How to help many bloggers into swimwear designers

The steam subway car and the overcrowded beach are on the side and now feel the most like the summer place may actually be on Instagram, where the bronze body, the blue waters, yes, the inflatable swan has turned my feed (and I guess a lot of you) Become an endless pool party, narrowing to 750 pixels wide. This is really more realistic than this fashion influence of the characters, Ibiza Island Beach and Hampton Manor expansion of the backyard is just a brand sponsorship tour. Naturally, this lifestyle requires a wide range of swimsuit series, can resist the scenery, and more and more people will bring their own things into their own hands.

Two years ago, Peace Love Shea 30-year-old blog Shea Marie launched the swimwear brand SAME during the Miami Swimming Week, unveiled a series of bikini with unique triangular stitching, luxury, Italian-made fabrics and prices Label $ 300 per suit. Unlike most of the most influential lines, SAME is neither a product of a license agreement nor a collaboration, both of which offer relatively low routes for relatively low lines to try their hands at design time. On the contrary, Mary invested in his own money, along with business partners, from scratch to brand, positioning it in the luxury field, although the mass line promised a higher profit.

She said, as a “California beach blonde”, she said that swimming for her first time to enter the brand is a very natural choice, although she also considered other options, even in the Italian fur factory carried a potential handbag Line before deciding on the attachment category. “If someone wants to spend a lot of money, they want a package that people will recognize,” her reason.

On the other hand, swimsuit is still a growing market: now a lot of independent labels are now fashionable pets, less than five years old (solid and stripes, flagpoles, gini) while luxury brands such as Proenza Schouler, Jonathan Simkhai and recently, Rosie Assoulin is increasingly dipping his toes into space. Mary noticed the rise of this interest, especially among her peers. “Through social media, especially Instagram, girls are paying more attention to their holidays and what they wear.” “Swimming is a look in the past, and I really like the holiday boom,” she says. And the upsurge of the whole holiday lifestyle. ”

She has more than one million followers, and she knows what will be on the platform. She explained: “I put the concept of this brand and Instagram want to release the concept of the combination of girls.” I know, because I was her, you know? I’m designing for myself, I want some people to see something like it is, “Wow, it’s fantastic that that stand out, you can directly put a swimsuit photo itself is a white background, people will be integrated into it, Because it is unique. “”

Sure enough, her famous friends of Faa, including Caroline Vreeland, Ashley Moore and Sarah Snyder’s feed, are a fixed device. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin were photographed even before brand budget shipments (most emerging designers would kill or at least give up some grand prizes). She said: “Start a brand is very expensive – a round of production may be $ 250,000, once you put the money into practice, you have nothing to free a lot of free information or hire public relations.” And when her team Now when sending a gift to a small number of influencers, Mary says she does not explicitly ask them to publish the product, but wants them to be able to take pictures of themselves – she learns a lesson from years of age to send her something “all day, every day “And push PR officials to pressure her clients.

According to the 2016 Google study, 64% of smartphone women buy clothing are more likely to buy the products they see, and Martie is not the only one with its platform to stimulate the interest of swimming products Shopper: Blogs Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are A Bikini’s strong doubles behind the day, they launched the Swimwear brand on Monday, with their personal accounts with more than a million followers, of which 650,000 and 271,000 blogs and brands. Although it was originally produced through a partnership with the Los Angeles manufacturer, the pair had full control over the brand after two months of selling the first season and said that the original agreement only allowed them to control the design, and that they were ” A team of two women, and the control of all aspects of our business, even if it is a huge challenge for us, we know that this is what we really need to do Monday swimsuit is part of us.

Now they are released every two years and extended to the beachwear, as well as the introduction of a permanent “signature series” of black and white suits. Oakley and Brugman have also launched an independent event apparel brand “Monday” and continue to work with large and small brands, including Guess, Missguided, Wildfox and Beach Riot. The prerequisite for blogging means that they have a group of captive followers who are in the bathing suit every day, while the two gorgeous 20-year-olds in the bikini world’s attraction make them have a far beyond the platform Base lovers.

“When we started, we were a unique swimsuit brand platform to promote ourselves – no one was doing what we were doing,” Oakley said to Forbes last year. “Bikini day” premise allows us to 365 days a year to the different bikini brand voice. “Today, their own brand (natural) is the loudest, they share the scenes behind the shooting, view this picture and photos, travel from all over the world wearing a variety of suits.

At least according to Mary, repetition is important, especially in building trust. “I think there’s an issue of influential marketing today – and I told the brand that worked with me, they did so many one-time items, and they would hire a girl in a job.” “I got swimsuit Brand release once really nothing to do, unless someone like “my god, i am obsessed with one, i have to have it.” But this is usually not the way it works, people see things over and over again , When they do so, they are like “yes, this person really like this”.

This trust is especially important when you ask your customers to drop hundreds of dollars on bikini, or when your clients may never wear a game, or when society tells her that she should not wear a game.

This was the inspiration for Gabi Gregg’s debut in “Everybody’s Swimwear” in 2013, which was launched after the media frenzy in his blog “GabiFresh” and the super-blog “fat” post by xoJane. Although retailers focus on expanding the size, most of their aftermarket services tend to cover more styles, such as single and casual, and certainly not including Greg’s initial neon lights, collectibles, ranging from 10 to 24 years old. While the brand was actively watched by the media, the cooperation was still a leap in faith, “said Sara Mitzner, vice president of global creative and branding.” It definitely comes in our new customers, where Gabi thinks it’s Customers, we believe is there, but until the sales know.

But sold so much so that the site crashed for a few hours, a style, Gregg in the movement to establish the galaxy print bikini in the day oversold. Yazer Bell as an example of “increasing the contradiction between supply and demand”, in which the former is often insufficient to obey the latter. Mizner admitted that the first batch was “tested”, and since then retailers have increased inventories from less than 1,000 to deeper inventories and added larger cup size (GH) push styles. Gregg received feedback from readers, as well as her in the blog and social media on the ultra-detailed cooperation and size adjustment, cooperation into the sixth quarter. These prospective clients can gain insight into how the suits look at their bodies before buying and take a unique personal style (eg, Gregg, share their size and notes, some of which, such as broadband or a cup of shape, may look and Other body types are different).

Mizner said: “swimming is very specific and difficult.” There are a lot of swimsuit shopping, you know that you are basically on the beach underwear, people have a lot of reservations, so I think like Gabi this People are part of our brand, both resources and resources for us, and have a huge impact on our business and women, because she really specifically talks about these projects, and I think it makes people feel more confident about buying. ”

“Vanessa Flaherty, the influence agency of Gregg and Marie’s influence, said the success has entered the contractual agreement from a one-time collaboration,” said Vanessa Flaherty, partner and senior vice president and senior vice president of Digital Brand Architects. The brand has just renewed its three-year contract with Gregg this spring, Nordstrom’s series (2018, retailers will carry a variety of exclusive models.) As to why they decided to make a wholesale, Faherty explained: “Gabi wants to touch different Consumers, through her blog and her affiliates and her clients, she was very optimistic that she felt that although she had a large customer base through the existing “universal consumer swimsuit” Consumers brought to the “universal swimwear”, she also wanted a well-known department store and consumer-oriented channels, and Nordstrom felt exactly the same way. ”

Mary also chose her wholesalers, carefully selected the swimming boutique, and Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges and KirnaZabête and other luxury retailers, the use of years of blog contacts to ensure that the initial meeting. While the line is also available through online retailers Shopbop and Revolve, Marie says the ultimate goal is to drive SAME’s own website sales, which is almost four times the brand’s profit. Direct consumer e-commerce model from the beginning is Monday’s Swimwear approach, along with Sahara Ray Swim, by the model and bikini Instagram star Sahara Ray created three-year line. For the same situation, Mary said retail partners offered invaluable brand positioning and awareness that both would be particularly important when launching a holiday next season. But in the end, all of these brand customers first live online, many will click on a tagged photo, and follow the biotech link, never going into Saks.

“People have a voyeuristic nature for them,” Flechetti said. “They do not want to see someone in the laundry; they want to see a man on the beach in Anguilla or the yacht, and look very bizarre and flawless in bikini.”

While white sand beaches and professional photographers may not be in their range, a new swimsuit is just a few drops.

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