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Earrings as a favorite part of the jewelry range for all occasions, are you one of those people who loves jewelry? And especially earrings? Ah, I chose only 5 models of earrings that were the most beautiful for me, although it was a difficult choice because I saw so many beautiful models that I didn’t know which one to choose, so I somehow chose and reduced everything to just 5 pairs. Each model is special and has its own creative and beautiful side of the story, some are so simple and today simplicity is very popular, I would not agree that huge and ornate earrings can look nice now. I decided that for small earrings, which are small, practical, reduced and look nice. Silver, gold, or rose gold depends on your skin tone, it doesn’t suit everyone’s gold, so to avoid various looks if you wear the wrong jewelry before you decide to buy a piece, lean it on yourself and take a good look to see if they match you. complexion, eyes, hair. I love jewelry, earrings are a special love, somehow they always have a special emperor when I wear them, I feel special and beautiful. I believe that is the case for all women who like to wear them. Before using any earrings, be sure to rinse them well with alcohol to be safe and disinfected, due to allergic reactions, etc. Earrings are effective, there is a difference whether you wear them every day or only when there are special occasions because there are differences. During the day, you will not wear the elegant ones normally, while for a more solemn occasion you will choose beautifully reduced, decent but effective earrings. I hope you like the models I chose, so we can take a look at them.

The first model in rose gold color, hanging earrings, very simple, I don’t know how to describe them in detail, but they are buttoned and look very elegant. Rose gold jewelry looks really amazing, there are a lot of things that when they have that pink color are really beautiful and look beautiful on girls and women.

The other pair of earrings is like 3 small rings that are joined into one earring, they look really nice, they are gold and most of the jewelry is gold because it usually fits most girls. These earrings are super designed, they look nice, they are not big, they have a nice size, so they look decent, they are really special. Congratulations on the idea that made earrings look so elegant and expensive in general, you can order them here if you want because they are perfect.

The third model is also beautiful, all the earrings are beautiful to me, but these seem to me to be handmade and have a mirror effect if I understood correctly. It consists of two small pieces and they stand beautifully, they are darker but they are big enough to be striking.

The fourth model is the most popular earrings on the internet today, and these are exactly these butterflies, they are too cute for me. They look interesting with the gold part, but there are definitely a lot of models, so you can choose the color of butterflies and rings, it doesn’t have to be gold. They are very sweet and beautiful. Earrings are intended for all ages, they can be worn by teenagers and I believe that they will like them the most because they are too cute and so girly, they are really beautiful.

And finally, a model that, in my opinion, with one little black dress, perfect earrings, big enough and just enough to be striking. They are perfect! They are so simple to make and so effective, just put them on the jewelry you will notice how beautiful they are. Small and simple things make a big wow effect that we all want.

I hope you liked the choice of earrings, be sure to write me about which pair of earrings you liked the most and why, I would like to hear your opinion because they are all beautiful to me and I could hardly decide on just one pair of earrings.

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