Making a splash: how Claret Showroom spots opportunities

When Drapers meets Claret Showroom founders Claire Spencer-Churchill and Alexandra Lyles, they are at the headquarters of Shepherd’s Bush in West London, where they are very fresh, taking into account their return to London last night, after the second high holiday trade show, 6 Month 25 to 27 in Paris flash.

They were more tired than they expected. A few weeks before the incident, the police informed the program that it had to be canceled: city officials wanted to hold an event as part of the Paris Olympics bid for the Olympic Games in 2024 and a special tent on the banks of the Seine.

The two sides have to quickly renegotiate, but Splash continues, and the team of “leading department stores” from Barneys and Neiman Marcus from Europe, the Middle East and the United States are browsing the 90 brands of the show, including the return label Heidi Klein and Lazul, and add jets and milly.

Lyles said: “We heard [French First Lady] Brigitte Macron to see Splash.

Splash is caught by seizing the opportunity to be born. Last spring, both in the Claret wholesale hall in Paris received a letter from the brand requirements of the phone, underwear and swimsuit trade show mode city was forced to move for the UEFA Europa 2016 soccer final. Soon after, Claret Showroom launched Splash.

Spencer-Churchill said: “buyers must be in Paris so many job-hopping activities, they can reach a place to see 40 brands is needed.” “We see a chance, we think we better jump up, also There will be someone else ‘s.

Opportunity call 

As an entrepreneur with no fashion background, friends formed Claret as another product of the market gap.

They were in the sixth show of Uppingham College near Bryant in Bryant, before the university, Spencer – Churchill to Newcastle to study the product design, Leiris to Bristol to study Italian.

For Spencer-Churchill, Porsche’s furniture department is stylish. In 2003 the women’s wholesale team appeared a vacancy, she “jumped up”.

At the same time, Lyles is working at Goodley – now known as Goodley Bullen, where she found that Australian designer Alice McCall and other clients are looking for UK wholesale inventory.

Spencer Churchill joined Waters in 2004 and opened in the fall of January 2006 and opened his own exhibition hall.

After 18 months, they work from the childhood bedroom of Spencer-Churchill in western London, while Lyles ‘parents’ address is “warehouse”. In addition to Alice McCall, they also sold Autralian’s brands Shakuhachi and Ginger & Smart.

At the beginning, their fearless duo was still threatened.

Spencer-Churchill said: “When you are 26 years old, no family, mortgage or any responsibility, you can only earn 500 pounds a month is not so terrible.” This is why we can Within a few years to build it, and in the early days of the real reason. But now we have a family – Alex is about to have her third child – so we have no way to bear this risk now. ”

Transfer to the distributor model

Sales agents as a growing portfolio of Australian brands, including Zimmermann and Mara Hoffman, have quickly shown that the business model has to change.

Spencer-Churchill said: “We determined the key to success is customer service back to the retailer and customer service processing 12 hours of time difference is very difficult because you have been waiting for the answer.

“In the two years that Claret began, we gradually shifted our model from the agent to the dealer, which means we had to expand everything. With an agent, you could collect and write the order and send it back to the brand And do other things, and we are doing everything, even in the scope of planning. “


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