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It is finally that time of the year, time of the year when you throw on a super warm and cozy coat. Sip your pumpkin spice latte and go shopping for Christmas presents. Who doesn’t like that time of the year? Feelingirldress official certainly does! In order for you to like it more we decided to help you out with some purchases. To be precise we want you to find some clothing that will absolutely make you look and feel amazing. For start let us talk about winter coats. If you want to find a perfect coat we have such a […]

Cheap but Elegant Clothes at Feelingirldress

A few decades ago, people used to fill their wardrobes with designer clothes. Your peers could also be having them and always looking gorgeous with their style, but your budget cannot imitate their fashion. Luckily the clothing industry has changed in a big way in several contemporary labels to accommodate affordable and luxury clothing. So, if you are looking into ways of wearing cheap but elegant clothes, then you are in luck because Feelingirldress is going to help you save your cash and still look luxurious. Keep reading for the best clothes at affordable prices. Maxi Dresses Our brand new […]