5 Matching Styles for Skirts

The black skirt can be one of the most versatile items in the female wardrobe. A knee-length pencil skirt often proves particularly adaptable, but a-line ones with other cuts also work great in this regard. Start with a skirt that flatters your figure and go from there to create your combinations.

1 To Go to Work

Wear a black skirt to go to the office, to a presentation or to an important meeting. Pair it with clean, bespoke pieces and inconspicuous accessories.

Choose a tailored long-sleeved satin blouse. Opt for a collared shirt if you prefer more traditional pieces of clothing, and go for feminine colors like pink or mauve. If the skirt is high enough waist, tuck the shirt inside.

Add a pair of black heeled shoes. Avoid excessively high heels and choose closed-front footwear instead of strappy sandals.

2 For an informal look

A black skirt can transform from formal to casual when paired with the right pieces. In this case, choose tight-fitting garments to avoid getting a scruffy or contrasting look.

Put on a fitted top or t-shirt. Choose a solid color sweater or top instead of a patterned piece. Some printed t-shirts might actually be fine, but you should be cautious when selecting one to match your skirt. Avoid loose knits.

Add a couple of ballet flats. Choose them black or matched with the color of the shirt.

3 For a Touch of Glamor

Wear the black skirt for a night out, pairing it with silver or gold jewelry. Customize the look based on where you are going. Choose a bolder top and a pair of high heels for a night out in the clubs; instead, reserve the more traditional alternatives to dining at a fancy restaurant.

Pair the black skirt with a shimmery silver or gold top. Select a shiny satin or silk shirt with short sleeves for a slightly more elegant approach, or choose a provocative halter-neck top covered in sequins for a bolder look, appropriate for the nightlife.

Choose a pair of high-heeled shoes, to close with a strap, matched to the color of the top.

4 To imitate the Little Black Dress

A simple black skirt can be paired with a top of the same color, in order to create a fitted outfit suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions, such as a cocktail party or a business dinner.

Choose a good quality black top. Sleeveless ones are great for creating a classic little black dress look, but long-sleeved ones might be fine too. Look for a top that is made of the same material as the skirt, so that the outfit is well matched.

Put on a pair of black heels. Stiletto heels, closed or open front pumps, and heeled sandals are all good choices. Select a pair that fits the occasion.

5 For a Romantic and Classic Look

When paired with other timeless pieces, the black skirt can recall a romantic look. Consider some soft colors and materials for this look.

Choose a flowing and feminine silk top. Look for details, such as flowers and lace, and turn your attention to soft colors, such as white, cream and light pink.

Pair the outfit with a pair of black closed or open front shoes. Avoid the ones that are too “sexy” and go for slightly more traditional options.

Add accessories such as pearls, even fake ones. If you don’t like them, you could consider other pieces with a timeless and vintage flavor.

Bring a white or cream cardigan with you in case it gets cold.

You could choose a small bag with a thin shoulder strap. Avoid large and bulky bags and choose designs that suggest an idea of delicacy.

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