The woman proudly shows off her loose skin in her swimsuit, even if she was attacked… twice

Last year, blogger Jacqueline Adan shared with her fans that she was pointed out and laughed at her while wearing a bathing suit cover ups while on vacation in Mexico. With a loss of about 350 pounds in four and a half years, Jacqueline’s skin is slack, and she often opens up her own journey of self-love. The event last year was a “great moment” for her because she decided not to let other people’s opinions affect her. So, this year, she is sharing what happened when she put on her swimsuit again.
“This happened when I was on vacation this year,” she wrote. “Yes, I am walking on the beach, I am pointed and laughed and made fun of it.”
However, this time Jacquline feels a lot different from the previous year.
“When I was laughed at and pointed to something coming to me,” she shared. “I don’t mean, I don’t think I have to defend myself. I don’t freeze or want to cry. I actually feel free! This time… I just don’t care!”
She is too busy to live the best life, worried about the evaluation of her enemies.
She wrote on Instagram: “In order to why I don’t care about this year, I tried to go back and solve every change.” “Then it finally hit me. I don’t rely on others’ approval, I don’t care what others have for my body.” The idea may not have been thought of. I am very focused on living the best life, I have been working hard to love me, it is my way… loose skin and all – I don’t have time to worry about other people’s thoughts or arguments.”

She continued to explain that although she sometimes struggled because she felt unsafe, she was still in a place in her life, and although others might think or say it, she still felt true confidence and happy.
“That’s what I finally accept what my body looks like. That’s me. And I didn’t find any excuses, why do I look like me… it’s just me. Loose skin, cellulite , stretch marks and all.”

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