Every Girl Should Have YSL Foundation

Yves Saint Laurent is an established brand known for its designer bags, shoes, and clothes. They also have a beauty and skincare line that will cater to your vanity.

Though their skincare and makeup lines are unbeknownst to many, they have a beauty line worth trying out. If you aren`t into the beauty scene, you might not be familiar with some of these makeup variants, but if you search online, you`ll find that many beauty YouTubers and bloggers have already reviewed these.

Every woman or man needs a foundation that will enhance their skin, not to fully cover it to the point you can`t recognize the brilliance of their natural skin. The key is to enhance, not remove, one`s skin identity. So you should check these YSL foundation makeups that will change the way you do your everyday makeup:

1. YSL Fashion Cushion

YSL’s cushion fashion is an iconic foundation that’s travel-friendly and has buildable coverage. In addition, its packaging is compact and refillable with its classy and rouge aesthetic.

Keep your makeup looking natural with this foundation. It can give your skin a fresh, luminous, and matte finish. It also has SPF and is ideal as a top-up for all-day wear with light to medium coverage.

Besides the ingredients and what this product can do for your everyday makeup looks, it has a superb black and gold packaging that screams elegance with its classic YSL logo and high-quality compact mirror.

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Cushion (Various Shades)

Its cushion is soft and packed with foundation. One of the many reasons women love cushion foundation is because of the control you have as to how much makeup you want to dab onto your face. In addition, the dabbing technique is an excellent way to ensure your skin absorbs the foundation well.

2. YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Perfectly even and matte coverage is what most women want to achieve when putting on makeup. You can get luminous and fresh coverage with YSL’s Fusion Ink. Its texture is light yet as fine as ink, suitable for covering wrinkles, fine lines, acne marks, spots, and blemishes.

It also has a dry oil complex so the skin can absorb it better and dry faster. It will help you avoid having a dry, patchy, or oily face. It easily lasts for more than 12 hours without looking greasy.

The packaging is sleek and elegant. Some customers prefer an applicator or a pump, but this packaging is hygienic because there`s minimal contact of the product from external bacteria.

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation SPF18 (Various Shades)

3. YSL All Hours Liquid Foundation

Achieve a long-lasting full coverage with YSL’s All Hours Liquid Foundation. It will help cover pimples and marks without creating a crease on your skin. It can also cover up fine lines well.

As the product name suggests, it`s a liquid foundation to keep your beauty afloat no matter the hour. So whether it`s the sunrise or the sunset, this dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic foundation will give you a full-face matter cover-up, even if you have sensitive skin.

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) All Hours Liquid Foundation SPF20 25ml (Various Shades)

4. YSL Touche Éclat Cushion

A cult-favorite, YSL’s touche Eclat cushion provides sheer coverage for minimal blemishes and acne marks. It’s your best friend for creating a “no makeup” makeup look. It can both conceal and cover the entire face for a flawless base for your makeup.

It comes in eight different shades and offers radiation, hydration, and coverage. In addition, it will help you apply your makeup effortlessly with its blendable texture and compact foundation.

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Touche Éclat Cushion (Various Shades)

5. All hours Foundation Stick

Have a foundation stick with you wherever you go. YSL’s All Hours Foundation is the handy makeup you need!

It gives full coverage with minimal product use, offers a slightly matte and glowy look, and stays on until it’s time to remove it.

Mask uneven skin tone, and make spots disappear with a blend of a finger. It’s easy to apply using your finger, Beauty Blender, or makeup brush.

Some of the best things about this foundation are the consistency, texture, and ease of use. It blends in effortlessly, looks natural, and feels light.



6. YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation

If you have experienced wearing makeup the whole day before, you know that greasy and icky feeling of makeup that sat on the face for too long. Unfortunately, there are days when you have to be prepared for a full-day face makeup without removing and redoing it. Instead, indulge in the long-lasting and oil-free Touche eclat Le tenant foundation of YSL. Not only does it conceal spots, acne marks, and blemishes, its lightweight texture makes you glow radiantly all day.

A medium-coverage, SPF protection, and a liquid formula is the concoction you need for your face to keep it looking fresh, vibrant, and non-cakey. Though a bit pricey, this is a luxury brand that provides high-quality makeup and

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation 25ml (Various Shades)

Ensuring that you do your skincare regularly will also help you get smooth skin with or without makeup. Prep with your morning or night skincare route, and put on primer before starting the creative makeup process.

Fall and winter seasons are the best time to experiment with different makeup or foundation because you won`t sweat much. In addition, you will have an idea of how long a cosmetic can last are the effects on your makeup looks without sweat and dust getting in the way.

These foundations will keep you looking naturally flawless. A tiny amount will go a long way to cover up your pores and acne without being cakey. YSL beauty, skincare, and makeup products are always a treat. However, make sure that you`re also indulging yourself and your skin with such luxury.

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