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Swimsuit advice for ladies swimming in deep water | Uncategorized

Swimsuit advice for ladies swimming in deep water

Swimming England’s choice of swimming suits for ladies was criticized for being overly concerned with the shape of the female body.

The National Swimming Management Agency of England recommends on its website suitable for female swimmers to wear short or long torso, plus size brackets, “pear-shaped”, large or small bust, “relaxed stomach” or “childish body”. The page was later deleted.

“Make sure you have a swimwear that fits your body shape. It’s important to be honest with yourself or the people you buy. It can create a world that is different,” the guidance notes.

Simone Webb, a Ph.D. student in gender studies, met with guidance in the search for swimsuits. She said: “I am thinking about swimming again because I need to keep track of my aerobics and want to do some warm things indoors. I am really surprised and shocked that the national government agencies will be on their website. Post similar content on it.”

She said that mentoring advice to make women’s bodies as close as possible to specific female ideals is the most important thing when choosing sportswear. She claims that although Swim England’s advice is intended to encourage people to swim, the guidance may hinder women’s participation in the sport.

The guide covers “swimwear materials,” “understand the use of swimwear,” and “choose swimwear for women.” The last section is the most detailed introduction, but other sections have suggestions for appearance. Under the swimwear material, the coach told the female swimmer: “If you have your favorite body characteristics, you can highlight it with bright colors. Also, to hide a less popular feature, use a solid color.”

Weber said: “I can’t fully figure out how it got there. How did someone write it and think it’s a real thing?”

A British swimming spokesperson said: “This is an old web page in 2010 and does not represent the idea of ​​swimming in England. Once it caught our attention, we deleted the page and are replacing it with more appropriate information. Swimming is all One of the most accessible activities for people of age and ability. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the water and apologize for any violations that may be caused by these old information.”

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Behind the scenes of the swimsuit of the cult curve model

CURVE model Bree Warren and luxury women’s swimwear brand Une Piece is a game in Queensland Paradise.

Carly Brown, the founder of Brisbane’s success story, is known for creating the original gender Rashie – this solar-powered one-piece swimming suits for ladies has become a worldwide feel and is known as the active advocate of these stars and the Sunshine Coast. Consistent. Facing the brand’s summer activities in 2019.

Brown said: “I am now a big fan of Bree.”

“We actually wanted to shoot her for the 2018 campaign, but she lived in New York and the timing was not good, so we are very happy to hear that she moved back to Australia this year and has the opportunity to work with her.”
The event, shot at the luxurious Bisque House in Byron Bay, showcases the exquisite new Côted’Azur collection, which was launched today and draws inspiration from the beaches of the French Riviera.
Warren told The Courier-Mail that she was happy to work with Une Piece.

“This is the only brand that is now bringing back the sun safety classics in a truly modern way,” she said.

“I can’t wait to wear new surf clothing.”
Her strong stance on physical enthusiasm and her pursuit of physical diversity in the fashion world is a major part of her appeal to swimwear brands.

“She is a beautiful, confident, capable woman in many ways,” Brown said.
Warren told The Courier-Mail that she believes the industry is in the “critical moment” of change and that she has more work to do.

“We are balancing the playing field and it’s cool to participate,” she said.

“There are still some industries in Australia that have not yet been cracked, such as beauty and large department stores.

“I think this is the next step I hope.”

Swimsuit advice for ladies swimming in deep water | Uncategorized

The evolution of swimwear

The evolution of swimming suits for ladies – from the 19th century to the present day. In the 1800s, modesty was the greatest wealth of women. The swimsuit is designed to cover the body from head to toe. Fast forward for hundreds of years, things are a bit different.

Today, swimwear is another way to express yourself, and the diversity of the body is praised. So how do we achieve this? Here is the evolution of swimwear:

Values ​​have changed since the 1800s, but body coverage swimsuits are still mandatory. Women wear dresses made of heavy fabrics, such as wool or flannel, which drown their bodies.

By 1910, the feminist movement was proceeding smoothly, paving the way for changing women’s lives and making the town a swimwear style.
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The evolution of swimwear – from the 19th century to the present day. In the 1800s, modesty was the greatest wealth of women. The swimsuit is designed to cover the body from head to toe. Fast forward for hundreds of years, things are a bit different.

Today, swimwear is another way to express yourself, and the diversity of the body is praised. So how do we achieve this? Here is the evolution of swimwear:
The sleeves fell off and the skirt was shortened. Women dare to wear swimsuits that are tighter than the bust and waist.
In the 1930s, the jumpsuit suit was all the rage, and the bare legs and shoulders became the standard for the beach. In the meantime, thin shoulder straps have become more popular, making swimwear more practical.
This era saw the launch of the bikini. Luxury swimwear designers are starting to get bolder when deciding on clothing for women in public.
Iconic women like Marilyn Monroe have revolutionized the game in terms of culture, and it is normal for women to wear two-pieces on the beach.
Swimsuits are usually still high-rise with a bra top, but this is a dramatic change decades ago.
The 1960s was still regarded as one of the most important turning points in the fashion world. In this hippie movement, women are encouraged to wear whatever they want without being ashamed or embarrassed.

Bikini becomes smaller and the fabric is thinner. The world is about to get the shock of their lives through the high bikini series of the 80s, more than ever before. The prints are colorful, and the neon and swimsuit have as much back and front as the front.

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Considering the real application of spring swimwear in the spring of 2019

Looking through the hundreds of 2019 spring collections on Vogue Runway, we calculated at least 53 bikinis, maillots and rash guards mixed with this season’s loose blazer and crochet dress. At Chanel, Cris Herrmann’s two-tone one-shoulder ladies swimming costume and loose jeans feel strange like a revelation; the exterior even became one of the top ten looks of Vogue Fashion Director Virginia Smith in Paris. Why is it so deeply resonating? This chic black and white swimsuit and low denim make it so luxurious and practical, just like you can wear it anywhere – not just on the beach. Advanced sign accessories definitely help, but it’s easy to imagine Herman putting on a jacket (and some shoes) just in her day. Anyway, who said you must swim in a swimsuit?

Today, we are not surprised to see swimwear on the runway. It has become a versatile styling technique – but still strangely inexplicable. Maybe it’s related to the spontaneity of the swimsuit: If you’re wearing a bikini under your clothes, maybe that means your life is so exciting and so unpredictable that you can’t expect you to know when you find yourself. Swimming pool or beach. Maryam Nassir Zadeh, this is definitely a part of the charm, even though it is “closed” – the feeling of wearing a swimsuit on the street is particularly deeply rooted in her aesthetic. Her 2019 spring show opens and closes with a swimsuit: first, a striped crochet belt layered under bicycle shorts and a glass and leather belt, and finally, a small zebra striped bikini decorated with bougainvillea. Elsewhere, she designed a bikini top with a full-high waist skirt that looks like her own summer uniform. “My collection is always about my life, and [I] is obsessed with New York and the speed and intensity of the city. This is also an important step in my life, going away and traveling,” she said. “So I like the idea of ​​integrating these two worlds.”

Much of this comes down to our obsession with travel and “escape”. When we are on vacation, when we unplug, are we not the best self? If we want to recreate this feeling in a fast-paced, over-used “regular” life, our clothes are a good starting point. It’s like muscle memory: Put on a bikini that is related to happiness and good resonance, and your attitude should follow. Veronica Etro even provides a new role model for our swimwear: the glowing Victoria Vergara and Maribel Koucke, real-life professional surfers who exude warm and positive energy.

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The fashion queen has just launched the most fashionable sunscreen swimsuit

Imagine the summer holiday art directed by Missoni Scion, a picture that comes to mind: generations of incredible Italians, Mediterranean toes, cool breeches and crochet bikinis. The colorful beaches in this scene are close at hand and offer plenty of sun protection. Mott50 is a well-known brand of minimalist swimming suits for ladies and covers made of UV-shielded fabrics. It has developed a new capsule in collaboration with Margherita Maccapani Missoni, which is launched today. Judging from the color-closed single piece and watermark pattern, the instruction is about life, indoors and outdoor life.

For the 35-year-old creative director (newly appointed to oversee the M Missoni series), she has the opportunity to showcase her warm weather design skills as a family business. “I like the fact that I can make clothes for both people and children in the same series,” Missoni said, and she has two young sons. “It’s very challenging to apply sunscreen to the body! Even if we are not at the beach, they are always ready to jump into the water, whether it is a river or a swimming pool.” Although Missoni has long been a daily sunscreen enthusiast – but She remembers that her mother devalued SPF’s tannery oil in the 80s and 90s – the new discovery of UPF fabrics. (An abbreviation for UV protection factor, which is a textile-like rating system similar to SPF; therefore the Mott50 is named 50, marking a powerful barrier to light – no need to reapply.)

In this brand’s new collection, it can be converted into a sleeve rash escort, full of vibrant fish, ideal for Augusto, 3 and Otto, 5. At the same time, there is a pair of swimsuits for women and women. The two-tone vest features a whimsical ruffled waistband; this multi-color long-sleeved suit top features a pointed collar (already the most popular style, which is why it is called Margherita). Missoni said: “I always like animal prints. Since we made swimwear, we have conducted a comprehensive study of tropical fish scales.” The mermaid-like purple iteration is the winner – and, like the mythical creatures, this kind of The model works well on land, as shown by the lines of yoga tights and sports bras.

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Sun protection: New swimwear line has you covered

When she was diagnosed with two melanomas at the age of 32, Brisbane’s mother, Alyshia Morris, was shocked to the heart. She turned her negative experiences into a positive attitude and came up with a way to not only keep her own sunshine, but also encourage others to do the same.
Brisbane’s mother, Alyshia Morris, is urging others to be smarter this summer after being diagnosed with two stage 1 melanomas.

“When I was diagnosed with two melanomas at the age of 32, I shook my absolute core,” she said.
“Fortunately, they were successfully deleted. I am very fortunate that this is a positive result. Now I have two physical examinations every year and I am vigilant in the sun.”
After the panic, Ms. Morris felt the need to find a better way to protect herself from the sun. After the success of finding the right protective swimming suits for ladies, a frustrated Ms. Morris created the sunscreen swimwear brand Shade Swim.

“It’s a wake-up call for me to cut a large piece of skin from my body. I decided there and I had to do something that was not only fashionable but also safe.”
According to the Melanoma Institute Australia, an Australian has died of melanoma every 5 hours, with an estimated 14,000 diagnosed each year.

Matthew Browne, CEO of the institute, said with New Zealand that “Australia has the highest rate of melanoma, and we know that sunburn is the biggest risk factor for melanoma.”
As of today, Ms. Morris’s line of fashionable swimwear can be purchased online. Locally crafted for women only with long sleeves and made of UPF50 + fabric to protect skin from UV rays.

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Liz Hurley creates a stunning curve with a tight-fitting twill swimsuit

In recent months, the burly brunette stun seems to have traded some serious bikinis for some of her glamorous costumes.

Since launching her own self-proclaimed ladies swimming costume collection, Liz Hurley has proven to be her best ad when presenting her compact design.

On Monday, the 53-year-old model is open as usual because she squeezes those incredible curves into another incredible number.

On her official Instagram account, Austin Bowers’s actress looked at every inch of the goddess because she used a tight blue piece to pose a storm.
This delicious mummy has fully demonstrated her sensational body, most notably the well-known assets that have become British institutions in recent years.

Forever charm, beauty – Enjoy high-profile romance with Hollywood star Hugh Grant – Make-up full face, thick winged eyeliner and soft nude lip gloss and dewy foundation.

At the same time, Liz wore a clearer, lighter caramel lock, leaving her plump hair on her shoulders, drawing a striking face.

She said to this playful voice: “The most flattering piece, Candace, is now available.

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HOLYDAY swimsuit takes you to the beach

The newcomer HOLYDAY showed the smallest and chic swimming suits for ladies. Founded by longtime friends Yasmine Hottary and Eugenie Radopoulos (who went to high school in Greece), the idea of ​​creating their own swimwear brand last year was just sitting on a beautiful Greek beach.
Since then, they have created a route that exudes a happy summer vacation, taking you away from the stressful urban life, but sending you directly to the white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Each design is highly valued and has a modern and timeless appeal. Whether it’s a bikini or a single piece, they are handmade, produced locally and sustainably, and support Greek fashion manufacturers and their skilled craftsmen.

“For us, the holidays are actually holy days, and we want our customers to be beautiful and comfortable. Our collection includes modern swimming pieces that can be worn on the beach or as part of the island’s dinner equipment.”
Tell us about your brand… HOLYDAY was launched in Greece in 2018. After spending a few years in Paris and Montreux in the summer of 2017, sitting on the beach near Athens, we decided to launch HOLYDAY. We want to turn our familiar and loved lifestyle into a successful business. Our home country Greece is an important inspiration for us because it gives us beautiful images and experiences, we want to integrate into our brand. We chose not to pass this inspiration to the brand’s traditional aesthetics, but to make everything that local support for Greek manufacturers in a country’s rather difficult time. This allows us to pay close attention to quality and work with our manufacturers to turn all our crazy ideas into reality!

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Miami Swimwear Company sues Sears, Lampert fraud

This week, a Miami swimwear company sued Sears Holdings, Sears CEO Eddie Lambert and Lambert ESL Investments in a fraud hedge fund in Cook County, Ill.

InGear Fashions sued for $840,000 and filed a lawsuit in its Cook County Circuit Court that Sears, Lambert and ESL were engaged in fraudulent activities because they did not pay ladies swimming costume fees to the company. The company has been to Sears for the past six years. Provide clothing.

On Monday, Sears Holdings (Nasdaq: SHLD) with Sears and Kmart applied for Chapter 11 protection in the US Bankruptcy Court in New York.

In the lawsuit, “In Gear Fashions believes and relies on the defendant’s repeated public statements about its suppliers and continues to provide them with products… If the defendant fails to commit, the company will stop providing the defendant with goods fulfillment and suppliers. The agreement reached and timely payment… (InGear) also accused the defendant of making false statements to the public and its suppliers, enticing them to continue to supply the product and allowing them to continue to operate. It is claimed that this is done for the defendant to engage in A transaction that has an economic interest but is unfavourable to unsecured creditors such as InGear Fashions. “According to the lawsuit, ChicagoBusiness.com reports.

However, before the bankruptcy of Sears Holdings, the supplier’s arrears may not be paid quickly.

According to Sears Holdings’ bankruptcy website, “(the bankruptcy) court will establish a process that stipulates all the money owed by the goods and services provided before the filing date. The creditors will be notified and have the opportunity to file a claim. ”

Sears suppliers who owe funds will turn to “information on how to submit a claim form or submit proof of claim online.”

Earlier this week, many Sears suppliers reportedly failed.

CNN reported that Sears owed more than 100,000 creditors, and “these creditors will queue up for pennies in exchange for their investment funds.”

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Bachelorette’s beach ambulance moment! Ali Oetjen wears a very high swimsuit on the water-skiing date

Bachelorette’s beach ambulance moment! Ali Oetjen wears a very high swimsuit on the water-skiing date, posing a risk to the wardrobe failure
In the single girl on Thursday, Ali Oetjen risked the wardrobe failure.

The 32-year-old is wearing a sexy swimming suits for ladies and catching up with the chase, Bill Goldsmith, at an action date in Sydney Harbour.

But her high-profile singles seem to be an adventurous choice when riding the waves.
During a date with Bill in Melbourne, Ali wore a bright red rashie swimsuit designed by Australian designer Une Piece.
This number must look very red, with an online retail price of $195, which is true for anyone who wants to steal her.

Bill couldn’t take his eyes off the blonde and said she looked “very beach ambulance.”
“She looks very unbelievable in her red one-piece swimsuit,” Bill added.

Ali stood directly on Wescaster… she was great. I think Taite might be a bit frustrated and see what he missed.

Bill started using his “wild rose” on Thursday’s episode, which meant he could steal Tate’s date from Ali and accompany her on the water.
Ali’s choice of swimsuit has left a deep impression on Bill.

After the date, he kept saying: “Today, it bought me a lot of dealers…. There is a lot of experience here.”

“I am very happy to see what will happen. I will definitely see myself falling in love with you and move to Adelaide to start a family with you,” he announced to Ali.

Then the couple kissed passionately for a long time.