How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Yourself

Choosing the right lingerie for yourself shouldn’t be a problem if you follow these tips, which we will be sharing with you. We don’t want to feel intimidated by the idea of lingerie shopping, and please also know you are not the only one that feels that way. In the end, we all want to feel beautiful and sexy, and there is nothing like lingerie, especially pretty ones, to make you feel super special.

Whether you’re looking for something for a special night with your man (or woman) or something just for yourself, choosing the right lingerie can do wonders for your confidence, so you look and feel your best. But, how do you actually find the right piece for yourself? Well, there are so many options from bralettes and bodysuits to thong underwear, and it’s not a surprise if most women feel lost trying to find the right one. The experience can really be overwhelming, doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online or at a physical store.

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But now, you don’t have to worry anymore, here are a few tips you need to consider before you start shopping for lingerie.

Have your options in mind

Before you start shopping, you have to know there are different types of lingerie. For example, there are bodysuits, which are one-piece sets that incorporate bra and underwear together. These tend to be perfect for special occasions or layering under your outfits. Then we have bralettes, these are bras that don’t have an underwire and are often made out of lace. Usually, look best on women with a smaller bust.

Personal style and comfort

You might see lingerie pieces that look amazing on the supermodels and you might want them for yourself. But when it comes to you, well, it is important that you make an investment in those pieces that you’ll be comfortable wearing and that align with your own personal style. Even if you’re buying the lingerie for a special night with your significant other, the lingerie has to feel good when you wear it. Once you’re comfortable with it, then you’ll be flaunting it like a supermodel. You can even add a seamless bra if it’s needed.

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If you’re starting, you can do it with a few simple pieces. These can be nice sets and pieces made of lace in neutral colors. These will look good, no matter what you’re wearing over them. If you already have some of the basics, you can try something a little sexier, like a red silk gown, for example.

Body type

When it comes to lingerie, you’ll have to buy it according to your body type. Because sadly, in this case, one size doesn’t fit all. For girls on the smaller side, there are a few good options. We are talking about padded bras with lace that will give a fuller look or an underwire half-cup bra. If you’re on the curvier side, the idea is to highlight your curves. You can get a full-cup bra that will provide support and draw attention to them and away from some unappealing areas.

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For girls with more athletic bodies, a nice lace bralette will give you a feminine and flirtier look. A V-shape neckline will definitively help leaner bodies look a bit curvier. But also, please, if you’re plus-sized, don’t think you can’t wear one. You can and they have been trending as a fashion statement piece lately.


Like there are outfits for different occasions, so there is lingerie for different occasions too. For everyday wear or nights when you are just one to relax, bra and underwear sets in neutral colors will go perfectly with your outfits while a nice bodysuit will be just right for lounging around.

For those special nights or events with your partner, we recommend you go for something sexier and maybe even wild. You can always choose something black, but we recommend that you experiment with colors and also with fabrics too.

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