What should I do if my body skin feels dry in autumn? Choose a useful body lotion to moisturize it! This article will recommend 5 super easy-to-use body lotions for everyone.


L’Occitane is a brand rooted in the traditions of Provence. It is committed to providing customers with high-quality natural facial, body care, fragrance and household products. It is a natural plant skin care brand that fully demonstrates the essence of a happy life in France. This body lotion contains 5% shea butter essence, which has the effect of nourishing, refreshing and protecting the skin, making the skin softer and smoother; the texture of the lotion contains a pleasant natural fragrance, smooth and gentle to the touch Easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and shiny; taking care of hand moisturizing and moisturizing effects, you can do two things with one stone.

Chanel CHANCE EAU TENDRE Body lotion

This body lotion exudes the floral scent of Encounter Perfume, which combines the fragrance of pink pepper, jasmine, and amber patchouli, which is pleasant. The texture is light and soft, and the skin is soft and full of faint fragrance after use.

Jurlique Softening Rose Body Lotion

Originating from Australia, Jurlique is natural skin care brand founded by biochemist Jurgen Klein. And his wife Ulrike Knew in 1985. Products are know as the most refined skin care products on earth. This body lotion contains rose essence, which can effectively soothe the skin, maintain the balance of water and oil, and delay skin aging; it contains aloe vera essence, which fully nourishes the skin and improves the dull skin; it contains shea butter, which has the effect of moisturizing, soothing and moisturizing the skin; The ingredients are mild and non-irritating, suitable for any skin type.

Dior J’adore Body Lotion

This body lotion contains the fragrant imprint of true self perfume, exudes a charming fragrance, which is pleasant; rich in cotton nectar and jasmine essence, excellent moisturizing and improving skin texture; emulsion-like texture, soft and gentle, silky like milk, Helps form a moisturizing film on the skin’s epidermis, changes the skin’s touch, and plays a role in skin care.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Lotion

Elizabeth Arden brand established in the United States in 1910. And enjoys a high reputation in the beauty industry. This body lotion contains green tea essence.

Which can soothe the skin, fight back dryness, and form a protective film on the skin to reduce water loss.

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