This Year’s Most Popular Hair Colors

Meta Description: This year is about spreading your arms wide open for the “new”. New trends, new hairdos, a new you! For today’s most popular hair colors, here’s a list of hairstylist experts-verified hair tones you can easily choose for your locks.


1. Glossy, Dark Brown Hair

Perhaps this doesn’t strike you as “wow”. Well, it actually is a favorite for 2020. Dark brown, and not just dark but super glossy, is hair that’s a must-have, especially for those who lean more towards the darker shades when it comes to coloring.


Glossy strands are healthy-looking strands, and thus are head-turning and definitely attractive on you no matter the weather.

2. The Lighter Side Of Blonde

If you’re looking to go the opposite of what you’re usually used to, sandy blonde is in. It’s pretty to look at, and even prettier when styled. Work up your curls with a curling wand DIY or straighten it out with a flat iron and that light blonde tint will shine amazingly.


3. Silver, Not Diamonds


A girl’s best friend this year, for hair that’s out of this world, is silver. Silver undertones have a not-too-distracting yet striking-enough appearance that’s going to make your hair stand out. Similarly, if you want to go full-on multicolored with silver touches, go ahead! Purple is in. You could give this a try! Or you can ditch the purple silver and go silver through and through.


A brighter side of brown for highlights for this bit. Caramel-brown is a great choice for highlighting bits and pieces and strands on your hair. They’re gorgeous when you’re out in the sun, or any other light source, for that matter.


5. Dip-Dyes

Here’s one for the fashion adventurer. A number of celebrities have been going out and about with the tips of their hair dyed in bold,unconventional colors. Red tips, anyone? If you’re feeling unsure of the sudden change, then choose a shade close to your actual hair color for those hair-edges.

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