Layering or stacking techniques are no stranger to fashion lovers. Layering is the concept of dressing by wearing several layers of clothing from the inside to the outside. Layering several fashion items in one look can conjure up a more stylish look. Especially when it enters autumn, where incidentally the air will be a little cooler.

Warming the body in cold weather is not enough just by wearing thick clothes. This way of dressing is called the layering technique or stacking. Several pieces of clothing together. But don’t just pile up a few clothes.

Here we will discuss 3 methods of layering clothes and 3 tricks for layering outfits for fall 2023.

A.  3 Methods of Layering Clothes

1. Base Layer Or Underwear Layer

Where this layer is at the deepest or the first time it touches the skin. When the weather is too cold, there are several clothing items that you need to wear, namely:

a. T-shirt

Use a shirt that can absorb fluids, so the body stays dry. Also, prioritize choosing a natural waterproof t-shirt material. T-shirts are simple clothes that you can use as underwear.

b. Leggings

Before immediately wearing a skirt or pants as a bottom, it’s best to wear leggings or other pants that are made of thin material. The goal is to add warmth to the legs up to the groin.

c. Sock

Also, wear thick socks to provide extra warmth to your feet which get cold easily. As a recommendation, choose socks made of wool and are long so that no cold air enters the body.

2. Middle Layer

The next layer of clothing is the middle clothing or what is also known as the insulating layer. Because the goal is to dispel cold air, choose the main clothes that can warm the body, such as sweaters, jumpers, or flannel shirts. You can also wear a few layers of middle clothing to add extra warmth.

a. Shirt

Layer underwear with a middle garment that can easily be removed, such as a button-down shirt. You can wear a thick flannel shirt,  a sweatshirt, or an oversized cotton shirt that’s easy to take off.

b. Thick Trousers

Choose pants made of thick fabrics, such as denim or corduroy, and even better if they are lined with thermal fabric. Avoid wearing pants made of lightweight materials, such as nylon, because they are less effective at providing warmth.

c. Sweater

Cover with thicker and warmer clothes. For example, sweaters made from wool, fleece, or flannel. Besides being warm, this material can also circulate air well, so you won’t overheat.

3. Outer Layer

a. Cardigan

Make sure to choose a sweater that is able to warm and easy to remove. This type of clothing can be a great option to wear to school or work.

b. Jacket

A jacket or coat is a mandatory item of clothing in winter, especially when you are out of the house. Choose a men’s or women’s winter jacket made of thick material, and equipped with windbreaker and waterproof features. That way, you will be protected from wind and rain.

c. Boots

When going outside, don’t forget to wear special winter shoes. Usually in the form of boots that are designed with a water-repellent feature, thereby preventing water from entering the feet. Also, choose one that is equipped with an anti-skid sole so that you stay safe and comfortable while wearing it. And boots are the right choice.

B. 3 Tricks For Layering Clothes

1. Modern Layering of Functions

This layering technique emphasizes the functionality aspect so that it is comfortable to use in any weather. You can combine it with a thin or thick jacket depending on the weather conditions at that time.

2. Modern Layering of Color and Texture

Showing a simple but elegant style by combining various collections with different colors and textures, such as the warm knit, flannel, wool to corduroy collections, and combined with tone-on-tone gradient colors that are designed simply.

3. Modern Layering of Style

Representing a fresh look by combining different styles into one clothing display and creating a comfortable relaxed style, but still stylish with a combination of various essential items, including matched pants, shirt or denim outer jackets for men and rayon blouses for women.

You can apply the tips for layering above in autumn or just to keep the cold away when facing extreme weather. Don’t forget to prepare a list of clothes in each layer first. Also choose your every need, starting from the thickness or material of the clothes. The size of the clothes also needs to be considered so that it fits your body.

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