The coldest season of the year is approaching, and winter coats return to our lives.

Whether in a simpler production or a more modern one. Some coats will make you even warmer this winter.

We know winter has its downsides and advantages too. The best one is being able to wear that warm coat that was kept in the closet for a long time.

It’s okay that in winter we leave the house practically packed with several layers of clothes so as not to get cold and maintain the usual comfort.

But on the other hand, you can opt and choose a powerful coat without having to carry too many pieces in your look.

There are many options to choose from and many of them are versatile and complement your look even more. And I’m sure at least one of them is in your wardrobe, after this post check it out, okay?

Classics like the denim jacket, leather jacket, sweatshirt, cardigan, military parka, puffer jacket, shake jacket, and trench coat. You saw that you can create a more laid-back, elegant, tidy, boho style and even find out which is your favorite coat of the season!

Denim jacket

If you want a practical and beautiful look, the denim jacket is the right choice. It’s easy to combine with everything, I love the denim + jeans combo, with a little black dress and boots!

Besides, it’s a very easy piece to combine, because it mixes comfort and style. There are several possibilities with the jacket, for example, the jeans with jeans, the sweatshirt sets and even a long dress with a belt, it’s ok.

Leather jacket

It’s wild, doesn’t leave you cold and on top of that, you create a more rocker look. Perfect to combine with long dresses, little overalls, and abuse the colored shades with black and white yes!

Also, bet on booties, be it high or low heels.


In school days, the sweatshirt was the most versatile piece of our look.

Times have passed, and it remains a wild piece to wear in this cold season. With it, it is possible to create very comfortable and colorful looks for working and going out, prefer prints and strong colors.

I really like the sweatshirt with a skirt, black pants, and denim shorts!


It’s perfect for those who like a more serious, feminine, and youthful look. It has a longer length and is looser on the body. You can wear it closed, with a belt tying the garment underneath, or with more social pieces such as a silk shirt and dress pants.

Military Park

Do you want a more elegant and modern production?

Invest in a military parka, valley with military green or dark shades like grey, brown, black, and white. And if you want an even more stylish look, bet on destroyed pants with boots!

Puffer jacket

The puffer jacket is warm and hot in street style. It is a super fluffy coat that forms “waves” and because of its stitching, it is a very warm and practical option for this year’s winter.

It is also suitable for skiing, depending on the material because it cuts the wind and can be waterproof.

In addition, because it is a very voluminous jacket, the puffer works best with tight pieces such as leggings or jeans. It also has a sporty vibe and can be paired with sweatpants and sneakers.

Now, if you want a tidier look, leather pants, as well as black, go really well, while boots or a pump are ideal for feet.

Shacket Jacket

The oversized wool shirt (better known as Shacket) is the new bet of the moment. It’s a square-cut shirt, with two buttoned chest pockets and a buttoned front.

It usually comes with a warm material and a checkered design.

In other words, unlike the plaid shirt, this piece can be a great alternative to compose a more stripped and grunge look.

Unlike a flannel model of a plaid shirt, this piece is structured and can be a great alternative to compose more grunge and laid-back look.

Trench Coat

The Trench Coat is a wildcard to lift any basic look in seconds.

The coat itself carries a super warm vibe. In addition, it is very democratic to the point of being an ideal piece, because it brings combinations with leggings, sweatshirt,s and running shoes for any occasion.

And it can be the perfect outfit like no other overlay this winter.

So, which coat is your darling this season?

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