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Month: November 2018

Kimberley Garner sip a cocktail in the sea during a winter vacation in Miami and show her incredible body on a keyhole bikini

She became famous at Made In Chelsea and has since become a swimming suits for ladies designer. Kimberly Ghana proved that she was her best advertisement because she barely had two sets of her incredible bikini body when she was sunning on Miami Beach in Florida on Thursday. The 28-year-old reality star wears a 120-pound black monochrome bikini that features a playful keyhole to show off her very lively assets. To ensure that all eyes are on her, the socialite shows her long legs, a high-waisted rope bottom and an 18-carat gold-plated pendant. Kim Bo used a pair of black […]

Emily Ratajkowski shakes a little bikini in Australia

Emily Ratajkowski wears a pair of vintage high waisted bikini wearing Under Down! The 27-year-old model showed her incredible figure when she visited Sydney, Australia, and won the GQ Australia Men of the Year Award. While enjoying the sun, the Inamorata swimmer took some pictures of her own swimsuit. She puts a frank posture on a set of stairs, letting fans wear a white thong bikini and a white vest to take a look at her spoils. She also wore the same white suit to rest by the pool, showing each curve and her very clear abdominal muscles – although […]

At last, a swimwear line specifically designed for women with disfigurement

María Luisa Mendiola – Although she loves fashion, from finance to fashion, she graduated from the prestigious design school Central Saint Martins, but fashion does not seem to like her or other people who are disfigured in some way. Mendiola has brachymetatarsia (or stunted tibia), in her case she has shortened the fourth toe on her foot. A few years ago, when a friend asked Mendiola what was wrong with her toes, she decided to solve the problem of fashion inclusiveness. “I was very uncomfortable and quickly changed the theme,” Mendiola said in an interview. “I remember thinking: How was […]

Anemone is a new swimwear collection inspired by one of the minimalist dresses of Kate Moss in the 90s

When Lauren Arapage and Joshua Shaub began to brainstorm their new swimwear brand Anemone, they all fell on the exact same image. Comparing their personal mood boards, they found that they were pinning Kate Moss’ photos with Calvin Klein in a minimalist soft yellow dress around 1995. Shaub said: “Since then, we have been seeing more photos of Kate Moss since the 1990s.” “Simple dresses at the time really seem to reflect what we want to do with our swimming lines and almost seamless style. So.. Just last week, they launched their line of fashion hand-embroidered bikinis and one-piece suits […]

Victoria’s re-launch the secret of swimwear

The struggling lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret will be brought back to its swimwear collection and will be discontinued in 2016. Stuart Burgdoerfer, CEO of the brand’s parent company L Brands, said in a earnings conference call that the swimsuit will be relaunched in the spring of 2019. But swimwear is not the only product category that Victoria Secrets will return to. “We will enter other exit categories,” adds Burgdoerfer. “We have started marketing and selling boots, for example, glasses and other licensed companies.” The news was released a few days after the brand’s new CEO, John Mehas, who joined Victoria’s […]

Victoria’s secret brought back the size of the brand in 2019 – a surge in inclusive debate

Victoria’s Secret announced that it will stop its swimwear collection and its famous swimwear catalogue in 2016. In order to focus on a more profitable product line, the brand decided to completely change the route and bring back bikinis and singles in the spring of 2019. Pieces. The news was announced this morning with Victoria’s secret earnings report by Stuart Burgdoerfer, chief financial officer of PEOPLE, the secret company of Victoria (Victoria’s secret parent company). Burgdoerfer also announced that Victoria’s secret will also release glasses and footwear next year. The move is when Victoria’s secret is trying to find a […]

Candice Swanepoel squeaks for her Tropic of C swimsuit model [photo]

What is the old saying? If you need work, do it yourself. Candice Swanepoel seems to be a loyal follower of this philosophy, as she imitates her own Tropic of C swimwear collection to make these hot snaps. During the weekend’s shooting, the Mooiriver girl showed off on her curves and new equipment. Before the image was released, Swanepoel even made fun of some photos through her Instagram account. The pulsating picture was taken in a remote area of Utah. Located in Canyon Point, Amangiri is home to the US landmark of the same name. The desert looks very stuffy, […]

Johnny Ruffo’s girlfriend squeaks in sexy swimsuit shorts

Johnny Ruffo’s girlfriend squeaks in sexy swimsuit shorts Johnny Ruffo and his girlfriend Tahnee Sims are currently on vacation at the Great Barrier Reef to celebrate the 25th birthday of the blonde. This couple who have been dating for several years has been sharing their adventures on social media – Tahnee posted a series of hot bikini snaps in a pink single piece. Ruffo also shared a sweet message to his partner on his birthday with a social media platform. He wrote: “Happy birthday, I know the most amazing, beautiful, kind girl, you make me want to be a better […]

Victoria’s secret model Candice Swanepoel shoots a white bikini for a swimsuit

Candice Swanepoel is showing off some serious skin, she and her fans share from the latest collection of her own swimming suits for ladies collection. Victoria’s secret model allowed fans to see another piece of her collection on the November 15th Instagram account, indicating that she swayed two white pieces while sunning outdoors. The latest bikini photos shared by Swanepoel on social media show that she is wearing high-waist pants, almost reaching the height of the waist, and a top with a string. Candice then decorated the appearance of her light bikini with two wooden bracelets on one hand, while […]

Upside’s Jodhi Meares adds a Mediterranean-inspired swimwear collection

Ten years after she sold Tigerlily to Billabong, the designer returned to the beachwear, this time leading the charm of the 70s. For nearly 20 years since the establishment of the swimwear brand Tigerlily, Australian designer Jodhi Meares has launched The Upside Beach, a vacation extension of her upside sportswear series The Upside – marking her return to swimwear. After selling Tigerlily to Billabong in 2007, Meares received much-needed relief from the rag trade, distributing her time between Sydney, New York and Hawaii. Loyal yogis soon noticed that the huge GM (including Lululemon) monopolized the sportswear market at home and […]