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There must be a pair of jeans in every girl’s wardrobe. It is an invincible magic weapon that can be used no matter what occasion and which match! But there will always be times when I see other people wearing nice pants on my body, I always feel something is wrong. This is because you did not choose the right pair of jeans that suit your body shape!

How to choose jeans for different body shapes

Riangle: People with hips>shoulder width should try to avoid Skinny Jeans. Choosing Flared Jeans (flared trousers) can divert your eyes and achieve the effect of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses. Boot Cut jeans are also very suitable. The flared pants tightly wrap the hips, and the legs are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.

Hourglass: Hip circumference = shoulder width> waist circumference, students are too enviable! Basically, your figure will look good in casual wear.

Inverted Triangle: For students with shoulder width> hip circumference, when they have an inverted triangle shape, choosing a Boyfriend, a looser lower body pants type, can make the body look more even. Slim Fit jeans should be avoided as much as possible.

After choosing the jeans that suit your body shape, you can buy them according to your preference.

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Let’s talk about a popular jeans brand DL1961. DL1961 was established in New York in 2008. Its jeans fit, comfortable, and fashionable, and meet all our needs for jeans. And DL1961 really achieves the extreme of green environmental protection standards. From the selection of materials to the dyeing process of jeans washing, they adhere to the concept of environmental protection, and even the labels on the jeans are degradable!

The most exquisite fitting when choosing jeans. In DL1961, I have to mention its original XFIT LYCRA fabric, which is particularly elastic, and it also makes the package of DL1961 jeans reach a new height. No matter how you wear it, it will not be deformed or loose, which fully meets our essential needs when choosing evergreen jeans in the wardrobe!

Whether it’s wide-leg pants, skinny jeans, or more ostentatious ripped jeans… DL1961 has many choices. Not tightly dressed, fashionable and at the same time make your legs look finer! Not only are there a variety of choices for girls of different body shapes, but many designs also give the plain item of jeans more attractive little details.

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