Alexandra Ambrosio shows off her green bikini killer body on Instagram | Uncategorized

Month: December 2018

Alexandra Ambrosio shows off her green bikini killer body on Instagram | Uncategorized

Alexandra Ambrosio shows off her green bikini killer body on Instagram

Nearly two decades later, Alexandra Ambrosio may have hung her wings, but that doesn’t mean she will slow down very quickly. The 37-year-old model and actress came to her Instagram on Monday, indicating that she can rock a vintage high waisted bikini better than ever before, posting her photo in a two-piece emerald green, highlighting her gorgeous figure. .
In an instant, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel wears a straight-cut bikini, paired with almost no bottom, highlighting the mother of two slim, fit bodies. The bikini has an interesting texture that makes it look sparkling and fun. Dad’s family actress leaned against the leather chair because she was holding a glass of juice that seemed to be ice cubes. The Brazilian beauty paired her bikini with a gorgeous floral print beach cover that hangs from her shoulder. To complete her look, Ambrosio is swinging the stylish tones and pulling her hair into a messy, random bun tied with red accessories.
Based on the geo-tagging of the post, the Royal Casino actress is posing for her Stewart Shining at her Santa Monica home, a New York photographer known for her collaboration with actors, musicians and models.
The model seems to be shot during prime time because natural light shines on her from the left, highlighting the skin she kisses in the sun.
“Casa dolce casa,” she used the title of this photo, which means “sweet home” in Italian.
This photo shared with her 9.6 million fans received more than 72,400 likes and more than 360 comments in just a few hours. Fans wrote in countless languages, including English, German, Filipino, Italian and Her native language is Portuguese.
“Unbelievable baby,” one of her English-speaking fans wrote, and the other added, “You look amazing.”
Ambrosio announced that she will retire after 17 years after Victoria’s Secret 2017 Shanghai Fashion Show. Ambrosio first walked the VS runway in 2000, when she was only 20 years old.
But she did not show signs of slowing down. According to the “Daily Mail” report, just last week, Ambrosio reshaped underwear because she celebrated her new collection and collaborated with Las Canna. Her fall collection includes a range of lace bras and undergarments as well as one-piece, thong and crochet bikinis.
In addition to her series, the model also uses her extra free time with her family, especially her daughter Anja, 10 years old and son Noah, 6 years old.

Alexandra Ambrosio shows off her green bikini killer body on Instagram | Uncategorized

Instagram Queen Laci Kay Somers Flaunts Stunning Bikini Body in the Latest Snap, Preps for Birthday Celebrations

The former Playboy model Laci Kay Somers has perfected the perfect pouty look and sexy look that makes her Instagram fans crazy. Somers often show off their clumsy assets on social media pages, and has joked that she is also researching a lot of new music, just released another amazing shot that has caught a lot of attention.

As Inquisitr has detailed before, Laci Kay Somers has a romantic relationship with professional golfer Tiger Woods for a period of time. She denied knowing that Woods had ever had any form of quarrel with him, but it was easy to understand why some people would think she would be his type based on her typical Instagram post.
Somers know how to rock bikini, she did it again in a new post on Wednesday afternoon. Although Laci often shares her photos from the side or back, she can show off her curved loot, this latest snap is exactly her front. Even without her derriere lens, it is a squeaky portrait showing a lot of curves.
In this photo, Somers wore a mini camouflage swimming suits for ladies. One of her hands rested under the strap at the bottom, a high-cut style that showed her curved hips and slender waist. As for the bikini top, it will definitely be tested because it is full of Laci’s rich assets.
In this photo, you can see Laci’s navel ring. Her makeup is quite simple, her lips are pink, and her eyes look subtle. Somers’ signature blonde lock pulled back from her face, and loose waves came down from her shoulders.

In this latest post, it seems that Somers is advertised her public Snapchat page and speeds everyone up for her upcoming birthday. Laci pointed out that her birthday was only two days and she will travel to Miami, Florida to celebrate with her staff.

Somers’s playful Instagram posts have caught 10 million followers on social media sites, and it looks like they are crazy about the camouflage bikini. In less than 30 minutes, more than 60,000 fans liked this post. Laci grabbed nearly 2,000 comments during the same time period, and this latest look does have an impact on those who like the former Playboy model.

Laci Kay Somers is currently working on some projects, and her fans are not satisfied. She teased the 2019 calendar through her Instagram story and will ship soon, and her fans know she is also recording in the studio. No matter what the busty Instagram Queen shares, her fans are wild, they are always anxiously waiting to see the next step.

Alexandra Ambrosio shows off her green bikini killer body on Instagram | Uncategorized

This swimwear collection is designed for people with flaws.

Swimwear designer Maria Luisa Mendiola debuted a new brand this week to cater to defective women. Maria’s label MIGA Swimwear appears to be the first product to be made for a woman who has a cleft lip, cleft palate, burn scar, sputum, Bell’s palsy and other forms of disfigurement of the face and body.
According to Glamour, Maria first came up with the idea of ​​MIGA swimming suits for ladies and also pursued a master’s degree at the prestigious British Fashion University Central Saint Martins College. The designer himself claims that he has been trying to accept his own disfigurement throughout his life. This is a foot disease called brachymetatarsia, in which one toe looks shorter than the other toes. Feeling like disfigured women’s voices and desires are not resolved, she works with organizations that advocate women’s disfigurements and discovers how her swimwear collection best solves their problems, according to Mic, which may include feeling frustrated and Lack of desire to go out in public or appear in photos.
The first series from MIGA Swimwear was shared on Maria’s Kickstarter page, and she is accepting reservations and raising funds for the brand’s upcoming products. According to Kickstarter, the first series is dedicated to burn survivors, and each sale of the swimsuit will be accompanied by a newspaper about the story of the burn survivor. The six style series was developed in collaboration with three burn survivors to meet their specific needs. Each survivor has helped design two styles, one that specifically meets their needs, covering their body’s burns, and a more transparent one-piece or bikini style that anyone with a disfigured or undisfigured can Choose to wear.
The range of styles is extremely diverse. This colorful pink and orange colorblock two-piece swimsuit features a detachable skirt that covers possible leg defects, and an orange and brown single piece with asymmetric sleeves to hide possible arm defects. The collection also features sustainable Italian fabrics and is supplied with UV, SPF50, protection. Isabel Heine, one of Mendiola’s collaborators, told Glamlam that she was mainly attracted to the project and inspired her to create her suit because the project focused on women: “Women, society and ourselves have a lot of value in body appearance. One night The relationship has changed completely, which has shocked your sense of identity.”
Isabel is one of the millions of burn survivors living in disfigurement. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one million burns a year require medical attention, and 20,000 of them burn at least 25% of their body. The number of people living with other types of disfigurement, including more than a dozen physical conditions, is even greater. MIGA Swimwear is committed to providing swimwear for women living under these conditions as part of an effort to help them feel comfortable and accepted in society without feeling negative about their defects.

Alexandra Ambrosio shows off her green bikini killer body on Instagram | Uncategorized

Alexandra Ambrosio sweetly kisses her six-year-old son, Noah, because she is wearing a bikini and sunbathing during her family vacation.

In the sunny days of Mexico, she has been having a good time with her children.

On Saturday, Alexandra Ambrosio and her six-year-old son, Noah, enjoyed the conversion.

The 37-year-old model shared a picture of her boy, who gave her a kiss on the knee on the stairs.
“Tropical,” Alexandra filmed the title for the location, marking the location as Punta De Mita in Nayarit, Mexico.

As the second part of the same slide show, the model gave her little boy a kiss because she clung to him.
Alexandra seems to be ready to hit the beach in a thin floral print vintage high waisted bikini, making her body look fit.

The model has been sharing her sunny photos with Mexico with her family.
On Friday, she released some short films that I wore on my little red bikini on the beach.

In the first photo, you can see Brazilian batters standing on the idyllic beach with their hands in the air.

The crimson triangle bikini top and very thin bottom ensure that her bodybuilder is fully displayed.

Some retro-style tones and some bracelets are her only accessories.

Her dark hair was left in the breeze, and some rose lipstick seemed to be the only cosmetic that decorated her youthful appearance.
The next photo shows her 5’9″ high beauty in the shape of the back.

‘Vamos ala playa oooh,’ read her title, then she followed the tag #TGIF.

She also shared a few random images in her Instagram story.

One person showed the legs of two children because she obviously liked the snacks of French fries and guacamole.
Her cheeky headline says ‘guac any? ‘

The last photo was an interesting thing, showing her children Noah and Anya, ten years old, as they held their mother while they were playing in the waves.

Several holiday titles like ‘hola’, ‘Viva Mexico! The theme of the Mexican flag was completed by the composition of the heart.