Popilush New Arrival Shaper Dress: Everything You Need To Know

Popilush delivers the best in shapewear to completely transform the female universe. It is possible to build many image figures if you include shapewear as a staple of your personal style.

You don’t have to use it only for parties or special occasions. With the technological advancement in the production of a dress with built in shapewear, it is possible to include the item as an everyday piece. You can work, study, take the kids to school or go to the supermarket in your best version.

 A well-built appearance is worth a thousand words and you can express yourself to the world through the way you dress. Check out some tips on the latest trends in modeling dresses presented by Popilush.

1-Built-In Shapewear Metallic Shiny Bustier Mini Dress

Those who follow global fashion trends have arrived with everything and are here to stay. Clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup and especially dresses in pink are on the rise. You must include at least one item with this shade in your closet.

This model has a very interesting detail that is also in vogue in the fashion world, which is the shiny metallic. It arrives with strength in accessories such as a bag and shoes for those who want to balance it with clothes in neutral colors.

But for women who want to deliver femininity to the extreme, it is interesting to use metallic detail in clothes. This new arrival shaper dress is great for wearing to cocktail parties, evening parties or proms.

It features high-stretch fabric inside and out and a perfect belly-flattening effect through the double-layer fabric. The hip is perfectly modeled through the three-dimensional cut that does not over-tighten. In addition, it has support for lifting the breasts.

2- Built-In Shapewear Denim Bodysuit Mini Dress

This model has an imitation of jeans fabric very close to the original. Jeans are a trend that remains high for years, so it’s interesting to invest. The fabric is stretchy, soft and fits perfectly to the body.

It features an antique bronze metal zipper that helps shape a keepsake figure in the classic style that denim wears well. The ultra-strong shaping mesh helps with tummy control and the butt-lifting design delivers a sexy figure.

3-Built-In Shapewear Off Shoulder V-Neck Ruched Midi Dress

This dress is perfect in so many ways. The shoulder-to-shoulder detail is extremely elegant. The deep V-neckline is sexy and the ruffle that follows its shape delivers an ideal finish.

Features high-stretch nylon fabric and shapewear support with a faja mesh design inside the back. It is easy to put on and take off and highly breathable. The built-in shapewear mesh effectively shapes the waist. Colors in warm tones like red, coral and wine are on the rise. So, choose the wine color as an assertive option.

4- Built-In Shapewear One Shoulder Cutout Mini Dress

Pieces with asymmetry is a strong modern trend. The one-shoulder detail and uniquely shaped neckline make this shaper dress an interesting choice.

This shapewear mini dress features four-way stretch and double-layer fabric on the abdomen. 3D stitching in the buttocks area and adjustable straps that help support the breasts.

Plus, you’ll get perfectly shaped legs through the mesh fabric on the leg panels. The blue color is assertive and goes very well with golden accessories and a tanned body for summer.

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