Siloett Gets a Made-for-TV Makeover

Chuck Handy Jr. has been bang since the “profit” reality show in June.

“There are thousands of clicks on our site. It’s crazy,” Handy said. “Yesterday I had nearly 400 emails.”

The second-generation garment manufacturer worked for his swimwear business during companies such as Jaycee Swimwear, Jordache and AH Schreiber, and began to roll out by Chuck Handy in 2010. Handy concept: to create a series of missed, the size of the swimsuit will be sold in the form of matching cover. But by the end of the year, when Handy and his family and entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis met, CNBC’s “profit” of the founders and stars, as Chuck Handy’s swimming was flooded the debt because its factor was weakened by interest.

Under the guidance of Lemonis, swimsuit company got a new name – Siloett, also a new direction. The new company will continue to create loopholes, plus the size of the swimsuit as well as matching the cover, but will not be sold. That’s just the beginning. In addition to swimsuit and coverings made in the United States, the Siloett brand also includes sportswear and accessories, including bags, hats, shoes, scarves and sunglasses. And there are more product extensions.

“It’s with the merchandise,” Handy said. “You can buy a hat, put a scarf, put the shoes on top, put your swimsuit on your coat, your shape. It’s a big look, it’s with other companies in Asian manufacturing competitive.”

Easily describe the collection as “upper middle”. Swimsuit wholesale price in the “$ 80” range, the collection includes a separate and swimming.

Handy’s daughter, Mary Ellen McAteer, joined Siloett’s president and designer. McAteer studied fashion design at Drexel University, but eventually became a technical designer and a suitable expert for large retail chains.

“I’ve been in the company’s market,” McDertt said. “I worked at Dressbarn. I work at Destination Maternity. I learned everything from the perspective of the business, back to the mother and the popular point of view. ”

Siloett is a real family business. In Chuck Handy’s swimming there are two Chuck, father Chuck Handy Jr. and son Chuck III – called “Charlie” on “Profit”. Mary Lou Handy, a secondary school teacher and former assistant dean of the Cornell School of Medicine, supervises books for swimming. In order to restart, since McAteer redesigned the set, Chuck Handy Jr. used his many contacts in the swimming business to find the domestic factory, while Charlie Handy supervised everything else. In the assignment to his task, for the February Curve New York created a custom exhibition booth. The booth was built by another Lemonis company, Precise Graphix, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Charlie Handy found himself supervised within 20 hours between New York and Pennsylvania. Fortunately, this is the familiar area of ​​Handy.

“I started working with my dad in 2005,” said Charlie Hardy. “I finally learned from the beginning of the business.I know warehousing, transport, all jazz. I really grew up the whole business.

It was Charlie Handy, who first brought his family to “profit”, which was his familiar area. He appeared in MTV’s “Dating Nude” reality show in 2014.

“I’ve been in the camera before, I know my parents’ personality,” Charlie Hardy said. “I said,” You are the camera gold. ”

Since the program has been packaged, Charlie Handy is working on another Lemonis project to oversee the construction of new stores.

“My goal is to keep the company alive and let my family be employed,” he said. “I’m glad everyone is working and I have the opportunity to do my own thing now.”

For McAteer, the transition is not only from the business community, but to control the nature of the entrepreneurial brand. When the show began to shoot, McAteer had left her company to work as a mother at home, her 11-month-old daughter.

“I was maternity leave, I left Dressbarn, I decided not to go back because I liked staying with my daughter at home,” McCart said. “Suddenly, this opportunity is there, I’m not ready to work again, but sometimes it ‘s time to have fun.

McCarty joined the company and took her daughter with her in the company’s office at Ridgewood, N.J. (The company also has offices and exhibition halls in New York and Los Angeles).

“I’m not ready to let go,” McCart said. “We started shooting in December, and now it’s June, I just said,” Maybe I need to hire a nanny. “I’m not a big outsider. I like to put my hand on the product, so when I come to my daughter I was the same.”

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