2021 Recommended List of “Personal Health” Goods

In autumn, I start to feel the coolness at night. I always have a bad habit of sleeping and squatting on the quilt. So add some temperature to the sleeping nest at home. Start with an electric bed sheet and a wool electric blanket at Amazon. The well-being of the warm bed makes me look forward to sleeping every day.

MaxKare red flannel electric blanket 

Instructions: The switch has three heating levels: 1 (95℉), 2 (100℉), 3 (113℉), and 4-hour automatic shut-off function. Although the manual is machine washable, I think it will be exposed to sunlight. Be afraid to wash the damaged wire leakage or burn. The front is in red plum color, and the back is white plush. Very soft, folds and rolls up, no problem. The quilt has upper and lower buttons that can be fixed to surround the body.

Sunbeam electric mattress 

With a controller with 10 heating settings and an automatic shutdown function for 10 hours every night, you can enjoy peace every night. The ThermoFine heating system can sense and adjust the entire blanket to provide consistent heat. The fabric composition is purely stitched polyester fiber. The packaging is machine washable and dryer safe.

Cozy Support Waist/Knee Support

Material: The shoulders are very thin. Elastic is very good. Breathable. It has a sense of home wear. The upper body is quite comfortable. There is not much sense of existence after wearing it overnight. It is a bit big for me. There is really good research It will take a while to know how to wear it.

The waist material is relatively thick. It looks like it feels similar to the postpartum restraint belt. But it is skin-friendly and breathable. I tried it with and without clothes. There is no discomfort.

Size: I choose M for shoulders with M.L.XL. Some are bigger. Waist with S.M.l.Xl. I choose S. This S is quite short. I think M is more suitable.

Sense of use: I later wore both of them next to my body. I stayed overnight. Personally, I feel that wearing next to the body should be better than wearing it through the clothes. I thought it would feel hot immediately after wearing it. In fact, it doesn’t. After wearing it for a long time, the waist will feel a slightly Hot sensation. I don’t feel it on my shoulders. Compared with the two models, I would prefer the waist. Because it makes me feel that it is taking care of my waist.

But the shoulder may be due to the size problem. It is too big, so it is not obvious to feel its effect.

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