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Gigi and Tina Caruso’s new swimsuit series are designed to help live an active consumer

Gigi Caruso and her mother Tina Caruso want to create a swimsuit that does not just look good. Caruso, real estate developer Rick Caruso’s daughter, began a personal setback. Gigi hopes to be able to pass through her activities to keep a well-designed suit.

Tina takes her expertise as a former swimwear model, as well as the designer behind the girl No. 5 angel, Gigi C, is developing for about a year.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the direct selling consumer brand sells through its online store, and also strongly relies on influence to help customers expand their customer base, paying special attention to using Instagram as a way to contact people. Now, Gigi said there was no plan to establish a wholesale business.

To date, the company has worked with models such as Anna Herrin, Scarlett Leithold, and Kyra Santoro, which is active on Instagram, to help athletic and fashionable potential customers showcase this series. “The girl wearing Gigi C is complicated, but can be a little sexy, know how to work. She can also be a little sport,” said Gigi, the black and white series, which includes cutting design, cho accents and shoulder style detail.

The swimwear series is also supported by Raj Manufacturing, a swimsuit in Tustin, Calif., And has recently focused on marketing through social media and mini-gaming. The line called Vyb was developed by a group of millennials.

Gigi C’s swimsuit is made from European fabrics and then made in the Alhambra Palace in California, with a package from $ 200 to $ 225 and a retail price between $ 75 and $ 130, with a maximum price of $ 95 $ 140.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Gold Coast Fashion Spotlight: Moana swimwear

Only 27 years old, Karina Irby has reached some success only dream. She has accumulated a huge chasing force from her swimsuit label Moana bikini and continues to expand her product (including a sister business – bikini body burning). Her vivid printing and cheeky swimwear trousers have become the brand’s staple food, so girls around the world are showing off and loving her design.

Based on GC means Moana swimwear is the perfect theme for our Gold Coast fashion spotlight series! I chat with Karina to learn about her success, as an entrepreneur’s life and her favorite GC point (of course!):

Choose to design swimwear always locked in you? Have you ever considered designing any other type of clothing?

Oh my gods, design swimwear … even design other products or clothing … never really locked in my plan … it’s just one that happened! First of all, I just like bikini. I have been living on the beach, traveling, want to go. Bikini is my favorite dress.

I got a $ 800 loan from my dad, entered the swimwear industry, and purchased 20 pairs of bikini wholesale business from overseas. The agreement did not last for a long time, because I wanted to create my own design and leave my own mark in the swimsuit world. Now seven years, I think this is not a one-time thing! Dad just let me pay him three months ago.

While it was a combination of strange and random events that led me to start Moana, looking back seemed to be wanted.

There are so many swimsuit labels appear, how do you ensure that Moana swimwear in the industry to maintain a leading position?

God, now a lot of people, is not it? To be honest, we do not think 90% of the emerging business brand is a competitor.

Although we appreciate that they are going down, follow the dream, but most people are doing the same thing. These days are easy to find manufacturers, or buy bulk products online and sell them according to the new brand you create.

Plain, neutral tones and simple, reckless cuts are all angry, is the sale of most new brands. This is because it is easy, without too much challenge or associated with the risk. Honestly, there is not a lot of talent.

Unfortunately, many of these new brands are not aware of this and have not yet studied – they are selling almost exactly the same product, just under different labels. In many cases, the wholesalers or manufacturers they are buying are deceptively copying prints and patterns from other well-known brands (including our own brand).

All along, Moana will always design our designs and patterns from scratch. We have a very hard working and specialized design team, and an independent respected manufacturer and material supplier. This ensures that our design is unique to Moana, and our customers can use this knowledge to proudly wear them.

This is just a physical product element! We continually review and improve our marketing activities to stay ahead and effectively connect with our beloved Moana Babes in the best possible way. We have been testing new marketing channels and improving the value we see; from social media editing and advertising to e-mail marketing, repositioning, printing and digital editorials and so on … all of which are up to us constantly, Continued development of high quality images and video content. We do not rest until it works and works well.

How did you come up with such a different design? Where did your inspiration come from?

We are constantly being inspired, and every day is considered part of the design process. In 2018, we have some very exciting developments that we can not mention now, but we just say they are more focused on the design process and make sure the design team is focused on new prints and patterns to day for the cycle.

There is no idea too stupid or not, we make sure that the continuous improvement and refinement of the cycle is in place. Once a range is complete, the next job is in progress – sometimes two or three ranges are usually patched. It’s an exciting and inspiring process that we can not get enough!

Obviously, as a swimsuit label, we are inspired by the ocean and the beautiful coastal environment and everything they carry. But with the development of our design style and maturity, we began to find inspiration in different areas; abstract geometric design, flora and fauna, color and light … inspiration is really ubiquitous! We can not wait to show us what our Moana Babes 2018 will bring

How would you describe Monaco swimwear girls?

Moana bikini is not just a swimsuit brand. We represent a carefree, fun and active lifestyle. Moana Babes feels comfortable, confident and carefree. They smile, smile, live, energetic, support and empowerment. Moana Babes is really a global Moana army; they do not follow the trend, they create them, and the world does not care about other people’s ideas.

Bikini, sea and swimwear body burns are now part of Monaco. Did you see yourself expanding to the current product line? If so, what does Moana bikini think of the next step?

2018 will bring exciting development to our Moana Babes. 2018 new product line is no longer increased, but the current product line will have some great development – we must now keep these secrets.

In the current product, we continue to improve and improve, we know that our Moana Babes will like the new Sea Blanket design, of course, bikini. In addition to Monaco Bikini’s sister business, bikini body burns continue from strength to strength to help girls become their best version. BBB will launch a new nutrition guide, as well as some interesting and exciting physical products to keep girls motivated and inspiring in the fitness journey.

What is your current favorite job?

Oh, my dear, it’s hard to decide! It’s like asking one of their favorite kids! I think I have to say that this is our entangled Taishan sets. It has a stunning, vivid print and unique cut / pattern with some cute, unique add elements. It looks amazing everyone!

What are some of the initial challenges you created yourself? How did you overcome it?

All along, I believe there will always be such a challenge, without them, it’s all too easy to get success is not worth it!

In the past 12 to 24 months, one of the biggest challenges we face is to be able to keep up with the demand, which is obviously not a bad thing! However, in order to meet the growing demand and customer base, the struggle to promote our manufacturing capability is part of our manufacturer and time. I think now, at least 2017/2018 range, in addition, we will not have too many customers to miss. This is a constant research, monitoring and planning mission at the end of our overcoming, it becomes more challenging every year … but as I said it is a big challenge!

Also in the past 12 to 24 months, we saw a sharp rise in the prices of Chinese products purchased by our factories, copied and sold as “Moana”, and another brand that tried to replicate our products. Obviously, imitation is flattery, but the real negative part is when girls mistakenly buy what they think is Moana and then receive a very poor quality copy. We are actively looking for these factories, send stop and stop letters, and continue to remind our customers that the only place they can buy real Moana swimwear is through our website. Unfortunately, for us, as well as other brands of such things, in addition to your complex and expensive cross-border legal procedures, you can not do a lot of things. We are only in order to stay ahead of the way and continue to provide them with difficult to copy prints and designs and make sure our customers know they can only buy Moana from Moana.

Do you want to give yourself a Gold Coast business?

This is what I asked a lot! I always have the same advice. However, specifically for the Gold Coast people, never a better time to seize your dreams, like no chase like tomorrow. We are really happy to live on the Gold Coast. Our natural environment, we are well educated and active community, we can afford the cost of living, our unique combination of barrier-free locations – beyond the standard! In my mind, there is not a better place to run your own business.

First, do it for yourself.

Do not do it for making money. Do not do for the image. Do not do it because someone told you. Do not because you do not like working for someone else will have a very long time, the souls of the obstacles to destruction and for a long time, or during this period you may not be profitable. If you are not personal and internal motives, then you will not be through these struggles to achieve. Find a question that you would like to solve, or the blanks of your personal experience, and solve the problem for you!

Second, understand your customers.

If you do not really understand your customers, then you can not effectively sell them, and in turn can not sell them to them or anyone else. Luckily, in 2017, it was never so simple – real-time metrics on all online e-commerce and marketing platforms, and if you do not know how your customers, their products, marketing or media spending work, then you will not Doing anything in normal.

Third, have fun

Not why you want to be your own boss in the first place! Enjoy it and make it into your own, it is true that you will never work in the day of your life.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Where To Buy The Most Popular cheap swimming suits On Instagram, Because Vacation Is Just Around The Corner

This may be in January, but that does not mean you can not start planning your summer wardrobe. And everyone and their mothers are showing their tropical holidays on Instagram, it’s hard not to know the best swimsuit on Instagram, and how you will look at them on the next beach trip.

It looks like there are all kinds of bathing clothes now. When I was in the mid-twentieth century high school, it seemed that the string bikini was almost the only available style, but now you can almost find anything from high-cut pieces to shoulder-off bikini.

Because so many celebrities are heading for the tropics and recording their flawless swimsuit in the process, so I have seen a lot of swimsuit near Instagram (no pun). A little jealous, maybe, but I am very grateful.

You may recall that in December 2016, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Elsa Hosk held a series of top models in Pakistan. Some of the top models stepped on some of the bikini on the beach and shared them on Instagram. So many lovely swimsuit on display.

However, these models are not the only one to give us the main swimsuit, so many of your favorite celebrities also play on the beautiful bikini’s beach, fortunately, before summer you can buy the best swimsuit in Instagram.

Low slices

High cut black suit

The eighties and the nineties have made a victory in the swimsuit return. High-cut swimwear is now all angry.

Scallop bikini

Kylie Jenner can make swimwear almost a trend, but this scallop is particularly popular among influencers and Hollywood elites.

Crochet Bikini

Crochet bikini everywhere. Bella Hadid wears a variety of styles, Kylie Jenner wears a pants matching the buttocks, and Hailey Baldwin is also in motion. It can be said that if you want a stylish bikini summer, crochet is the way to go.

Animal printing bikini

Ashley Graham shared some of the shots on the leopard bikini pants at the time of the vacation, and recently Bella Hadid shared a picture of wearing a tiger Indian bikini The This summer welcomes your wildlife with bikini animals to print.

Wrinkled shoulder on top

Although the tan lines may be a bit weird, but the swimsuit on the shoulders is Instagram on the anger, the whole summer will be super cute.

Statement swimsuit

You saw the “graffiti” swimsuit on Instagram. The statement package is now super hot, they do not have to say paint. Harry Baldwin used to wear a man who said “just married” (she was absolutely not married), Khloe Kardashian wearing a man saying “East Coast”, and Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid) for Gigi’s birthday Bring a gift for her sister Gigi.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Under 21 Fun: Pine Lake

For me, I am the youngest of the graduates, meaning that all my friends are 21 years old or older and I am only 20 years old. Now, as I and other old friends know, we dream and fantasy that we turn 21 years old, but because we can not go to the club with our friends does not mean that we still can not play.

When we wait for magic numbers to arrive, we can pursue countless activities / hobbies. Pine Lake is a major fun and thrilling event. Pine Lake is one of the interesting places wherever you go with friends, family, and even yourself.

Pine Lake is located in the heart of Bern, India, with many attractions. There are water slides, splash pads, log walk, cable car, double buoy, rock climbing, etc. on the lake.

I remember when my childhood my family took me for the first time. It’s easy to be my most interesting day. My family and I packed some lunch, holding our beach towel, all day stay on the lake. At the same time to see new friends, there are a lot of things to do.

This is an ideal place for long-term memories with anyone. The first time I attended was 12 years old, and since then I have to go back every summer. My friend and I went to the weekend for a few days, and we had wanted to come back again one day before the end of the summer.

While cycling may have some lengthy time, it is a good way to bind and connect with anything you might want. For example, there, my friends and I stopped at a fast food restaurant, and then talked about the vehicle there, let us connect to each other.

Not to mention, go to Pine Lake and swim all day so you get a nice night’s rest and see how it wore you.

The best part of Pine Lake is that it is cheap, especially if you break my college students like my friends and I like. Admission is only $ 7, which will keep you all day long.

People under the age of 21 may not be as bad as we thought. We only need to enjoy the young, find other interesting and fulfilling things to occupy us until our time comes. So you can go to the bath and friends / family, to the Songhu to play some fun and sunshine.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Weiner’s Ltd: Wholesale Travel Items

In more than 25 years of B2B industry, Weiner Co., Ltd. has been the wholesaler of travel size merchandise. Many hotels, hospitals, casinos, bookstores, airports and so on have always believed that they retain the customers most in need of products.

Weiner’s Ltd was founded in 1991 by Alan Weiner and has been dedicated to providing a wide range of non-prescription drugs and personal care products, snacks, swimwear and clothing as well as electronic accessories.

Alan Wayne has an insight after traveling to the world. Ultimately, it’s one of the other people who can easily meet their needs. Unfortunately, when there are no items, travel may be hampered, and sometimes these items are hard to get. In turn, his vision is to let travelers travel through the local products. The desire for a seamless experience is not just for the traveler, but also for the care of their business.

Weiner Co., Ltd.’s team has a wide range of tourism industry knowledge and the most needed goods. Each traveler knows and loves the brand travel size of the product is their specialty because they know their difference in transit time. Some of these product categories include:

Drugs and health: drugs, relieve pain, cough, cold and cold, digestion and nausea, sinus and allergy, first aid, eye care, vitamins and energy supplements.

Personal care: oral hygiene, hair care, bath care, beauty, female cosmetics, environmental / natural products, personal care products.

Food: candy, chewing gum and mint, snacks, drinks

Other: travel equipment, seasonal and outdoor, baby products, clothing and shoes, shelves, DIY

Wiener has become a one-stop shop for hotels, gift shops and other retailers, from large businesses and chain stores to local moms and popular shops. Keeping the wholesale price competitive, coupled with impressive customer service, is the reason for their success and repeated satisfaction. Their representatives can help you choose the right product for your store and make sure to receive your goods in time. As a result, Weiner Ltd continues to receive a better business bureau A + rating.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Designer Cindy Hubu talks to keep profits

Fashion designer and retailer Cindy Hubu revealed a strategy to combat cheap knockout and maintain good margins.

It is said that Australia has more than 2.1 million small businesses, but most companies will fail within three years. The Internet seems to be filled with the business here today and tomorrow is gone.

However, in such difficult trade conditions, companies find and have their own niche. By doing so, they are gaining a decent life while helping specific types of customers meet specific needs.

My business and ladies swimsuit and pajamas brand Curvysea Australia founder Cindy Huong Bui talks about the challenges of running online business, cheap competitors and imitators, and how she keeps in touch with her core audience.

How did you build Curvysea?
I worked in the fashion industry for about five years, after the establishment of Curvysea as a swimsuit brand. I was inspired by the best friend of the age of 18, and she complained to me and found a nice swimsuit to fit her plus.

It gave me a design swimsuit idea, so I created my Curvysea trademark and online boutique in 2006.

My swimsuit is designed to highlight the right area of ​​the larger women’s body and help them to disguise the specific parts that do not want others to see.

Has always been the key thing to make your business not only able to survive, but also to grow?

I always remember three key things:

Research trends: I continue to study the fashion trend of women on the Internet, or to participate in Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week fashion show. Then I create a style to fit the whole body like a woman.

Listen to customers: I provide quality service to customers, so they are willing to share their experiences with others, or give me how their ideas make the product better.

Pricing: I do not support the “heavy discount” strategy, although overseas sales of cheap women swimwear level is very large (swimsuit cheap, lower than my wholesale costs). For me, the quality of the product must first come to the customer to understand it.

Do you make your own clothes or imported?

I designed the swimsuit, which is the Curvysea brand, myself and I will coat the sketch to overseas manufacturing in Vietnam and then import the product (pictured left) into Australia.

Where is your product sold?

My products are sold online through my website. Our clients are from Australia and New Zealand and the United States.

How many people are you present?

It ultimately depends on the season, because I am in the busy month to rely on the support of leisure people. But we have two full-time.

This is an online business, so I outsource most of my online work to experienced people.

What is the biggest obstacle to your business growth?

There are two main challenges that are constantly trying to business.

Competition with cheap, low quality and imitation from overseas – mainly China – is a constant fight. However, as I mentioned earlier, I have portrayed my advantage, which helps to distinguish between my products and these low-cost alternatives.

Another challenge is familiar to most companies: just keep up with Google’s search engine technology and changes.

Any suggestions that you will give other owners to be there?

I will only say patience, because the success will not be overnight, you are doing things full of enthusiasm, and regular communication with customers.

And never stop learning and try new technology, because there are always some things you can pick up and will improve what you are doing and how to do it.

Finally, I want to say that you have to be prepared to deal with any situation that suddenly occurs in your personal life. The business is tough, but life is the same, and sometimes things will happen, the real test of your commitment and ability.

You really need to be prepared and build a strong support network so that in times of difficulty you can keep your business going!

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

Miami designer for each woman to provide “swimming fashion fantasy”

During the Miami Swimming Week, “Planet Fashion” will be the Miami designer’s work in the “swimming fashion fantasy” in the focus. Two of the OMG Miami swimsuits by Andrea Gaviria and Gabriela Pires Beachwear of Gabriela Pires closed these trends on July 21, Gaviria’s shiny latex and the space-age Barbarella theme with modern Trends are intertwined, and Pires’ floral, stylish appearance leads to emotional complexity.

Both Gavia and Pires are from Miami, but the diversity of clothing echoes the city’s international flavor. Look at the runway and see how these designers name themselves and find inspiration.

OMG Miami swimsuit

Gavia started designing cheap swimming suits at the age of 19 and built his own business from the beach in Miami. The previous model, she designed her own swimsuit stand out. She shared her first work on social media. For seven years, she came out of her house, had her own store, and showed her design on a fashion show.

“I want to give women the greatest self – confidence,” said Gavria, “that ‘s the main thing, and I want a woman to wear a very small item and feel comfortable.

She follows the trend of inspiration, but takes them to a new level, making the mind to make people say “OMG!” Gabriel says her goal is “shocking” on the runway.

“This year we were inspired by the 1990s.We use latex and other materials to reflect the sound … we made a lot of color blocking, colorful, and combined body chains and reflective sunglasses for the runway.”

But Gavria will not slow down.

She said: “My ultimate goal will be Victoria’s secret, even bigger.” “The sky is not the limit.”

Gabriela Pires Beachwear

Hound grew up in Miami, tend to be more elegant, sexy look. She said she started working in the womb because her mother worked in the fashion industry.

“This is the only thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Pires said.

The special interest in antique, especially antique jewelry, is what makes her voice as a designer, not the rest.

She began designing and selling luxury Brazilian underwear in New York City, but decided to start in Miami in 2012 with cheap swimming suits to start fresh. Shoes like wholesale work, and in the sports illustrations swimwear on a variety of swimsuit.

Pires said, “My route is romantic and delicate.” “It ‘s sweet, but it’ s also sexy. It ‘s a mixture. I painted a woman, who was successful, or a woman who wanted a luxury. She wanted chic. It was every woman.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

How to help many bloggers into swimwear designers

The steam subway car and the overcrowded beach are on the side and now feel the most like the summer place may actually be on Instagram, where the bronze body, the blue waters, yes, the inflatable swan has turned my feed (and I guess a lot of you) Become an endless pool party, narrowing to 750 pixels wide. This is really more realistic than this fashion influence of the characters, Ibiza Island Beach and Hampton Manor expansion of the backyard is just a brand sponsorship tour. Naturally, this lifestyle requires a wide range of swimsuit series, can resist the scenery, and more and more people will bring their own things into their own hands.

Two years ago, Peace Love Shea 30-year-old blog Shea Marie launched the swimwear brand SAME during the Miami Swimming Week, unveiled a series of bikini with unique triangular stitching, luxury, Italian-made fabrics and prices Label $ 300 per suit. Unlike most of the most influential lines, SAME is neither a product of a license agreement nor a collaboration, both of which offer relatively low routes for relatively low lines to try their hands at design time. On the contrary, Mary invested in his own money, along with business partners, from scratch to brand, positioning it in the luxury field, although the mass line promised a higher profit.

She said, as a “California beach blonde”, she said that swimming for her first time to enter the brand is a very natural choice, although she also considered other options, even in the Italian fur factory carried a potential handbag Line before deciding on the attachment category. “If someone wants to spend a lot of money, they want a package that people will recognize,” her reason.

On the other hand, swimsuit is still a growing market: now a lot of independent labels are now fashionable pets, less than five years old (solid and stripes, flagpoles, gini) while luxury brands such as Proenza Schouler, Jonathan Simkhai and recently, Rosie Assoulin is increasingly dipping his toes into space. Mary noticed the rise of this interest, especially among her peers. “Through social media, especially Instagram, girls are paying more attention to their holidays and what they wear.” “Swimming is a look in the past, and I really like the holiday boom,” she says. And the upsurge of the whole holiday lifestyle. ”

She has more than one million followers, and she knows what will be on the platform. She explained: “I put the concept of this brand and Instagram want to release the concept of the combination of girls.” I know, because I was her, you know? I’m designing for myself, I want some people to see something like it is, “Wow, it’s fantastic that that stand out, you can directly put a swimsuit photo itself is a white background, people will be integrated into it, Because it is unique. “”

Sure enough, her famous friends of Faa, including Caroline Vreeland, Ashley Moore and Sarah Snyder’s feed, are a fixed device. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin were photographed even before brand budget shipments (most emerging designers would kill or at least give up some grand prizes). She said: “Start a brand is very expensive – a round of production may be $ 250,000, once you put the money into practice, you have nothing to free a lot of free information or hire public relations.” And when her team Now when sending a gift to a small number of influencers, Mary says she does not explicitly ask them to publish the product, but wants them to be able to take pictures of themselves – she learns a lesson from years of age to send her something “all day, every day “And push PR officials to pressure her clients.

According to the 2016 Google study, 64% of smartphone women buy clothing are more likely to buy the products they see, and Martie is not the only one with its platform to stimulate the interest of swimming products Shopper: Blogs Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are A Bikini’s strong doubles behind the day, they launched the Swimwear brand on Monday, with their personal accounts with more than a million followers, of which 650,000 and 271,000 blogs and brands. Although it was originally produced through a partnership with the Los Angeles manufacturer, the pair had full control over the brand after two months of selling the first season and said that the original agreement only allowed them to control the design, and that they were ” A team of two women, and the control of all aspects of our business, even if it is a huge challenge for us, we know that this is what we really need to do Monday swimsuit is part of us.

Now they are released every two years and extended to the beachwear, as well as the introduction of a permanent “signature series” of black and white suits. Oakley and Brugman have also launched an independent event apparel brand “Monday” and continue to work with large and small brands, including Guess, Missguided, Wildfox and Beach Riot. The prerequisite for blogging means that they have a group of captive followers who are in the bathing suit every day, while the two gorgeous 20-year-olds in the bikini world’s attraction make them have a far beyond the platform Base lovers.

“When we started, we were a unique swimsuit brand platform to promote ourselves – no one was doing what we were doing,” Oakley said to Forbes last year. “Bikini day” premise allows us to 365 days a year to the different bikini brand voice. “Today, their own brand (natural) is the loudest, they share the scenes behind the shooting, view this picture and photos, travel from all over the world wearing a variety of suits.

At least according to Mary, repetition is important, especially in building trust. “I think there’s an issue of influential marketing today – and I told the brand that worked with me, they did so many one-time items, and they would hire a girl in a job.” “I got swimsuit Brand release once really nothing to do, unless someone like “my god, i am obsessed with one, i have to have it.” But this is usually not the way it works, people see things over and over again , When they do so, they are like “yes, this person really like this”.

This trust is especially important when you ask your customers to drop hundreds of dollars on bikini, or when your clients may never wear a game, or when society tells her that she should not wear a game.

This was the inspiration for Gabi Gregg’s debut in “Everybody’s Swimwear” in 2013, which was launched after the media frenzy in his blog “GabiFresh” and the super-blog “fat” post by xoJane. Although retailers focus on expanding the size, most of their aftermarket services tend to cover more styles, such as single and casual, and certainly not including Greg’s initial neon lights, collectibles, ranging from 10 to 24 years old. While the brand was actively watched by the media, the cooperation was still a leap in faith, “said Sara Mitzner, vice president of global creative and branding.” It definitely comes in our new customers, where Gabi thinks it’s Customers, we believe is there, but until the sales know.

But sold so much so that the site crashed for a few hours, a style, Gregg in the movement to establish the galaxy print bikini in the day oversold. Yazer Bell as an example of “increasing the contradiction between supply and demand”, in which the former is often insufficient to obey the latter. Mizner admitted that the first batch was “tested”, and since then retailers have increased inventories from less than 1,000 to deeper inventories and added larger cup size (GH) push styles. Gregg received feedback from readers, as well as her in the blog and social media on the ultra-detailed cooperation and size adjustment, cooperation into the sixth quarter. These prospective clients can gain insight into how the suits look at their bodies before buying and take a unique personal style (eg, Gregg, share their size and notes, some of which, such as broadband or a cup of shape, may look and Other body types are different).

Mizner said: “swimming is very specific and difficult.” There are a lot of swimsuit shopping, you know that you are basically on the beach underwear, people have a lot of reservations, so I think like Gabi this People are part of our brand, both resources and resources for us, and have a huge impact on our business and women, because she really specifically talks about these projects, and I think it makes people feel more confident about buying. ”

“Vanessa Flaherty, the influence agency of Gregg and Marie’s influence, said the success has entered the contractual agreement from a one-time collaboration,” said Vanessa Flaherty, partner and senior vice president and senior vice president of Digital Brand Architects. The brand has just renewed its three-year contract with Gregg this spring, Nordstrom’s series (2018, retailers will carry a variety of exclusive models.) As to why they decided to make a wholesale, Faherty explained: “Gabi wants to touch different Consumers, through her blog and her affiliates and her clients, she was very optimistic that she felt that although she had a large customer base through the existing “universal consumer swimsuit” Consumers brought to the “universal swimwear”, she also wanted a well-known department store and consumer-oriented channels, and Nordstrom felt exactly the same way. ”

Mary also chose her wholesalers, carefully selected the swimming boutique, and Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges and KirnaZabête and other luxury retailers, the use of years of blog contacts to ensure that the initial meeting. While the line is also available through online retailers Shopbop and Revolve, Marie says the ultimate goal is to drive SAME’s own website sales, which is almost four times the brand’s profit. Direct consumer e-commerce model from the beginning is Monday’s Swimwear approach, along with Sahara Ray Swim, by the model and bikini Instagram star Sahara Ray created three-year line. For the same situation, Mary said retail partners offered invaluable brand positioning and awareness that both would be particularly important when launching a holiday next season. But in the end, all of these brand customers first live online, many will click on a tagged photo, and follow the biotech link, never going into Saks.

“People have a voyeuristic nature for them,” Flechetti said. “They do not want to see someone in the laundry; they want to see a man on the beach in Anguilla or the yacht, and look very bizarre and flawless in bikini.”

While white sand beaches and professional photographers may not be in their range, a new swimsuit is just a few drops.

wholesale swimwear - Buy cheap swimming suits from China

How does seafarers cash on the $ 32 billion market?

Australia’s senior swimsuit brand Seafolly has announced a new partnership with e-commerce delivery company Tryzen as part of its international development program.

The new agreement will allow brands to run seamlessly across multiple regions and meet growing local consumer expectations while reducing the overhead required to manage day-to-day operations.

The decision is due to Seafolly’s further wholesale swimwear growth, Seafolly is now available in 41 countries.

Nathan Alexander, director of Seafolly IT, said that e-commerce is critical to the continued international expansion of the brand and that recent partnerships will contribute to further development.

“E-commerce is at the heart of our global expansion strategy, and we are looking for partners to build successful online features through mature apparel brands to achieve our strong international growth aspirations.

“In an early discussion with Tryzens and its customers, it was clear that they had an in-depth understanding of Seafolly’s business goals and got a positive, attractive and capable team support to achieve the vision.

“With Tryzens managing the implementation process, we can be confident of the high quality results, let’s focus on our best job: designing superior products and providing a seamless customer experience.

When the brand operates its own e-commerce site, it will now start from the current Magento platform Magento 1 and transfer its online business to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The new agreement coincides with this year’s expansion of Tryzens itself to Australia, which is the driving force of Australia’s booming e-commerce economy, which is expected to exceed $ 32 billion by 2017.

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Making a splash: how Claret Showroom spots opportunities

When Drapers meets Claret Showroom founders Claire Spencer-Churchill and Alexandra Lyles, they are at the headquarters of Shepherd’s Bush in West London, where they are very fresh, taking into account their return to London last night, after the second high holiday trade show, 6 Month 25 to 27 in Paris flash.

They were more tired than they expected. A few weeks before the incident, the police informed the program that it had to be canceled: city officials wanted to hold an event as part of the Paris Olympics bid for the Olympic Games in 2024 and a special tent on the banks of the Seine.

The two sides have to quickly renegotiate, but Splash continues, and the team of “leading department stores” from Barneys and Neiman Marcus from Europe, the Middle East and the United States are browsing the 90 brands of the show, including the return label Heidi Klein and Lazul, and add jets and milly.

Lyles said: “We heard [French First Lady] Brigitte Macron to see Splash.

Splash is caught by seizing the opportunity to be born. Last spring, both in the Claret wholesale hall in Paris received a letter from the brand requirements of the phone, underwear and swimsuit trade show mode city was forced to move for the UEFA Europa 2016 soccer final. Soon after, Claret Showroom launched Splash.

Spencer-Churchill said: “buyers must be in Paris so many job-hopping activities, they can reach a place to see 40 brands is needed.” “We see a chance, we think we better jump up, also There will be someone else ‘s.

Opportunity call 

As an entrepreneur with no fashion background, friends formed Claret as another product of the market gap.

They were in the sixth show of Uppingham College near Bryant in Bryant, before the university, Spencer – Churchill to Newcastle to study the product design, Leiris to Bristol to study Italian.

For Spencer-Churchill, Porsche’s furniture department is stylish. In 2003 the women’s wholesale team appeared a vacancy, she “jumped up”.

At the same time, Lyles is working at Goodley – now known as Goodley Bullen, where she found that Australian designer Alice McCall and other clients are looking for UK wholesale inventory.

Spencer Churchill joined Waters in 2004 and opened in the fall of January 2006 and opened his own exhibition hall.

After 18 months, they work from the childhood bedroom of Spencer-Churchill in western London, while Lyles ‘parents’ address is “warehouse”. In addition to Alice McCall, they also sold Autralian’s brands Shakuhachi and Ginger & Smart.

At the beginning, their fearless duo was still threatened.

Spencer-Churchill said: “When you are 26 years old, no family, mortgage or any responsibility, you can only earn 500 pounds a month is not so terrible.” This is why we can Within a few years to build it, and in the early days of the real reason. But now we have a family – Alex is about to have her third child – so we have no way to bear this risk now. ”

Transfer to the distributor model

Sales agents as a growing portfolio of Australian brands, including Zimmermann and Mara Hoffman, have quickly shown that the business model has to change.

Spencer-Churchill said: “We determined the key to success is customer service back to the retailer and customer service processing 12 hours of time difference is very difficult because you have been waiting for the answer.

“In the two years that Claret began, we gradually shifted our model from the agent to the dealer, which means we had to expand everything. With an agent, you could collect and write the order and send it back to the brand And do other things, and we are doing everything, even in the scope of planning. “