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Month: October 2018

Swimsuit advice for ladies swimming in deep water

Swimming England’s choice of swimming suits for ladies was criticized for being overly concerned with the shape of the female body. The National Swimming Management Agency of England recommends on its website suitable for female swimmers to wear short or long torso, plus size brackets, “pear-shaped”, large or small bust, “relaxed stomach” or “childish body”. The page was later deleted. “Make sure you have a swimwear that fits your body shape. It’s important to be honest with yourself or the people you buy. It can create a world that is different,” the guidance notes. Simone Webb, a Ph.D. student in […]

Behind the scenes of the swimsuit of the cult curve model

CURVE model Bree Warren and luxury women’s swimwear brand Une Piece is a game in Queensland Paradise. Carly Brown, the founder of Brisbane’s success story, is known for creating the original gender Rashie – this solar-powered one-piece swimming suits for ladies has become a worldwide feel and is known as the active advocate of these stars and the Sunshine Coast. Consistent. Facing the brand’s summer activities in 2019. Brown said: “I am now a big fan of Bree.” “We actually wanted to shoot her for the 2018 campaign, but she lived in New York and the timing was not good, […]

The evolution of swimwear

The evolution of swimming suits for ladies – from the 19th century to the present day. In the 1800s, modesty was the greatest wealth of women. The swimsuit is designed to cover the body from head to toe. Fast forward for hundreds of years, things are a bit different. Today, swimwear is another way to express yourself, and the diversity of the body is praised. So how do we achieve this? Here is the evolution of swimwear: Values ​​have changed since the 1800s, but body coverage swimsuits are still mandatory. Women wear dresses made of heavy fabrics, such as wool […]

Considering the real application of spring swimwear in the spring of 2019

Looking through the hundreds of 2019 spring collections on Vogue Runway, we calculated at least 53 bikinis, maillots and rash guards mixed with this season’s loose blazer and crochet dress. At Chanel, Cris Herrmann’s two-tone one-shoulder ladies swimming costume and loose jeans feel strange like a revelation; the exterior even became one of the top ten looks of Vogue Fashion Director Virginia Smith in Paris. Why is it so deeply resonating? This chic black and white swimsuit and low denim make it so luxurious and practical, just like you can wear it anywhere – not just on the beach. Advanced […]

The fashion queen has just launched the most fashionable sunscreen swimsuit

Imagine the summer holiday art directed by Missoni Scion, a picture that comes to mind: generations of incredible Italians, Mediterranean toes, cool breeches and crochet bikinis. The colorful beaches in this scene are close at hand and offer plenty of sun protection. Mott50 is a well-known brand of minimalist swimming suits for ladies and covers made of UV-shielded fabrics. It has developed a new capsule in collaboration with Margherita Maccapani Missoni, which is launched today. Judging from the color-closed single piece and watermark pattern, the instruction is about life, indoors and outdoor life. For the 35-year-old creative director (newly appointed […]

Sun protection: New swimwear line has you covered

When she was diagnosed with two melanomas at the age of 32, Brisbane’s mother, Alyshia Morris, was shocked to the heart. She turned her negative experiences into a positive attitude and came up with a way to not only keep her own sunshine, but also encourage others to do the same. Brisbane’s mother, Alyshia Morris, is urging others to be smarter this summer after being diagnosed with two stage 1 melanomas. “When I was diagnosed with two melanomas at the age of 32, I shook my absolute core,” she said. “Fortunately, they were successfully deleted. I am very fortunate that […]

Liz Hurley creates a stunning curve with a tight-fitting twill swimsuit

In recent months, the burly brunette stun seems to have traded some serious bikinis for some of her glamorous costumes. Since launching her own self-proclaimed ladies swimming costume collection, Liz Hurley has proven to be her best ad when presenting her compact design. On Monday, the 53-year-old model is open as usual because she squeezes those incredible curves into another incredible number. On her official Instagram account, Austin Bowers’s actress looked at every inch of the goddess because she used a tight blue piece to pose a storm. This delicious mummy has fully demonstrated her sensational body, most notably the […]

HOLYDAY swimsuit takes you to the beach

The newcomer HOLYDAY showed the smallest and chic swimming suits for ladies. Founded by longtime friends Yasmine Hottary and Eugenie Radopoulos (who went to high school in Greece), the idea of ​​creating their own swimwear brand last year was just sitting on a beautiful Greek beach. Since then, they have created a route that exudes a happy summer vacation, taking you away from the stressful urban life, but sending you directly to the white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Each design is highly valued and has a modern and timeless appeal. Whether it’s a bikini or a single piece, […]

Miami Swimwear Company sues Sears, Lampert fraud

This week, a Miami swimwear company sued Sears Holdings, Sears CEO Eddie Lambert and Lambert ESL Investments in a fraud hedge fund in Cook County, Ill. InGear Fashions sued for $840,000 and filed a lawsuit in its Cook County Circuit Court that Sears, Lambert and ESL were engaged in fraudulent activities because they did not pay ladies swimming costume fees to the company. The company has been to Sears for the past six years. Provide clothing. On Monday, Sears Holdings (Nasdaq: SHLD) with Sears and Kmart applied for Chapter 11 protection in the US Bankruptcy Court in New York. In […]

Bachelorette’s beach ambulance moment! Ali Oetjen wears a very high swimsuit on the water-skiing date

Bachelorette’s beach ambulance moment! Ali Oetjen wears a very high swimsuit on the water-skiing date, posing a risk to the wardrobe failure In the single girl on Thursday, Ali Oetjen risked the wardrobe failure. The 32-year-old is wearing a sexy swimming suits for ladies and catching up with the chase, Bill Goldsmith, at an action date in Sydney Harbour. But her high-profile singles seem to be an adventurous choice when riding the waves. During a date with Bill in Melbourne, Ali wore a bright red rashie swimsuit designed by Australian designer Une Piece. This number must look very red, with […]