7 of the most active cheap swimming suits

Lovely bear Vigny Bikinis nightclub may be a summer staple food, but if you want to do anything more than lying in the sun chair, sipping a cocktail, more active, they are useless. If you’re in surfing, swimming, or ultimate cheap swimming suits testing – cliff jumping, then what you need is firmer and more powerful support.

We include the Bikinis nightclub, swimsuit, Rash Vest and tight pants in my best suit combinations and different water sports game, is the preferred comfort, support, and most importantly, to test the occasional flashes.

1. Fat face Shorts: Brittany versus 28 Fat Face


An exposed bikini can easily lead to disaster when jumping into the sea. Put these striped cardboard shorts on it and you won’t have any more flash problems. The fabric is quick drying, breathable, and very smart, and can wear T-shirts in town. We love the simple test from Brittany stripes, pink shorts are usually aimed at women better sea.

2. Glidesoul: bright fringe collection spring by 105, GlideSoul


GlideSoul’s beautiful bright raincoat in water sports Black Neoprene world color welcome sprint. Their range of design is completely suited to Bikinis nightclubs, but thicker materials make them ideal for sports. What I like most is this striped long sleeve number – to make the shoulders and arms warm and safe from the sun, but the bikini cut leaves can be freely and flexibly surfing, swimming, or SUP yoga. Also available in two other black and white designs.

3. Cornwall swilker Swimsuit: by sea salt sea salt 37.50, Cornwall


It may look beautiful, but the salt sea swilker retro style suit, made of polyamide Lycra blends, is also very active in wear. Elaborately designed with a large number of reports on the base, soft padded cups on both sides of the light bone and the control of the abdomen, it puts wild swimming and beach days. We love this variety of retro feel, can also use beautiful navy blue or light blue stripes.

4. MM Superbird Bikini: the top 24.99 by protest, protest


This is our favorite cheap swimming suits top. The number of protest flowers will hold your chest safe wherever you like underwater acrobatics you want to try. We like the removable fill cup and the fact that there are three different bikini bottoms in the same print selection, so you can mix and match to suit your figure. The superbird looks lovely, and has an interesting shovel cut cool cross straps (carefully tripped with Tan threads though).

5. Roxy Roxy A: e 70, Roxy


Tend to put your shoulders on the surface of the water? This t-shirt-style swimsuit offers more protection from the Roxy than the standard suit does not look. We love soft, loose sleeves, zippers and psychedelic looking, chlorine resistant fabrics (which are recycled, extra bonus points). Warning – the bottom is fairly high cut, so it’s not a good choice if you’re shy. Offers UPF 50 + sunscreen.

6. Zoggs: by 29, Navajo Starbuck swimsuit SimplySwim


Tired of boring sports clothes of blue and black in the gym and swimming pool Xiuhai? Add a pop of color do you exercise with a bright design inspired by the Zoggs simplyswim in the. This light chlorine resistant fabric hugs your body, but does not feel limited and does not often use it. This suit is a good price and looks great in the bust.

7. Speedo endurance plus swimwear: versus 17 SimplySwim winner


Re – enact them in this simple, effective lawsuit, and we’d better test if you’re on a budget. To achieve the desired length, in the swimming pool, endurance plus feel comfortable, legs and braces straps provide good support. This suit is of very small size, so we recommend the next one. There are a variety of colors to choose from – we like this bright apple red. Provides SPF 50 + UV protection.

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