“Gurren Lagann’s blue light review: despite its age, this series of wild optimism is still fresh.”

In the 2007 back, release the latest anime GAINAX and then work, Tianyuan breakthrough. A modern super robot animation series, it takes what makes the genre so popular and injects a great deal of optimism. The result is a series of sensations that are as fresh as 10 years ago.

Gurren Lagann and we started the meeting, Simon, in an underground village, a small roadheader. His old friend Kamina are encouraged to break through to the surface, all of which are made of a large mech ploughed through the roof of the village and the arrival of Yoko acceleration, cheap good quality bikinis sniper.

On the face of it, man was hunted, once a world of great civilization, and lived in small villages constantly attacked.

Kamina, the person he is actively managed to capture enemy mecha, said gunmen and rename it Gurren. Simon takes his friend in his small Lagann even ended with his mecha Lagann and Gurren, is one of the most memorable in recent memory combination.

Here, we begin to realize that man has the opportunity to acquire something called spiral power, which is actually something bigger than our meager earth.

Like all good Gainax displays, the series starts and ends with epic range small. Gurren Lagann is an important component of tradition, but in a manner that conflicts with its size is the only index.

At every stage of our major challenge, they must believe that they can overcome this new obstacle. So, every new enemy, their faces, the characters show the growth, making the very bright and optimistic look.

This is not to say that Gurren Lagann is not a series without tragedy, but how it handles it is sober and uplifting.

Gurren Lagann is definitely a tradition of super robots, though in part, especially with respect to a series of robots such as the gate. On drill and spiral force is not just a simple nod to long work well and Ken Ishikawa, they are almost like how to deal directly with the getters Robo light.

In the gate set for the robot can be said to be dim and the presence of getter ray green hue is deadly extreme, the sheer willpower to tame this power, you can see Gurren Lagann and the same character is how to master the use of screw force.

Gurren said Lagann is derived getter will not be accurate robot, may be more than a little Gurren Lagann, focalization and narrative is a unique and honest way is find everything fresh and new power spiral.

Instead of using the awesome force that will drive the door robot mad pilots, Simon and his fellow countrymen are confident in themselves in order to overcome the challenges they face. While the gate robot is still a fascinating series, it is fascinating to note that the continuing appeal of Gurren Lagann is its freshness of optimism, even in the face of death.

As early as the end of 2014, I reviewed the Gurren Lagann of the ultimate Blu ray suit. This includes TV series and two movies, and some other animated versions. It’s a very comprehensive setup, but it’s not cheap either.

Now, this year is the tenth anniversary of Kita Shuhei Gurren Lagann, released a more reasonable set of boxes, but also includes TV series and movies.

Although it lacks some actors from the early Kita Shuhei Blu ray version, this new package contains all major animation works in a convenient tight set, Gurren, Lagann related.

With both Japanese audio and English subtitles and good English dubbing, this is a very good set. The cheap good quality bikinis picture and sound quality are as pure as the earlier versions. This group also contains a broadcast version of the sixth episode, but there is no other additional way.

Kita Shuhei, indeed, everything was to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Gurren Lagann, but I think they have the wise route re released in the series here, at more competitive prices on the Blu ray movie, especially their previous version costs more than $500.

Overall, this is an urgent need to re release a favorite animated series. It not only looks and sounds great, Blu ray, but it is also reasonable price. The ultimate version is clearly more flashy in its additional terms, but the box is comprehensive, as well as convenient and compact.

So, if you want to see one of the best super robot animations ever and one that will leave a huge smile on your face, then you must grab this Blu ray box set.

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