Toya Wright teaches newborns to wear matching swimwear in new photos: Does she work with Little Harris?

Baby Reign Rushing and her mother, Toya Wright, and her father and several family members lived the best life in California.

Tiny and Toya’s former stars walked into social media, and she shared some gorgeous photos, wearing a ladies swimming costume that matched the baby’s dynasty.
This is very sweet. In one photo, Toya combines with her baby girl to play and hug her.

Domination is a fish in the water because she seems eager to learn how to swim.
This cute baby has movements on hand and is ready to dive. It takes some time to rule and join Michael Phelps with Kandi Burruss’ cute son Ace.

A fan told Robert Rushing’s lady: “God! I miss that. My daughter has such a small chubby leg. You have a little angel. It’s so cute, Reign’s thigh gave us life! Haha! Swim.”
Another commenter said, “Is there a swimsuit on her small shoulder? It’s so cute. I can’t Toya. Look at the position of the little hands, just like she knows what she is doing in the water. She swims so beautifully, Her legs are large, very cute and precious.”

This person claimed: “Her eyelashes look good, baby is not good and Buji. She is so precious… She stretches out her hands to prepare for swimming. Your two daughters are very beautiful, this little butterfly is Stealing people. Keep blessings.”
Some supporters want to know Toya and her BFF, will Tiny Harris do another reality show? Tiny did an interview and she did not rule it out.

She said: “I just want to be a stronger businesswoman, better than ever. I like to do something to show the children that you can do it. I hope they can look up to me and then say: ‘I Mom did this. ‘I also want to be more stable in my life, no matter my business, my family, everything; just make a better person for my children and myself.”

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