in trouble, but a slow and steady approach, and investors do not have any pressure to return, may become one of the most successful cases of sustainable British streets.

Bird: a conscientious and visually bad woman shop

“Everything we do is feminist and idealistic.”. “We’re a fashion label, but we’re outsiders, and we’ve been looking for positive ways to do things differently,” explains Burdesan co-founder Sophie Slater. Since 2014, the company has created a new sense of shopping with two other women. With spells, no sweatshops, no Photoshop ‘, their Hoxton in London tonight launches pop shops.

National spirit is simple; birdsong wants to champion women and non binary people. “Whether it is a charity through making a highly skilled women, our clothes and cooperation than competition, what kind of clothes to No. 22, or really believe all the body is very good, we hope to meet when you enter the store, Louise slaughter clarification. Many brands promote feminist ideals or put on “T-shirts” on T-shirts, but you can be sure that we’re doing a good job. It is moving in order to keep women’s services running, or to support future and future artists and designers, which is something we all feel good about.

The store, from July twenty-seventh to 1 the stocking of young designers, publications such as the back, lady, polyester zinc, transvestite uncle, birdsong zinc, nest, and sustainable development of the period, the company thinx pants. All of our other brands are the result of an entire team obsessed with finding beautiful, ethical brands or amazing publications (usually ourselves). Then we’ll buy wholesale store, Louise slaughter added.


Highlights include Yutong, which wholesale swimwear is subject to the Rihanna label recycling nets, the song of the collection, which is composed of immigrants, in Shoreditch live in low income women, wages popler and Liam Moorhouse, and between the birds and the Kerrey oupei Limited Edition Dyatt cooperation. Slater M said, “look out,” embroidered pants, sold fashionable slogans, socks, and perfect summer sandals.” She pointed out, “basically, we’re from head to toe, all right, ethical makeup, this time.” We hope that this is a taste from our brand expectations, because our aesthetics and values continue to grow and challenge other industries.

Miami designer for each woman to provide “swimming fashion fantasy”

During the Miami Swimming Week, “Planet Fashion” will be the Miami designer’s work in the “swimming fashion fantasy” in the focus. Two of the OMG Miami swimsuits by Andrea Gaviria and Gabriela Pires Beachwear of Gabriela Pires closed these trends on July 21, Gaviria’s shiny latex and the space-age Barbarella theme with modern Trends are intertwined, and Pires’ floral, stylish appearance leads to emotional complexity.

Both Gavia and Pires are from Miami, but the diversity of clothing echoes the city’s international flavor. Look at the runway and see how these designers name themselves and find inspiration.

OMG Miami swimsuit

Gavia started designing swimsuit at the age of 19 and built his own business from the beach in Miami. The previous model, she designed her own swimsuit stand out. She shared her first work on social media. For seven years, she came out of her house, had her own store, and showed her design on a fashion show.

“I want to give women the greatest self – confidence,” said Gavria, “that ‘s the main thing, and I want a woman to wear a very small item and feel comfortable.

She follows the trend of inspiration, but takes them to a new level, making the mind to make people say “OMG!” Gabriel says her goal is “shocking” on the runway.

“This year we were inspired by the 1990s.We use latex and other materials to reflect the sound … we made a lot of color blocking, colorful, and combined body chains and reflective sunglasses for the runway.”

But Gavria will not slow down.

She said: “My ultimate goal will be Victoria’s secret, even bigger.” “The sky is not the limit.”

Gabriela Pires Beachwear

Hound grew up in Miami, tend to be more elegant, sexy look. She said she started working in the womb because her mother worked in the fashion industry.

“This is the only thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Pires said.

The special interest in antique, especially antique jewelry, is what makes her voice as a designer, not the rest.

She began designing and selling luxury Brazilian underwear in New York City, but decided to start in Miami in 2012 with swimsuit to start fresh. Shoes like wholesale work, and in the sports illustrations swimwear on a variety of swimsuit.

Pires said, “My route is romantic and delicate.” “It ‘s sweet, but it’ s also sexy. It ‘s a mixture. I painted a woman, who was successful, or a woman who wanted a luxury. She wanted chic. It was every woman.”

Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) Wunderlich upgrade rating

Equity analyst Wunderlich downgraded the stock and lowered the price target on May 11, raised the price target from $ 30.00 to $ 12.00 and changed the rating from “hold” to “sell”. May 11, Wunderlich announced the stock rating from “Hold” down to the current target price of $ 12.00.


The company closed at $ 9.71 yesterday. Abercrombie & Fitch announced the dividend paid on Monday, June 12, 2017. The dividend for the quarter was $ 0.200 per share and was $ 0.80 per annum. The dividend is valued at $ 8.15 and the dividend is the percentage of the current share price. The ex-dividend date is Wednesday, May 31, 2017.


Its trading price of 9.36 US dollars, significantly lower than the 50-day moving average of 10.37 US dollars, equivalent to 200 daily moving average of 11.67 US dollars. 50 day moving average fell -1.04 US dollars or -10.030%, an average of 200 fell to -20.113%.


Abercrombie & Fitch Co. was launched on June 26, 1996 and is a professional retailer that sells its products primarily through stores and directly to the consumer’s business as well as through various wholesale, franchise and licensing arrangements. The company is divided into two major parts: Abercrombie, which includes the business unit Abercrombie & Fitch and sister brands, as well as Hollister, which includes the business unit Hollister and Gilly Hicks brand. The company offers a range of apparel products including sweaters, woven shirts, graphic t-shirts, wool, sweaters, jeans, woven pants, shorts, jackets, dresses, intimate and swimwear, as well as men’s and women’s personal care products and accessories and Abercrombie & Fitch Under the children, Hollister and Gilly Hicks brand.


As of the latest earnings report, earnings per share of -0.27 US dollars, is expected this year will be -0.30 US dollars, there are still 68,016,000 shares. Analysts expect earnings per share for the next quarter to be $ 0.15, and next year’s earnings per share is expected to be $ 0.14.

David Jones will burst in September

Cult Bondi swimwear brand Bondi Bather has announced that it will launch David Jones from September this year.


Shareholding coup and the new “Bondi love story” spring series coincides with the introduction.


Bondi Bather General Carnival said that as the brand approaches the fourth birthday, it has been extended to wholesale swimwear the following e-commerce success.


“We are very excited about the next phase of business growth.


“Over the past few years, we have established our own manufacturing capabilities in Australia and have created a beautiful and unique product in print design by working with local artists.”


“We are honored to be presented with world-class local and international brands,” said David Jones, an upscale department store in Australia.


Bondi Bather is also the flagship store in Bondi.


The new series will exhibit a variety of reversible styles and signature prints, including Bondi’s three exclusive prints.

Gigi and Tina Caruso’s new swimsuit series are designed to help live an active consumer

Gigi Caruso and her mother Tina Caruso want to create a swimsuit that does not just look good. Caruso, real estate developer Rick Caruso’s daughter, began a personal setback. Gigi hopes to be able to pass through her activities to keep a well-designed suit.

Tina takes her expertise as a former swimwear model, as well as the designer behind the girl No. 5 angel, Gigi C, is developing for about a year.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the direct selling consumer brand sells through its online store, and also strongly relies on influence to help customers expand their customer base, paying special attention to using Instagram as a way to contact people. Now, Gigi said there was no plan to establish a wholesale business.

To date, the company has worked with models such as Anna Herrin, Scarlett Leithold, and Kyra Santoro, which is active on Instagram, to help athletic and fashionable potential customers showcase this series. “The girl wearing Gigi C is complicated, but can be a little sexy, know how to work. She can also be a little sport,” said Gigi, the black and white series, which includes cutting design, cho accents and shoulder style detail.

The swimwear series is also supported by Raj Manufacturing, a swimsuit in Tustin, Calif., And has recently focused on marketing through social media and mini-gaming. The line called Vyb was developed by a group of millennials.

Gigi C’s swimsuit is made from European fabrics and then made in the Alhambra Palace in California, with a package from $ 200 to $ 225 and a retail price between $ 75 and $ 130, with a maximum price of $ 95 $ 140.