Discover Eco-Friendly Shapewear for Women: Look Good and Feel Good, Without Sacrificing Quality

Eco-friendly fashion is taking over the trend. But that’s not the case. It’s not just a trend but our need! Eco-friendly fashion actually aims to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, more efficient water use, good waste management, and the use of environmentally friendly textile materials. That is why, now many brands are bringing environmentally friendly concepts to their products, one of which is the popular shapewear brand Shapellx.

Even though it offers many benefits, some of us still doubt the quality of eco-friendly shapewear, unfortunately. Do natural and recycled materials provide good quality? The truth is, eco friendly shapewear even provides better quality than you might think. The 5 best shapewear from Shapellx below will prove to you that eco-friendly products can make you feel and look good without compromising on quality!

1. Eco Contour Mesh Smoothing Bodysuit

When it comes to shapewear, of course, what we most hope for is its magic in smoothing silhouettes and creating the perfect hourglass curve. Shapellx ensures that their eco-friendly shapewear can work effectively as figure-shaping undergarments by using high-quality materials, including recycled nylon. Nylon has natural properties as a fabric that is light, strong, and absorbs sweat well. With such a special design and stitching, this smoothing bodysuit is able to provide excellent tummy control.

The bodysuit not only focuses on flattening your stomach and slimming your waist but also provides impressive support to your bust and allows you to go braless. It offers firm compression but its breathable and stretchy material can keep you comfortable all day long. In addition, the flattering neckline style will make you look fashionable when wearing it as a top.

2. Seamless Square Neck Shaper Dress In Royal Blue

Shapellx shows us that eco-friendly products are timeless and fashionable in all seasons. So, if you are looking for the best dress with built in shapewear, drop your choice here. Reducing textile waste by wearing dresses that are versatile and timeless is a smart choice. This product is a wardrobe staple that you will definitely love for any occasion.

Featuring removable bra pads and an effective built-in body shaper, this shapewear dress can help you look flawless in one easy step. You will get a smooth and slim silhouette thanks to the waist and lower abdomen panels which provide comfortable compression around the clock. Meanwhile, the classy design of the dress and its retro square neckline will instantly give you an elegant look.

3. Eco-Chic Shaping Bodysuit

Basic tops are items that you will definitely always need, and even wear often. It is a fashion essential that has the potential to stretch and fall apart more quickly because it is worn and washed many times. However, you can get better quality and more durable garments at Shapellx’s shapewear outlet. The Eco series prioritizes quality over quantity, so the products are designed to last longer.

This shaping bodysuit features a simple and basic design but its versatility knows no bounds. This is a staple that can be a stylish pairing for any item in your wardrobe. Shapellx’s eco-friendly bodysuit allows you to enjoy an excellent contouring effect on your midsection, including a flatter stomach and sleek waistline. Meanwhile, removable cups provide support and a lifting effect on your bust. Additionally, the three pretty color choices are worthy of collection.

4. Eco-Friendly Seamless Crossover Leggings

You can’t get through this year without trying crossover leggings, which are currently popular among fashion influencers. Shaper leggings will not only make your workout routine more enjoyable, but will also elevate your figure in the most comfortable way. You can wear shaper leggings as your gym gear and you can also combine them with any top for a casual look. Either way, it’s both stylish and effortless.

Crossover leggings hug you gently like a second skin because they are made from eco-friendly and seamless fabric. This product provides leg and glute contouring panels to support lifting and sculpting abilities.

5. Eco-Friendly Everyday Shaping Underwear

If you are looking for daily undergarments that can enhance your shape and cover up your trouble spots perfectly, Shapellx offers eco-friendly underwear that can meet your expectations. Comfort, support and sculpting are all in one piece.

Eco-Friendly Shaping Underwear is made from recycled nylon which is soft and comfortable to wear all day and every day. The high-waisted design and two-ply material are effective in controlling your tummy, waist and back. Apart from the amazing shaping results, the breathable and smooth material will make you love eco friendly shapewear even more. If you can feel good and do good for the planet, why not?

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