Yellow Shirt with White Pants, Stylish Outfit!

As much as the stitching and style of your clothes are important, the colors are also going to play part in making you look beautiful. There is a common misconception that you cannot pair two light colors together. But if you know which shades to go for, even the ones on the lighter end can be clubbed together. The best example of this is yellow and white as a team. Here are some good ideas to prove that the yellow shirt with white pants is a brilliant idea.

Faye blouse and white pants

It is a simple and sweet option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much time with the mix and match. The faye blouse has a free-flowing cut and a high neck that keeps you warm and less exposed (if that’s what you prefer). The blue outline around the funky neck acts as an extra addition to the trendy look.  

Crop top and lose pants

Crop tops have been the female favorite for a long time now. They are extremely easy to handle and maintain. To top that, you can pair them with almost anything. A yellow crop top with wide-legged white pants is a crazy combination for anyone who likes to display some confidence in their clothing. Go for the vertical stripes as they tend to make you look slimmer than the horizontal ones.  

Yellow Floral blouse and Ripped jeans

The growing interest in white pants compelled the designers to introduce white jeans. If you are a fan of ripped ones, you can pair them with simple yellow satin blouses that have impressive prints on them. If you can search for the flowers and leaves, it will be a great choice since the backdrop will be yellow. This is an apt option for college going females.

Cotton Yellows with White jeans

Cotton is a very comfortable fabric that allows breathing. You can wear yellow collared cotton shirts with your usual white jeans. The look can be formal or informal depending upon the occasion. Depends on how you tuck the shirt and if you’ll go for the cold shoulders or not.

Yellow Gold tunics and wide-leg trousers

You can always go for different shades of yellows with your pristine white pants. You can combine high neck, golden yellow tunics with white trousers if you are looking for a different look than the usual. Tie your hair up and grab your heels before you step out.

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