Canvas shoes + short skirt, Korean drama heroines are eager to wear

While you are home, I’m sure you must have seen some good Korean dramas or films. Just like their stories and picturisation, their costumes and dresses are mesmerizing. You will find the timid and bubbly korean lead bouncing in her mini skirt and blouse. Even the confident office lady is going to don the perfect blazer with short skirts. To complete the appearance, canvas is the ideal choice. Heels and stilettos are something that everybody wears. Styling your skirts with canvas can give a positive transformation to your look.

Skirts need to be plain all the time. Go for the ones with pleasant floral prints or goofy character prints. Wear a shirt with cold shoulders or trendy pockets. Complete the look with matching canvas and you’ll see why Korean babes are behind this attire.

If you are a college going teen, consider getting a plain black skirt with a simple white t-shirt. Tuck it in and add a denim jacket to give a casual but breath-taking finish. You can put on white, black or matching canvas under this mix and match attire.

You can add the summer and spring essence to your clothes as well. You will notice this attire in several Korean shows where the pretty lady likes to keep it simple and sweet. The white tank top is tucked inside a printed skirt with a border to the end. Or you can go for a messy cut skirt with the same tank top. Beautiful white canvas will suit under this attire.

Don’t ignore your old t-shirts. They may not seem good under your jeans but they can make your skirts stand out. Take that grey t-shirt and pair it with your printed skirts. F you are going for dim colors, then blocked prints in black will be better. In case of vibrant colors, go for tribal print skirts. The color of your canvas depends on the color of your skirt.


If you watch the super-glam Korean girls, you will notice them wearing the famous latex skirts. These are sleek, trendy and stunning. If you pair them with a proper blouse, no one can stop you after that. Keep the canvas simple and non-dominant with this attire. That way, they will blend in with the rest of the look and fit in perfectly.


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