Finding Your Fashion Style With A Bang

The question goes usually like this, “How can I find my own style and still be chic?” And many, if not all of us, have asked ourselves this in more ways than most, and in many other words. The secret is that there’s no… secret. It’s about what you want to wear and how you feel when you wear it. That said, here are some tips on how to go about finding your fashion style!


 Your Body Type Is The Perfect, And Only Model

What with the advent of social media, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing your body with that of celebrities and models. But really, when it comes to fashion, you should tailor what you wear to how your natural curves appear. Love your body and make it your own! Choose clothing pieces that are about you and not about someone else’s look.

Emphasize The Heck Out Of It

This one’s very much related to #1. Once you come to accept and love your curves, know which parts you want to emphasize. For instance, the waistline is the body part to high light for that coke bottle look (regardless of height!). High-waisted bottoms are especially good for those towering in height. In contrast, those who are petite will want to don this for longer-looking legs. Try and try until you find the ensembles that you believe work best on you.


Comfort Is Style

The newest, hottest fashion on the catwalk may not be so comfy once you wear them. Don’t force it. If you’re feeling as though you’re trying too hard to make a piece work yet aren’t exactly comfortable, ditch that shiz. Instead, rock apparel that you’ll feel good in.


Step Outside The Box

Having comfort in mind, every now and then, test your fashion limits and step out of your style comfort zone. Try new pieces and mix and match what you normally wouldn’t. Besides, that’s also how you’ll be able to find your style and learn which ones work and which ones don’t.


 Confidence Is The Best Style Tip Ever

Not to sound sappy but yes. Confidence. Be confident in who you are, in your body, and how you dress. That’s your best asset, so let it shine! Once you’ve found your style, own it. Walk with your chin held high, straighten your posture, and flash that gorgeous smile!

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