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Month: September 2018

Alton Towers Smiler amputee Leah Washington bravely sunbathe in a swimsuit

The victims of the Alpine Towers’ Smiler roller coaster crash were portrayed as wearing a navy ladies swimming costume while bathing in the sun. In June 2015, Leah lost a leg in a terrible accident in the Staffordshire theme park. But the 20-year-old girl has now shared provocative bikini photos on her vacation on Instagram. Lea said last year that she used to be afraid to wear a bikini to take off her clothes during the holidays. According to the Mirror, she uploaded her photo in the Navy Blue Bikini and posted this post at the Riu Touareg Resort. The […]

It’s time to promise to dock open-air swimwear.

Everything is in the final sale. We are at a point where there is no return. From the iconic whale tail Degrassi episode to Cisco’s classic national anthem, thongs have always occupied a supreme position in fashion and pop culture. So what is the best way to end the summer than to pass a complete thong? On this long weekend, ELLE celebrates the best, worst and most memorable thongs on the red carpet, beach and beyond. How do we remember the summer of 2018? The straw was cancelled. Donald Trump separates the children from their parents, and his inner circle […]

Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn

Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn Finding the perfect swimsuit sometimes feels like an impossible feat. Some people are too embarrassed, some people are too boring – there are some people, um, they just don’t fit. A new Vancouver swimwear brand, OCIN, hopes to eliminate the pressure to buy swimwear by offering chic, minimalist styles for men and women, which also provides an environmentally friendly element. We interviewed brand founder Courtney Chew, talking about swimming suits for ladies, respecting the ocean, and the uniqueness of her brand in other swimwear options. […]

The online-only swimwear retailer recently raised $2.3 million, and since its inception in April 201, sales have increased by 500% year-on-year.

Online-only women’s swimwear retailer Andie Swim wants to buy the right swimsuits more easily – even a pleasant process. “The swimming suits for ladies shopping experience is broken,” said Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie Swim. She said she set out to solve the problem and save shoppers a store trip, which is often a frustrating experience when looking for a price and age-appropriate swimsuit. Swimwear retailers sell products directly to consumers on It offers 26 swimwear styles and 135 SKUS, which will increase to 225 SKU when the new vacation collection is launched in November this year. […]

The woman proudly shows off her loose skin in her swimsuit, even if she was attacked… twice

Last year, blogger Jacqueline Adan shared with her fans that she was pointed out and laughed at her while wearing a bathing suit cover ups while on vacation in Mexico. With a loss of about 350 pounds in four and a half years, Jacqueline’s skin is slack, and she often opens up her own journey of self-love. The event last year was a “great moment” for her because she decided not to let other people’s opinions affect her. So, this year, she is sharing what happened when she put on her swimsuit again. “This happened when I was on vacation […]

The biggest mistake women make when buying swimwear – and the best cut for each size

With warm days and the ocean calling our name, women across Australia are preparing for the summer and everything that comes with it – a new swimsuit. But as the country waits excitedly for some of the much-needed seasonal sun, many people are less interested in the prospect of finding a fit and flattering bikini. Genelle Walkom, creative director of Sydney-based swimwear giant Seafolly, said there is a simple reason why women continue to struggle with cheap high waisted swimsuits shopping. In an interview with Whimn, Ms. Walkom revealed that the difficulties are due to the fact that women do not […]

How the beaches on the South Coast inspired the new Wollongong swimwear fashion brand

When Natalie Croke and Amanda Belkin met at Illawarra Sports High School in the 7th year, they began a friendship and saw them spend many weekends and holidays at Hyam Beach. As teenagers, they really like the seaside adventures of the South Coast, so they left a lot of memories after they left school and entered the labor market. Recently, it inspired two 24-year-olds to become swimming suits for ladies fashion designers and launched their first collection in two weeks. After leaving school, Ms. Crocker went to the FBI Fashion Institute in Sydney and completed her business diploma there. She […]

The “Floss” bikini is the trend of the new trend of new swimwear – will you rock this summer?

Although it seems that Brazilian swimwear was only popular yesterday, the new trend is quickly being replaced. Because of its similarity to floss, this trend is called “floss bikini.” It is expected that this trend will soon appear on Australian beaches during the warmer months as it is currently circulating on Instagram. Overseas, bikinis were found in Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Perry Edwards. Influential people and celebrities on the Australian coast such as Gabrielle Epstein, Karina Irby and DJ Tigerlily also shared snapshots on vintage high waisted bikini The Floss bikini is made of tiny materials that are held […]

Miss New America is very happy that she does not have to wear a swimsuit to win.

Atlantic City, New Jersey (AP) – The first woman to win Miss America’s championship without wearing a swimsuit said she was happy that she was not necessary. Nia Imani Franklin won the Atlantic City Sunday night title in Miss New York’s game. He said that the change of the 98-year-old player is a popular modernization. Franklin quickly met the reporter after winning the championship. She said she was very happy that she didn’t have a swimwear competition because it made her eat a little. “I think these changes will be huge for our organization,” she said. “I have seen many […]

The bikini coffee shop lowered it a little before the opening on Friday.

For those who want to buy “Pantydropper” when they open the Pink Pantherz bikini coffee shop on Friday (September 14th), they will have to order “Aloha”. The owner of Pink Pantherz Jose Carmona said yesterday (September 12) that he has reduced some of the more suggestive drink names and may be changing the barista uniforms at the 2797 El Camino Real store in North Fair Oaks. “We are changing something, but we will still be a womens high waisted bikini barista coffee shop,” Carmona said. “But we are making some changes, so we are not going to be seen as […]