Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn

Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn
Finding the perfect swimsuit sometimes feels like an impossible feat. Some people are too embarrassed, some people are too boring – there are some people, um, they just don’t fit.

A new Vancouver swimwear brand, OCIN, hopes to eliminate the pressure to buy swimwear by offering chic, minimalist styles for men and women, which also provides an environmentally friendly element.

We interviewed brand founder Courtney Chew, talking about swimming suits for ladies, respecting the ocean, and the uniqueness of her brand in other swimwear options.
Q: What are OCINs for those who are not familiar?

A. OCIN is a lifestyle brand and a swimming series for men and women. But at our core, our existence is for our common future, linking humanity to our most open, free, and conscious self. We believe that if people live in global openness, there will be more sympathy, awareness and universal respect, which will enable us to work together to make some amazing benefits for our community, the planet and the ocean.
Q: What are OCINs for those who are not familiar?
Q: Is there a story behind this name?

A: This name actually has personal contact with me – this is the name of my sister and me, going backwards. NICO. She has received such tremendous support from the beginning, and after brainstorming so many different ideas, combinations and potential names for a month in a row, when I finally wrote this, it just clicked and felt perfect.

But this name also represents our purpose as a brand. OCIN is pronounced “ocean” and we have a strong connection with it. For us, the ocean is the symbol of freedom and infinity we mentioned above, and it needs our protection. Therefore, we want to create a brand that helps to raise the awareness of this magnificent body and provide us with the needs of life and survival. If we care about things that affect us all together, then the ability to care and act can extend to other aspects of our lives.

Q: What makes it different from other brands?

A: One of the things I have achieved in the industry for 12 years is that when brands truly commit to and understand their goals while maintaining flexible learning and innovation, they see success. So what I hope to help us stand out is what makes people realize that it’s not just another clothing brand that we really work hard.

We have made some commitments to make our community “work with us” easily, including ensuring that our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable. Our products are all made from recycled polyester and nylon yarns. We choose an organization to donate some of the proceeds each year – this year is our friend at the Surfrider Foundation.

Another thing that sets us apart is our size naming. On a global scale, there is no consistency in the size standards. For men and women, swimwear has become a hard-to-buy product, and I want to put this size association aside. We want to pay more attention to how you feel about wearing yourself, rather than determining the experience based on the size of the label. An OCIN, we offer five sizes, from Teslin to Alta – each named and inspired by the beautiful waters of B.C.

If we interact with our brand, we can inspire the transformation of our community with the way brands, products, experiences, each other, and the way we interact with the planet, which is very cool.

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