Let The Painting Blend Into The Home Environment

Want to decorate the wall with paintings, but don’t know where to start? It’s time to add some more practical painting decoration skills!

1. “Large size” of selected paintings

Paintings with large scenes enhance the sense of depth of space. A large-scale painting is hung on the entrance hall, entrance hall or main wall of the living room. The tone and emotion in the painting rush to the surface. Just hang it and surprises will appear. The large-scale paintings of green plants bring vitality to the gray wall, and contrast with the bright chairs, which has a summer taste.

Ultra-large photos or paintings are limited in size. Use the method of “divide and recombine”, such as dividing a painting into four parts, you can reduce the cost while obtaining a tile-like effect. The blades that are common on weekdays have been “enlarged” several times, and the details have been revealed, setting off the side chair to make it exquisite and unique. A seductive painting of azure blue water surface can make your home full of sunshine and swimming pool. If you choose a large-scale landscape painting, it will help to enhance the sense of space. Whether the brushstrokes are delicate, the colors are bright, and the light and shadow capture are vivid, all of which need to be considered.

2. Small photos are displayed together

In daily life, small pictures can often be collected. Putting them together and showing them together can also produce stunning effects. The black-and-white photos are neatly arranged on the shelf, and they are not messy. The white walls in the living room, above the desk or behind the headboard of the bed are all good places.

For small-sized photos or pictures, showing them together will produce an overall atmospheric effect, and you can appreciate each picture carefully after you get closer. Multiple pictures of different sizes can be stacked against the wall and placed behind the CD shelf and bookshelf as the background of commonly used items.

Be sure to place the most conspicuous and largest picture in the center, so that the visual effect can be balanced. Those beautiful photos, postcards, graffiti, clip art… If they are all in a frame, it seems a bit troublesome, so it is better to show them directly, which is even more unfettered. Leave a place for small pictures, and you can post them anytime they arise.

3. Uniform tones inside and outside the painting

The color matching in the paintings is a reference for the color selection of furniture and home accessories. Regardless of “painting first, then home” or “home first and then painting”, the harmony between painting and home can maximize the beauty of paintings. Lake blue, mustard yellow, chestnut brown… the speckled colors in the painting appear one by one on the cushions, sofas and single chairs, as if the entire living room is laid out safely following the color “secret language” in the painting.

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