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Month: July 2017

Miami designer for each woman to provide “swimming fashion fantasy”

During the Miami Swimming Week, “Planet Fashion” will be the Miami designer’s work in the “swimming fashion fantasy” in the focus. Two of the OMG Miami swimsuits by Andrea Gaviria and Gabriela Pires Beachwear of Gabriela Pires closed these trends on July 21, Gaviria’s shiny latex and the space-age Barbarella theme with modern Trends are intertwined, and Pires’ floral, stylish appearance leads to emotional complexity. Both Gavia and Pires are from Miami, but the diversity of clothing echoes the city’s international flavor. Look at the runway and see how these designers name themselves and find inspiration. OMG Miami swimsuit Gavia […]

How to help many bloggers into swimwear designers

The steam subway car and the overcrowded beach are on the side and now feel the most like the summer place may actually be on Instagram, where the bronze body, the blue waters, yes, the inflatable swan has turned my feed (and I guess a lot of you) Become an endless pool party, narrowing to 750 pixels wide. This is really more realistic than this fashion influence of the characters, Ibiza Island Beach and Hampton Manor expansion of the backyard is just a brand sponsorship tour. Naturally, this lifestyle requires a wide range of swimsuit series, can resist the scenery, […]

How does seafarers cash on the $ 32 billion market?

Australia’s senior swimsuit brand Seafolly has announced a new partnership with e-commerce delivery company Tryzen as part of its international development program. The new agreement will allow brands to run seamlessly across multiple regions and meet growing local consumer expectations while reducing the overhead required to manage day-to-day operations. The decision is due to Seafolly’s further wholesale swimwear growth, Seafolly is now available in 41 countries. Nathan Alexander, director of Seafolly IT, said that e-commerce is critical to the continued international expansion of the brand and that recent partnerships will contribute to further development. “E-commerce is at the heart of […]

Making a splash: how Claret Showroom spots opportunities

When Drapers meets Claret Showroom founders Claire Spencer-Churchill and Alexandra Lyles, they are at the headquarters of Shepherd’s Bush in West London, where they are very fresh, taking into account their return to London last night, after the second high holiday trade show, 6 Month 25 to 27 in Paris flash. They were more tired than they expected. A few weeks before the incident, the police informed the program that it had to be canceled: city officials wanted to hold an event as part of the Paris Olympics bid for the Olympic Games in 2024 and a special tent on […]

Siloett Gets a Made-for-TV Makeover

Chuck Handy Jr. has been bang since the “profit” reality show in June. “There are thousands of clicks on our site. It’s crazy,” Handy said. “Yesterday I had nearly 400 emails.” The second-generation garment manufacturer worked for his swimwear business during companies such as Jaycee Swimwear, Jordache and AH Schreiber, and began to roll out by Chuck Handy in 2010. Handy concept: to create a series of missed, the size of the swimsuit will be sold in the form of matching cover. But by the end of the year, when Handy and his family and entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis met, CNBC’s […]

Audrina Patridge brings the va va voom in sexy sheer black dress as she debuts her sizzling swimwear line at SwimMiami

She first found the reputation on MTV’s The Hills. But Audrina Patridge Friday was a beach girl, and on Friday she showed off her swimsuit series “Prey Swimming”. The 32-year-old black hair looks very beautiful, wearing a Paisley print dress, because she likes to wholesale swimwear look at her design walk on SwimMiami runway. Bold impression, the TV character to the fashionable dress show her enviable figure. Her gorgeous game is full of display, because the 1970s inspired fabric contains a high gap in her lap. No one will be shy because of blink, Audrina revealed her broad mind, because […]