Lena Dunham and Demi Moore’s favorite swimwear brand just landed in Australia

Have you heard of Andie Swim?
For Andie Swim’s founder, Melanie Travis, seeing celebrities wearing her suit is just another day of work. What excites her is to make women feel incredible about their bodies.

“Wearing a swimsuit is the most open nude of a woman, so it inspires a lot of passion and respect. More ways than I thought,” Travis told Vogue before the official release in Australia – this is outside the US and Canada. The first country to be with Andy’s existence.
“I launched a very select series in April 2017. There are actually only three black series. That’s it. They fly! They sell like wildfires, we can’t keep them in stock,” she shared the brand From crowdfunding startups to investment capital support companies, the company’s goal is to create beautifully crafted, timeless swimming suits for ladies that ultimately makes women feel their absolute best. Now, Lena Dunham, Molly Sims and Demi Moore (who have heard of this company and invested in the company after the philosophy of women), Travis’s “by women” The mantra of making, making for women certainly resonates.
From one-shoulder bikinis to supportive bra styles, Andie’s design aesthetics provide minimalism for each size. The original capsules have grown into impressive styles, colors and fabrics, including a particularly flattering rib change, and there is no doubt that once the summer begins, it will become a hot spot.

Due to the embarrassment of the locker room in the store, Andy’s serious difference lies in its return policy. To encourage customers to purchase the many sizes they want to try, the brand offers unlimited free shipping and returns. This is a policy that requires Travis’s spending, but it has paid off; and allows women to store in size, color and style for a try-on in a comfortable home – not in dimly lit dressing In the room, the clerk of the shop is often crowded.

“I think, for women, when you are wearing a swimsuit, you feel great and look great, people will stop you. I always hear from customers that people like ‘where swimwear comes from?’” Travis revealed – It was just a piece of information collected by the founder from her customers, thanks to a detailed empirical survey and the personal email she sent to everyone who bought the swimsuit.
Now, with Andy’s launch in Australia this week, Travis will have to meet a whole new range of women: Australian Andis. “You have such a rich swimming culture here, so I think you need to be a legitimate swimming brand, you need to be in Australia,” Travis said, choosing us as her first overseas expansion. Although Andie’s main location is in New York, Travis still believes that Australian women are looking for the products she offers.

“The product is very important, we have been committed to making the best swimwear products, but this experience is also an important part of the brand. Two-way free shipping, free returns, free replacement, we really want to make swimwear better, around This is the true meaning of Andie.”

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