The Most Complete Introduction of YSL Lipsticks-Don’t Miss it

You may not be able to buy thousands of designer bags or high-heeled shoes, but a big-brand lipstick usually only needs a few hundred to own right away. In the beauty industry, YSL Saint Laurent’s lipsticks can be described as the best, their appearance is high enough, the color and texture are also famously praised, and they are sought after by stars and artists of all kinds.


46 kinds of full-color numbers, 3 different textures, classic lacquer lip glaze, water-bright lip glaze, colloidal black tube, bold and shining tones, subvert the lip makeup rules in the makeup industry.

#407 Bean Paste: dark rose bean paste color, dark lips paint a purple tone, light lips paint a reddish brown, suitable for white girls in autumn and winter, it looks mature, gentle, and flavorful.

#416 Tomato Red: There is a kind of temptation and charming feeling, with a delicate femininity.

#401: A red with orange accents, thick coats with orange accents are more pronounced, thin coats are rose red; it is still very friendly to yellow skin, dark colors with orange accents can highlight white skin.

#409 Plum color: The berry color is super suitable for autumn and winter, and it looks very aura; the thin coat is a very girly and pink color, which looks very beautiful.

#412: Peach pink, but not glamorous at all. On the contrary, it is gentler, more everyday color, yellow skin is also friendly, and can be applied without makeup.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim

Saint Laurent’s new lipstick comes in a thin square tube. The packaging is a tall black and gold color. It is a rare matte matte lipstick from YSL. Because the saturation is a bit high, it is not suitable for plain makeup, it is best to apply it when applying makeup, but it is still very friendly to yellow skin. One of the four star color numbers, expressing wild and unruly.

N°21 Retro Red: It is the hottest color number in this series. Retro red with a little cool tone, white and atmospheric, full of aura. All-match does not pick the skin color. The color retention is very good.

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N°12 Dry Rose: Rose red, friendly to both white and yellow skin. Gentle and kind, very white, suitable for plain makeup and daily use

N°10 Vitality Tangerine: Coral color with orange tones, white, matte but not dry on the lips. makes The whole person looks bright and lively.

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  1. These lipsticks are all very good-looking, I think I need to buy some from them.

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