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If you look at Instagram in the last few months, you may have seen the creation of Angelys Balek. When a social media darling flies to another remote place, they seem to have a luxury cheap swimming suits series from Thailand designer, whether it is Sonia Ben Ammar lying in the swimming pool or walking in Losangeles Miranda Kerr through the streets of Paris. For a designer not to seek approval of the Internet, this generation of instagirls has made new and new fans. “Seeing these women reflects my design personality and inspires our customers to dress like a piece of art.” the common Balek is in her Bangkok home. “It is like a portrait or sculpture, displayed in the museum for the public to watch.”

Although her new online exposure is immediately pleasant, Balek is not a flash in the pan. She studied painting at the London School of fashion, and then continued to receive education at the Fashion Institute and launched her debut in 2013. She trained her skills from many aspects, and released ready-made clothes on her popular swimming route, and mentioned her respect for Thailand tradition and love traveling. “The thought sparks of tourism revitalize this new scene, sound, smell, language, taste, and feeling,” Balek said. “[all] I was exposed to my travel to make my design.” She describes a client as a woman who is not afraid to express and tell her identity, “she aims to create a block of all women not just supermodels.

Balek made her first entry into the last year of the red carpet. Chrissy Teigen wore her tight gold robe for the annual harvest of the city’s April party and the Thailand actress Praya Lundberg movement model change, looking forward to the June CFDA prize practical magic back. High profile exposures her to a new audience and challenge her future goals. First of all, in the era of fast fashion to work on the process. “Everything from palette and chart to structure and texture, and the complexity of printing, everything is handmade,” she said. “Consistency is one of our more prominent obstacles. We want to maintain and build our identity, and try to achieve and get exposure. ”

Of course, when the shells such as Teigen, Kerr, and Sara Sampaio are all dressed in your clothes, the buzz produces, not a problem. More importantly, she designed the sexy route that makes their ideal style out of the outgoing person. “Women eventually feel confident about their clothes,” she said. “I want to make their confidence and create things to separate them from others.”


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