Candice Swanepoel is wearing a bikini new Tropic Of C swimwear collection… in the five months after giving birth to a child

Candice Swanepoel was in good health after giving birth to her second child, Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli, five months ago.

The 30-year-old blonde blockbuster shows her victory in the new series – a 2019 resort – for her brand Tropic Of C.

This was when she lit the runway at Victoria’s secret fashion show last week.
Her hair is smooth and looks darker than usual. She has added a large round gold Jenny From The Block hoop earring.

When she saw the sand dunes behind her, Swanepur was tanned.

The cost of litigation is $80.
The star also appeared in a metallic suit with a cross on his neck and a strap on his stomach that looked like a Bond girl would wear when she met 007.

Her hair fell and she put on a beige boulders.

The entire shot seems to be done in the desert.
A few days ago, Candice proved her outstanding performance in the VS show with Kendall Jenner and Bella and Gigi Hadid.

When she smiles and poses, she is full of confidence.

When she stepped out of her enviable hourglass physique and was noticed on her runway show, all the jaws fell.
At first glance, Candice wore a red lace leotard and a black belt caught the attention of her small waist.

The ensemble wore a short white T-shirt with the words “Victoria’s Secret Angel”.

She showed long bronze legs and walked up and down the runway with a pair of lace-up heels, paired with a necklace and matching bracelet.
The appearance of Candice completes a red neck bow and of course a pair of intricate feather wings.

Her blonde lock was designed to be the iconic Victoria Secret Beach Wave of the annual TV show.

The charm of South African beauty blends with the makeup of Charlotte Tilbury, revealing a gorgeous and shiny bronze glow with stunning blue eyes.
In the final performance, Candice also saw two pieces of black, including tight straps and mid-tones.

She wore a sparkling black suit with a galaxy-style high-heeled boot.

The second time she looks like the wings are black, and if touched, it looks sharp.

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