Camille Grammer warns Dorit Kemsley of her swimwear line

Camille Grammer seemed to be happy with her new swimwear line, but she didn’t want her name to be used for the swimsuit.


Camille Grammer decided to return to the real housewife of the Beverly villa this season. After a series of regular seasons in a series of seasons, Camille took a step back to deal with cancer diagnosis and abuse. But these days, Camille came back, probably better than ever. With a new boyfriend, she has been on the show several times in the season. And many of her former full-time stars love to see her on the show, and Camille doesn’t like Dorit Kemsley because she says she doesn’t have a word in the conversation.

It sounds like the drama between Camille and Dorit is not completely solved. Camille decided to share a swimsuit line about Dorit by the episode of the real housewife at the Beverly villa last night. Dorit and her husband, PK, have been working for a few months in the swimwear, and she’s finally ready to share the product with the world. But Camille has the right to say a few words. On twitter, she points out that no matter what line the phone is, she doesn’t want anything to name in her name. Maybe she also suggested that she was not entitled to her name.

Cam Sri changed his name from Nava Beverly Beech. This is her husband’s suggestion. At first, Dorit didn’t seem to like it very much, but when she talked to Erika Girardi, she was more excited. As for Camille Grammer, it sounds like everything that she wished for her partner stars to be good luck, but we should avoid using Beverly hills ladies Real Housewives as a tool to get more sales. This is a series of shoes that have been done before, including Lisa Vanderpump sneer at Adrienne Maalouf’s shoes and call it “Maloof Hoof”.

What do you think of the Camille Grammer warning, Dorit Kemsley? You are surprised, are these two very good, these days?


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