Reflection in Retrospection: 5 Vivienne Westwood Collectors Share Their Rarest Treasures

What is your own most prized possession? Chances are, if you consider yourself a fashion connoisseur, then Vivienne Westwood’s timeless contribution to the industry will likely be at the top of that list. From her infamous Sex movement in the 70s to Anglomania during the 90s, it should come as no surprise that vintage Westwood designs have become some of the most highly desired items among collectors today. In this blog post, we’ll hear from five individuals who hold Vivienne Westwood pieces close to their hearts. We’re so eager to discover the fascinating stories behind each of these collectors’ treasured items and understand why they are such cherished mementos. Undoubtedly, every single piece has its own special meaning that makes it significant in a unique way!

“Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person” – By Oscar de le Renta

#1. Jennifer Cox, Iconic Archive 

Jennifer’s most cherished item is a Vivienne Westwood corset from their Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. She got it at an incredibly discounted price from a car boot sale, and its vivid blue color with the charming kitten design definitely draws attention. The garment perfectly encapsulates Westwood’s bold and daring approach to fashion designs—something that she loves about her one-of-a-kind clothing items! As she puts it, “My most treasured pieces are my personal selection of corsets which I wear and adore.”

From coast to coast, I’ve traveled in search of Vivienne Westwood corsets – a difficult feat. It can be far from glamorous at times; once, I even met a client in the parking lot and examined their vintage collection inside their car. On another occasion, I rendezvoused with an individual at the park who displayed theirs on playground equipment! Though primarily focused on acquiring vintage designs, my first new piece was this particular corset, which makes it incredibly precious to me.

#2. Johnny Valencia, Pechuga Vintage 

You may find it remarkable, but Johnny’s all-time favorite outfit is a Vivienne Westwood dress from the 90s that he acquired through an Instagram post. Vintage shopping has been translated to the digital space, and this explains how he was able to get his hands on such a unique design—it boasts an off-the-shoulder neckline with cinched waist and ruffle skirt. This undeniably beautiful piece perfectly encapsulates Westwood’s exceptional tailoring, which admirably appealed to Johnny in particular! His love for Vivienne Westwood knows no bounds; his favorite item is a dress from the mid-90s, showcasing her classic style and proving that it will always be relevant. He beamed, “I absolutely adore this timeless piece of fashion!”

#3. Brynn Jones, Aralda Vintage 

You may be shocked to hear it, but Brynn’s most cherished item is a pair of hot-pink faux crocodile Super Elevated Ghillies by Vivienne Westwood. Those familiar with the brand would recognize this shoe as the one Naomi Campbell famously stumbled on while strutting down the runway during her Autumn/Winter 1993 collection show. Although they are too small for her feet, Brynn cherishes these shoes like art and admires their impressive eight-inch heel height. She reminisces on the allure of pink: “I’m so drawn to Aralda wearing it since I don’t have much of this color myself. These shoes let me enjoy this color without needing to make a long-term commitment.”

#4. Brandon Veloria Giordano, James Veloria

It could come as a shock, but one of the most treasured items in Brandon’s vintage collection is an incredible Vivienne Westwood mini-crini hoop skirt. In 2020 when the pandemic first began, their store was still closed, and he wasn’t sure when it would reopen – so he hesitated to purchase it when a fashion editor had initially reached out about selling it. Yet luckily for him, she contacted him again several months later with another offer, and they were able to snap up this amazing item! This design is truly remarkable with its distinct shape and flow, yet still comfortable to wear due to the drawstring waist and light fabric. He noted that it felt “very precious and treasured,” adding a special touch to our assortment.

#5. Colin James Weber, James Veloria

Colin’s most cherished item, a Vivienne Westwood tartan mini-crini dress discovered in an East Village vintage shop, is certainly unexpected. Upon setting his eyes on the striking print and its special silhouette alongside unparalleled quality, it was love at first sight! He often remarks that “It’s such a timeless piece that I’ll wear for decades to come” as he puts it on with incredible effect; the dress just feels so extraordinary. Shopping vintage is incredibly rewarding – and this dress really proves it! He can’t help but come back for more, whether his favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood or anyone else. By shopping vintage, he’s able to find one-of-a-kind items with their own amazing stories attached, pieces that you simply won’t ever see anywhere else.

So if you’re looking to add some unique and special items to your wardrobe, look no further than vintage! Whether it’s a Vivienne Westwood piece or not, there’s guaranteed to be something out there that will fit your personality perfectly. With options galore, why would you shop anywhere else? Shop vintage today and find your own one-of-a-kind piece as cherished as Colin’s!

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