No one can deny the fact that jeans have emerged somehow as a  blessing to humans and that they are here to stay with us forever. Comfortable and super trendy jeans are such that they can’t be hated by anyone. Everyone loves to flaunt themselves wearing their favorite favorites. This is the reason that jeans have been evolving and undergoing significant transformation with time, and so different types of jeans of different colors, patterns, and shades have found existence in our day today-to-days. Jeans are of various types ranging from the y jeans to the ones, from the mom jeans to the boyfriend jeans, jeans are chosen by all Blue and the b are no doubt the basic and standard colors means that have been ruling the world for a very long time and will be ruling for many more years to come. However, apart from the basic jeans many more types of jeans are found available in today’s market some of which are flawless and worth at least a try.

Now that we all know how important jeans are to us, let’s discover all the types of jeans for women and sort out the best ones for us as per our fashion sense and style.

Skinny Jeans

Just as the name suggests Skinny jeans are particularly those types of jeans that fit you snugly and are skin-hugging. These jeans usually take the shape of our legs and trace them throughout. All those who have sexy lean legs must give skinny jeans a try as these jeans are made for them and will help them achieve their dream look. There are different types of skinny jeans too. They come in low, mid, and high-rise waist cuts, all of which are stretchable.

Skinny Crop Jeans

Skinny crop jeans are somehow very similar to all those regular skinny jeans. What makes them different from those is that skinny Crop jeans end a little above your shins. Apart from these, their designs are not much different from regular skinny jeans. However, some of these come with a fold which greatly adds to the aesthetic. 


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Sounding similar to leggings, Jeggings are nothing else but your leggings made up of denim fabric. You can choose to style up your jeggings with the same clothes you style yourself with your leggings. You may choose to wear a  top that is a little below your hip if you are conscious. It is seen many women swear by them just because they are highly comfortable and also come with a waistband and not with those standard buttons. Jeggings serve as the best suitable option for pregnant ladies as they do not put much pressure on their bellies but look extremely stylish at the same time. Jeggings have become the first choice for women, especially in the winter. One can easily wear them with winter boots and keep themselves warm and comfortable. Similar to normal jeans, jeggings come in a variety of shades and colors.

Flared Jeans

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All of us must have heard of flared jeans. Flared jeans were initially popular in the market as a nineties fashion statement. But the comeback they made was for real and they are now back with a bang. The boot-cut jeans open up slowly below our knees. Flared jeans are said to be somewhere in between boot cut and bell bottom style trousers. Flared jeans can make you look much more stylish and once you may make a permanent space in your wardrobe.

High Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are a sensation in the world of fashion. High-waisted jeans can be the ideal choice for all those women who wish to have something just the opposite of low-hung jeans. Something you should know about these jeans is that these jeans can be snug or they can just be relaxed. Besides these, they can be deconstructed or they can be colored. But something that remains common throughout is that such jeans always sit just above your navel. This gives you the much-needed confidence to flaunt yourselves by pairing it with a crop top or a cute bralette.

Ripped Jeans

It may sound a bit off track too many when it comes to hearing about girls wearing jeans with multiple slits and holes. But no matter how strange it may sound,  ripped jeans have soon made it to several women’s wardrobes not only just because they were everywhere but also because they made girls achieve the so-called  ‘messy’ look they wanted and it made them look great. For women who wish to look a little rough around the edges on purpose, there is no better option to do it other than with distressed denim.

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